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I think that is an accurate assessment. He really can sound obsessed and that makes him seem anything but unbiased. As for SEC being the worst fanbase? You could make the same argument about most fanbases. No one is happy to see their team criticized - unless they are doing it themselves!
#5 LOL - if you "need" the kicker, you know you've had a really bad game.
Haven't been too impressed when Coker got a chance to play (especially after all the hype) - would love to see Barnett good enough to start for four seasons. Sometimes freshman QBs do great, sometimes they flop... he'll definitely have to prove himself with the big boys.
I don't think anyone really likes decisions to bring on questionable athletes (yes, there are exceptions). Too many good athletes out there that are not committing crimes left and right. Maybe if the agreement is... one mess up and you're gone? But from what I've seen, if they are already doing these things, not much helps as a deterrent.
as a Bama fan, it is easy to overlook Mizzou and just think about the playoffs. You are right about Mauk though, and since Bama's defensive line seems to give QBs plenty of time, and a secondary that allows room to catch the ball, it does pose a concern. Good news is that Bama's O line gives Sims plenty of time as well. Looking forward to the weekend, thanks for this article.
My biggest concern for Bama this past week was that I don't recall a single sack on Marshall and it seemed he had forever to either throw or run. This has been consistent during the season against tough teams - not enough pressure on the QBs. If you give Mariotta or Winston this much time (assuming a match up), that would not be good. And we've been a little soft in the secondary, as everyone knows; Coates exposed this more. Yet they seem to get it done week after week. RTR.
I wish I could just push like like like on the comments on this page! What kind of idiot is Kanell? Is there a specific classification? Tebow would never shove a ref because Tebow has class. Winston is scum and has earned his baggage through much effort, which is why he doesn't think twice about pushing a ref.
Wow. Only an FSU fan would say that it was OK to push the official out of the way.
My experience is that it is best to stay at home and enjoy the game where no one will spit on you are throw something at you. And yes, every team has those fans that you would prefer to hide out beyond the woodshed, but unfortunately these fans seem to be on the increase no matter where you go. There are horror stories abounding from every venue.
So what you're saying, 0118, is that this is all justified and good, right?
We had a similar experience in the Georgia Dome back when Boise played Georgia for the season opener. The UGA fans were for the most part drunk, cussing at the Boise fans and giving them the finger. We had UGA fans stumble over us, fight each other and get kicked out of the stadium and had beer spilled on us. We were neutral, but this was an awful experience.
This is a non-issue! Who cares where they put Bama this week. Is there a problem with SEC bias that they are trying to counteract? Absolutely. But if Bama wins on Saturday then everything will be clear. AND YES, I agree with those who say we need an 8 team playoff to really come out with a clear champ. One day?
What about Obama? And Fox News? Can't they take part of the blame???
i understand how the ref might call it - he was a bit behind the receiver... what i don't understand is how this was not overturned??? he lead with the shoulder INTO the other guys shoulder. Awesome hit.
Be careful Tebow, McCarron had similar words after Bama's loss to Ole Miss and "true fans" were ready to crucify him. Funny how you can't say "they need leadership" without people picking up their pitchforks. I like constructive criticism - to me, that adds to an intelligent fan base that can talk about these things without getting heated up. That said, looks like the Gators need a lot! And yeah, RTR.
Thanks, Brad. I'm still laughing here. Go Wildcats! :)
I love how the "fans" jump on each other when someone criticizes. No one is saying we hate our team, just trying to figure out what is going on. Fact of the matter is Bama looks confused. I think that McCarron hit on it last week: we just are not playing as a team. Yes, lots of talent, but sloppy. Not sure why we aren't gelling and hope we turn a corner soon, but regardless, I along with all the rest of the true fan base will bleed Crimson even if we go 0-12. RTR
but 333 versus whom? i think that when we face stiffer defense this will become much harder. We should EASILY have put up 500 on the ground against Southern Miss. Especially when our D is allowing opposing offenses to move the ball efficiently.
Winston make a "good decision"? Maybe during a football game, but in life? Haven't seen it yet.
Did we seriously just compare Florida's offensive line with Southern Mrs.? I don't care how many hurries we forced against SM, if we can't put on more pressure and have tighter secondary, we are going to be playing catch up ball -- not an Alabama specialty.
I've said this multiple times. Offensive line got the job done. Sims was virtually untouched. Imagine the yards Trickett, Winston, Hill, etc., would have untouched! What concerned me was his passes on the run. Kudos to Henry, Yeldon and Cooper for racking up yards grinding WV D down.
Florida State might be overrated, but they by far played the most difficult game of their season. The rest is downhill unless they do something stupid. I'd prefer they not make it to the playoffs, but I can't see anyone stopping them at this point.
I agree with Maowens - not choosing a QB gives me greater concern that neither are ready for the spot, rather than both being ready. Even though WV isn't a powerhouse, we can't really afford to play around in this first game.
I know how important it is for the "small schools" to play the big brothers. They make a bundle. But it does not make for fun watching and I think the new play off system will begin to eliminate these games as teams are forced to get attention by playing tougher non-conf teams.
Soooo, where is Robinson? Any speculation? Sick? Slept in? Will we have a D-line against WV? Having a defense would be a really good thing.
Any team can be beat on any given week... at the end of the day (season), the only thing that matters is that your team didn't get beat on any of those weeks if you want to be the national champion. Only exception is if there are 0 or only one undefeated team like last year. Good enough? Psshhhh.
Mizzou and Auburn contenders? Never saw that one coming (at least in 2013). SEC defenses not as strong --- or really strong offenses, this is a bit surprising. But after last week, I'm not so sure about the LSU offense? Yes, FL has a strong D, but if FL had any offense at all that game would have been way different. How good that LSU offense is remains to be seen.
Trick for AU is putting real pressure on Manziel. He can't be completely stopped (barring injuries) but with pressure he isn't as dangerous. Bama did not do a good job pressuring him but Ole Miss did. As a Bama fan, I hope AU does more surprising right up until the Iron Bowl.