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Look, the georgia inbred on a Tennessee post. again. He really loves the vols.
The georgia inbred is back. Tennessee's #1 fan. He can't go a day without posting about his most favorite team.
Stressful situation? If he is stressed about football then its best he leave, maybe give up football and play badminton. LOL.
He was probably the best wide receiver in the country last season but I do not really consider him a tight end. He does not have the prototypical size (weight) of a TE but boy he sure is one helluva player. He will do better and last longer in the NFL if he's a WR. I see many Pro Bowls in his future
good to see Tennessee's biggest fan as the first poster on a new thread about the Vols.
i really dont think it matters where an assistant AD came from since he is not coaching or playing
just wait, the haters are going to come out of the woodwork and tell us how bad of a hire this is.
all college programs are dirty to a degree. some are just better at hiding it than others.
yeah the guys who turned it down are probably not confident in their coaching abilities. I for one would go where the money is. I mean c'mon man, a 3 year deal guranteed to make millions to be a DC and he'd rather stay with ohio. Ohio is due to some down time. Its coming. Urban left the pantry stocked for Day and once Urbans signees are gone you will see ohio slip down into mediocrity (remember the cooper years?). Happens everywhere: Look at Nebraska,Texas, Miami, Notre Dame. All of the big boys have had their down years, its just the nature of the beast. Alabama will drop off once Saban retires and I believe that once he is gone Bama will have a difficult time finding a coach that can live up to the legacy of Saban.
never did understand the thinking behind adding Missouri to the SEC. There are many other teams that would make more sense.
what a boring half time show, thank god for nintendo switch and mario kart. LOL. What was the deal with the dancers with the jock straps on their heads? Granted I dont listen to that type of music and have no idea who the weekend is. I'm assuming he is famous since he was on half time.
nobody cares about your drivel. You arent even a college football fan. why dont you go lurk on some conspiracy theory pages??
someone should do a little digging into his past and find out why he has had 4 jobs in 5 years. Maybe someone from bama with a hard on for Tennessee could've thrown a little cash his way to throw shade. maybe, maybe not.
i'm surprised our friend the georgia inbred (corch) hasnt chimed in with his usual rhetoric
Memphis will accept anybody. Especially rejects from other schools. Its Memphis, the cesspool of the south.
also they need to remember a verbal commitment is not binding. you gotta have that letter of intent. The transfer portal is taking away a lot of spots that high school kids would normally fill due to the fact we now have covid. With the portal you know what you are getting unlike a high school kid. just saying
rumors swriling around that he had issues with his grades. dont know if thats true or not. Everyone acts shocked. This happens more than you think.
Oh look, the Georgia Inbred is back on a Tennessee post. You must really love the VOLS because thats all you do is lurk on Tennessee posts. I never see you post anything on the Georgia or any other teams message boards. Why is that inbred? I bet you are from Ellijay. Every time i see your name i hear banjos and picture you squealing like a pig
it happens everywhere. Especially in Divsion I football.
Have you looked at the transfer portal? Not sure how many are in it this year but in 2018-2019 there were over 300,000 athletes from Division I and II programs in the portal. Not sure how many were football players but that is an astronomical number of athletes. Many will see that the grass is not greener on the other side, meaning your average to good players wont get picked up, only the really skilled players will