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I like DL, but his last stint as an OC did not go so well. It was my biggest worry when he was the heir apparent for our OC gig.
Yes, let's invite a program who has had a single good season in a major sport to our conference. If you hate FAU and want to see them get destroyed in every sport, then you'll love this idea. Why is this even an article here?
Did either of those teams lose two first-round talents, one for the entire season?
I love that you say we can't use injuries as an excuse, and then proceed to name examples of teams/players who were out at the very end of the year whilst ours have been out most of the season. Good one.
Devo's interview had me tearing up. This man put the team on his back and willed us to victory. I'm stunned.
lol, yeah, that's why you left multiple comments this AM.
Watching you get this worked up over Arkansas is better than beating the Tigers.
The version of the Hogs we got last night is the type that could run with any team in the country. My question is whether we can do it consistently, and against much better competition. Thankfully don't have to wait long. This weekend is going to tell us quite about where we are as we get to the fun part of the season.
Agreed that these are two teams with very similar issues. I'd put you guys ahead of us because you've shown the ability to turn it on against elite competition, but consistency on offense has killed both of our programs. I think our game is going to be a rock fight since the Vols are so insanely efficient defensively. We're not as good, but still stout. That being said, for whatever reason, you guys seem to channel your inner Curry and go nuts when we come to Rocky Top. Good luck the rest of the way!
Our defense has always been okay, but our complete stagnation on offense (and absurd turnovers) have put us in the hole that we're in. Absolutely killed by zone defense night-in and night-out all season long. Getting NSJ back has the potential to save this season. He commands so much attention that our other guys are able to get going and everything just opens up so much more. Still, don't think we win @ Bama or @Tenner but I think we're coming together as a 7/8/9 seed that no one wants to see in their bracket. Big step up from a few weeks ago.
Our pitching is so deep this year, even after losing Wiggins. Would be shocked if we don't host a regional, but it wasn't a requirement last year and we finished in 3rd place.
We're still projected in the field, so not sure what you are talking about.
"Is Auburn destined to be a middle-of-the-pack SEC team?" Also, yes.
Confirmed by 247 that he is now being moved to hospice care and has been unresponsive. Family/friends are likely saying their goodbyes now, but the Pirate won't pull through from the looks of it. Can't believe this is happening, but best wishes to his family and to all of the MSU fanbase. He will be missed.
As much as I hate to admit it, this is a home-run hire. Auburn got probably the best coach they were going to go after, and I think they will be competing for an title before we know it.
I have watched Mizzou, and we're much better hence why we're going to stomp you.
We were one of the absolute worst 3-point-shooting teams in the country last season (worse than 300th in the country), and still won with suffocating defense and being aggressive. I can't imagine that we will be worse from 3 this year than last year given that it was one of the worst 3pt shooting seasons in school history. That being said, I don't think we'll be good either. I think we'll use the same playbook as last season, and will be successful because of our defense.
Jefferson was injured all week and couldn't even lift his arm earlier during practice week. It was assumed Hornsby would start, but they rolled with Jefferson because he wanted to play through it and not let the team down. I still think we beat Mizzou.
Muss went farther than this with two teams that were much less talented than the current group, and could hit a 3PT shot to save their lives. This group is young, but I think by March Muss has them clicking and the Hogs make the Final Four.
Might end up quite different, but this feels like a solid prediction in each contest heading into the weekend.
Probably because you gave away the game multiple times in the most head-scratching ways possible.
You've had 4 straight top 10 recruiting classes and you can't lose 3 players? We've lost 6 in the same group this season and haven't had a Top 20 class in forever.
I know you just signed the highest rated class in history, but you've had a top 10 signing class every single year since 2018. It's criminal how badly talent is wasted under Jimbo.
We had significant injuries before the 1st game was even finished (including #1 and #2 safeties).
I was told by GeauxTiger that we would lose, so not sure if the score is incorrect or something.
Pool has been hurt the entire season and has been playing through pain with a hip injury. That's the primary reason he looks so different.
The problem is that almost all of our guys are hurt or have been hurt. Pool's had a hip injury most of the season, Catalon had a season-ending injury in the 1st game, Slusher's been out most of the season, Bishop is out for the season, we had two players in the secondary injured in the last game etc... We've moved two freshman WR to the secondary in recent weeks because we've been decimated so badly we barely have enough players to play 2-deep. To say we need the bye week after BYU is an understatement.
How hard is it for you to know that we are 1-3 and not 0-3 given that you're writing a SEC football article on each team? Only the millionth time you've done this in the past 2 weeks.