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Agreed, we're going to have a strong conference this year. Can't speak for any other team, but we're absolutely loaded this year and are much more tourney-ready than we were last year.
Your last comment comparing him to Darren McFadden proves that you no absolutely nothing on this subject. He just threw for 300+ yards on the road, and had a better game throwing than the #1 on this list and possible Heisman winning QB. Don't get upset because they've got your QB accurately pegged and you don't like it.
Bo Nix is doomed against Georgia. That game is going to be a bloodbath for him.
lol they let Tenner absolutely embarrass them at home. We got annihilated by one of the teams in the country, and maybe one of the best defenses ever. We're going to steamroll Methzoo.
Yeah, I don't understand that either. That kid is absolute freak and I'm terrified to face him next week.
Your offense had all game to put in the endzone, and choked on every play but one. You didn't get robbed, you got whipped.
Best fans in the SEC and the only team I'd even consider rooting for. Love Georgia and hope for a good game.
Thanks bro. Just a bruised knee, so he'll be back next week. WPS!
We're getting blownout next weekend, but I'm personally fine with it. My 2nd fav. SEC team and was my pick to win the Natty. Beating UT and TAMU has already made this season a success.
Probably so they could host the worst team in FBS lol.
Because you haven't played anyone. Good defense? No doubt. Best defense in CFB? Haven't proven that. We'll find out soon enough.
You got the North Texas treatment. No position to criticize anyone.
Man, I want to believe but we just never seem to get it done against A&M. I'm hopeful this team, and staff, are the difference. Appreciate the positive message and looking forward to our Georgia beatdown in Athens lol. Have always said, Georgia is the only other SEC team I'd root for. (2nd) Best fan-base in the country. :)
Until Saban retires, you guys are only going to be challenged occasionally and will dismantle most teams. You've got the combo of the greatest coach in CFB history with an endless supply of 5* talent. No one can compete with that. Bama fans will never understand how frustrating it is to have you in our division every year. Virtually 0 hope of ever even contending for the SECC.
This would be a much bigger game if Saban weren't the GOAT and you guys didn't just destroy everyone all the time. Hard to build hype for a game we all know you're going to win handily.
Yeah, Ole Miss really set the world on fire last year. Corral looked like he huffed paint before our game with some of throws he made. OM is going to get beat at home this year (again) by us, so calm down.
I'd be terrified if I were Auburn. After watching the PSU v. Michigan whiteout game in 2019, it's clear that is the most intimidating environment in college football. If there were ever a test as to whether Nix can put the road woes behind him, this is it.
We love you Bama bros. Appreciate the support and HORNS DOWN
Seriously, thank you and all the other SEC bros who've had our back this week. You guys are so awesome and love this conference. Texas is back folks! lol
Thanks Bro. It's been so rough, but I'm so proud of our team tonight. WELCOME TO THE SEC TEXAS!!
We're definitely going to miss him, but Henry and Parker played well against Rice. More important to have Morgan, who is the general of the defense and the 2nd best player on that side after Superman Catalon.
Loving all of the positive vibes for us on here. Here's to hoping we can all horns down on a truly blessed Saturday.
Thanks Bama Bro. To say I'm pumped for this game is an understatement.
Unreal visit list for us this weekend as well. We start strong and that stadium is going to absolutely lose its mind. Hands-down, the biggest Razorback home game in years.
Akron is so bad that they aren't even comparable with most/any other teams in FBS (except maybe BGU). I'm pretty sure most G5 teams could beat them by 50+. They are that bad. Always good to do what your supposed to (we sure didn't until the end), but Akron is not a good measuring stick for your offense.