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The Bible is not our "National Book" (whatever that means). Anyone with a capacity for critical thinking, and even a shred of common sense, can see that the entire thing is made up.
We're aware that it's likely going to be a beatdown. Granted, we played awful and still found a way to win. If we can just get Moody going, and play as team like the SC game, we could beat anyone in this tourney. Unfortunately, I fully expect us to fall behind by double-digits (as usual) but fail to climb out of the hole against a team as good as Baylor. Been a fun ride no matter what though.
Jay Bilas has the intelligence of a tardigrade w/ learning disabilities.
I've got the Zags winning it all, but feel that OK State will go farther than you have in yours. Also, I do not get the hype behind Colgate as a bracket buster. We're about to smoke them badly in R1.
Franks is a big reason why we've started to turn things around, and I'd think every one of our fans would welcome him back with open arms. Obviously, he's probably headed to the draft and I'm excited for KJ, but you couldn't ask for a better player and leader for Ark this year.
Here's one for you: https://twitter.com/MattShepherd16/status/1335310939516760064
He's actually filled out a little more from where he was last year, but he'd be a beast if he had another 100lbs on him. That being said, dude can absolutely light it up from 3 so he's going to be a matchup nightmare for a ton of teams this year.
Like you I'd be happy if we keep it competitive and show fight. Florida is just on another level right now and I'd see a rout of our guys before I see us pulling off the upset. Hoping to at least keep it entertaining for everyone.
The past 3 weeks I've read articles on here hyping up Arkansas's next opponent and how they should beat us and go on a winning streak that exceeds expectations. Hasn't gone too well after that for each team, so curious how this one plays out in 2 weeks.
He's already been a HC before and I'm not sure he has an interest in going back just yet since, rumor has it, he turned down gigs to come here. I think we pay him the big bucks and he continues to work with a good friend up in Fayetteville. Wouldn't blame him for leaving because the man obviously works miracles and could get paid to go wherever he wants.
Yesssssiiirrrrr! Tough break at 'Bama tonight, but you guys aren't out of it. Time to win-out, take the SEC champ game and win that championship. Not sure how most hog fans feel, but all the ones I know are GA fans this season.
"We're going to be one of the most explosive offenses in College Football."
Chad Morris is a terrible coach and he's going to get run out of Auburn as fast as he did at Arkansas.
lol pretty confident for a team that had to win on a blown call against a team that just won its first SEC game in two years a week ago. You're going to get the Georgia treatment in most of your games this year and the rest of us are going to savor every moment of it.
Late to the party, but I'd bet the feeling is mutual for most hog fans. Your fanbase is the best in the SEC and GA has a strong chance at the natty. Pulling for you guys every step of the way. GO DAWGS.
Congrats to GA as well. Looked like a title team tonight and excited for you guys to take it all the way. Nothing but class on that staff and your defense is other-worldly.
Hawgs win first SEC game in forever and Georgia exposes Auburn (and CM) all in a single day? I'll take all of that you've got. GA fans are probably the most gracious in SEC so I'm hoping ya'll win the natty.
Nothing but class from GA this season and I hope you guys take it all the way. To say I loved what you did to Auburn tonight would be understatement lol.
I agree that we'll be a competitive team in a few years, but didn't have much hope against such a stout defense. Wouldn't be surprised to see GA take it all the way this year, and certainly wish ya'll the best after being gracious towards this game/team/staff.