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We should play in every postseason because our matchups are always some of the absolute best games in sports. Easily one of the most stressful baseball moments for me since 2018, and the only good baseball game of the CWS so far (and it was a great one). Let's give 'em one more show and then cheer on the winner to take on an (unfortunately) rest OU team.
Where's that Tenner fan who told me that they had 4 pitchers as good as Kopps who had proven that they were better players and that they were a better team? In shambles, most likely.
Define "most fans". The only people who like TN are TN fans, and everyone else would be more than happy to see an early exit for your program.
They are a team loaded with talent, that is probably one of the least likeable in recent memory. They are disrespectful to fans, the other teams, umps and their own fans throw garbage on the field when their upset. Will they lose tomorrow? I'm not sure, and they have immense talent that can win it all but my god no one is going to be happy if they do. Maybe the only universally disliked team in College Baseball.
Your comment doesnt make sense. Arkansas lost in the Super Regional, which Tennessee is about to play and hasn't yet. How have they "proved" it over what Kopps did?
I might be biased, but the Stillwater Regional this year was one of the best that I've ever seen. So many outstanding games.
Tygart came out in the 10th and allowed the 4 runs that lost us the game. I don't think it would've mattered who we trotted out there, but I don't hate the idea of sending out your best pitcher with 3 outs to make the Super Regionals. Granted, we lost Connor for today but this one is going to be like all the others and come down to the most potent offense. Pitching has been downright atrocious in Stillwater.
Thanks Coach, we're stoked to have him. He's a kid we can build a program around in a few years.
Thanks Bama bro. This is the QB I wanted over any other in the class, just because he is such a perfect fit for us specifically. While I think there are better QBs in the class generally (obviously), I love how Singleton fits within our system. Can't wait to see him as a Hog.
We're not losing to Cincy at home as the better and more veteran team. This game is going to be a rout.
Agreed. I think we'll have a good season regardless, just because we return almost all of our OL, leading rusher and stable of great backs who can carry the offense when things are slow in the passing offense. To have a great season, we'll need Haselwood to perform as advertised and some other option to step up as a deep threat. I think having Hornsby on the field at the same time gives us some of the dynamic playmaking ability we lost in Burks, but getting a guy like Sategna or Ketron/Warren to come on would be huge.
lol another troll keyboard warrior in the world. We're all so impressed.
You clearly only saw the tourney and the statsheet. He was put in a position where he was being double-teamed nearly every game, and being asked to shoot the overwhelming volume of shots on our team because we didn't have any other scorer to get it to. I don't know that he gets drafted, but he's a much better player than your comment indicates.
Oh man, with that class next year, we're going to be stacked. If Williams/Toney return, forget about it but Notae? We're odds-on favs to win it all.
Agreed. The tourney results are not indicative of the strength of this conference. Best out of 3 and there would be 4 SEC teams in the Final Four.
I'm the opposite feeling in that I think this win validates the SEC. This is a tough conference and we all go through the slog. Yeah, some teams got tired and bounced early, but that doesn't change that this conference is strong AF.
LFG! Time to torch the nets so hard that Timme's pedo mustache burns right off.
Hell yeah, Tiger bro. Just hoping for a close game, but a win here would shut up all these doubters on our team and conference.
Agreed, it's definitely a big sell. Steve Kerr even commented that Moody was the most "NBA-ready" rookie on their roster because of his coaching and playing time at Arkansas. Also, I think Muss is just a great evaluator who knows exactly what he is looking for when scouting players. Throws a wide net and then winnows it down to the best fit. He's said many times that he knows how good of a fit a player will be after 1-2 calls with them. Here's to hoping we give the Zags hell on Thursday.
Seeing as we are playing Gonzaga, after flying from Buffalo to San Francisco, I'm going to guess that the SEC won't have much luck Thursday. Crazier things have happened, but I'm not optimistic.
Thanks 'Bama bro. Hoping you guys take it to S16 and save my bracket. Crazy day, but the rest of the SEC needs to represent.
Duke lost in the conference tourney 'chip to VT.
Yeah, in November. Now THAT is a differential of time that makes sense within the context of the above, and not 11 days.
"They beat Auburn at a time when nobody else did." Umm, we beat them 11 days before Florida. Weird conception of time you've got there.