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This is a cluster f**k of a situation. Does this GT guy think he`s on the Jersey Shore? Put your shirt on idiot, you`re in public. Clearly they keep it classy down in Tallahassee. If I was a UGA fan I`d be a little upset 1. He`s hanging out with a GT player showboating his ACC ring (Which amounts to nothing) 2. He`s wearing a FSU shirt. I would be highly ticked off if I saw a picture of a player from my school wearing another schools shirt. Disrespectful.
No matter what team you love, you have to admit that`s a pretty sweet costume! That kids dad is die hard, and you can`t hold that against him! That`s what makes the game so special
To Scargamecocks87: I don`t know what league YOU`VE been watching for the past six and a half weeks. I tell you what, please send me some of that stuff you`re smoking....you`ve GOT to be hallucinating if you think USCs denfense is right up there with Bama and LSU. We`ve had a disappointing season thus far, and in my opinion so have your Gamecocks. These two teams, in my opinion, mirror each other. However, I think with all the drama going on in the SC program with Spurrier and Garcia, on top of having only Connor Shaw to play QB, the Gamecocks will fall this weekend. My Bulldogs need this win some kind of bad and I think they`ll pull a close one out. Good luck to the Gamecocks this season...hope you guys make it to Atlanta! Hail State!
My other favorite moment was the Egg Bowl in 2009. The year before The School Up North had thumped us 45-0 and no one was giving us a chance to win the Golden Egg this time around. They were bowl bound going into the Thanksgiving weekend game and we had a mere 4 wins, but we had shown much improvement already under first year Coach Dan Mullen. I didn`t get to go to this game because I had to work (I still hold it against my boss), but I did watch it on tv. After several disappointing losses in the season my Bulldogs saved their best game for last. State ended up beating The School Up North 41-27. The feeling was unforgettable! We had recaptured the Golden Egg! Dan Mullen stood in the end zone after the game as the TSUN players were headed to the locker room and shouted "There`s definitely one team in this state that`s headed in the right direction, and that team is right here in Starkville!" We got our revenge on the Black Bears, and Dan the Man had added insult to injury. Needless to say, the last couple of years have been a lot happier around my Rebel friends.
My favorited football memory is going to the Miss. State vs Alabama game in 2007. Neither team was exceptionally good, but we knew, as State fans, that we had a shot at beating Alabama. My buddy got us "prospect" tickets which basically meant we lied to get into the field house and then get awesome seats. We were sitting there surrounded by what are now State players and watching this terrible game. I remember there was about 5 seconds left in the first half and Alabama was threatening to score. They were already up 9-3, and I wasn`t giving State much of a chance of coming back in the second half. John Parker Wilson dropped back at about the 12 yard line, threw the pass............INTERCEPTED! Not only was the pass intercepted, but Anthony Johnson returned it 104 yards for a touchdown as time expired to take us into halftime leading 10-9. Me and my buddies and future MSU players were screaming, jumping around, and of course ringing our cowbells like H-E-L-L! We end up winning the game 17-12 which made us bowl eligible for the first time in 7 years! That`s probably my favorite moment!