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guarantano should not be the QB for the Vols. I didnt like him when he put on his little production in times square. How on earth was he the #1 ranked dual threat QB? He's slower than molasses in December. He should be benched for the rest of the year. Let one of the other qb's have a host, cant do any worse.
the game will be close up until halftime then i see the vols pulling away. 42-17
Fisher is good at one thing: pulling the wool over everyones eyes. He is not a good college coach. What was A&M thinking when they hired him???
from what i've seen of him, he is pretty darn good. He has good size, good arm strength and can run. I'm sure he will do well at the next level. Not sure where he will get drafted since he wasnt in one of the big boy conferences and not a lot of him on film. He could improve his draft stock if he transferred to a bigger school and played another year. I am sure there are many colleges that would be interested in him