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Jimbo couldn’t recruit a decent class his last few years at FSU. Several kids in the current class were committed to other programs that clearly fit them better than A&M but decommitted and shortly thereafter committed to A&M. Anyone thinking money was not involved has their head in the sand. Some things are just obvious. Like Yogi Berra said, “ You can see a lot by just looking.” No way Jimbo out recruits Nick and Kirby without something fishy going on. Especially with kids from Georgia, Florida and Louisiana.
Me thinks that Jimbo doth protest too much.
So the “best play caller in college football” (Quoting Todd Blackledge) is now a “contributing resource” at a small private school without a varsity football team? This article should be dated April 1.
Who cares what Paauuulll thinks? I’m not a big ACC guy, but I think I remember UNC playing for the Natty a few weeks ago. The ACC is not irrelevant. Paauuulll is more irrelevant than the ACC.
Apparently Brees is too short to be an NBC football analyst.
Always chuckle when a Bama fan calls another team’s fans arrogant.
No way to know how all this will eventually turn out, but the new guy at least seems to be recruiting at a higher level than Tom Crean. While I am not a basketball fan (and therefore know little about the sport), it would be nice to win a few games every season.
Dean falling to the third round is amazing. The best player on a generationally great defense going in the third round is beyond belief.
Bama ain’t going away when Saban retires. The school is a football giant and will continue to be with a different coach. Oh, a bad hire could cause a dip, but it would be temporary in nature.
Ingram is a funny man. I’m not sure he knows he is a funny man, but he is. Thanks Mark for at least a slight chuckle.
Always glad to see Coach Pittman doing well in recruiting. Love the man.
As. Dawg fan, I am thankful to have Kirby Smart as our coach, but, come on man, Nick Saban is the best college football coach of all time.
Good on the coach! When is the incompetent umpire going to be suspended? ‍♂️
Is this an April 1 article? Really? I’ve heard this saying for years. It isn’t new.
Pay attention man! Two of the best WRs on the team are Kearis Jackson and Dominic Blaylock. Both looked good on G Day. One got barely mentioned and the other got no mention.
As a UGA fan, or just as a human being, I would like to see this young man be successful. However, I am on record as saying he could possibly be a problem from a team chemistry perspective. He has obviously had real difficulties the last couple of years. I hope he has put all that behind him and simply finds himself in a better place and enjoys life as a college student.
Plum weird. ND also plays in a very weak ACC this year. No way this makes any sense.
More evidence that UGA is not serious about BB? Wasn’t FL about to fire the guy?
Exactly! When your best players are jumping ship, something is bad very wrong with the culture.
Yes, Coach K is a great coach. This does not mean he is a great guy. I live in Raleigh. Coach K is a jerk. This is not news. Anyone paying attention knows this. Coach Wooden was, imo, the greatest college BB coach ever. He was also a great guy. Never a negative comment about any opponent. Always a gentleman. This making Coach K into some kind of idol now that he’s retiring is just plain hypocrisy. The conduct of his two assistants after the lose to UNC, reflects the culture of Duke BB under Coach K.
Wishing all the best for Coach Luke and his family. Thanks Coach for helping bring that natty to Athens! Love those boys as they grow into being men.
Maybe he got run over by the bus Saban threw his backups under. ‍♂️
Nice! Plus, how stupid must the fans, who obviously can’t even make their high school team, be to chant that to someone that talented?
Amen! Tyler Simmons was not offsides. And that’s not speculation.
“…gang activity was suspected, but Lightsey was an innocent bystander, according to the police:” What part of “Lightsey was an innocent bystander” is beyond your ability to comprehend?
I remember basketball being an activity we played to stay in shape for football. Is it something different these days?
Can’t see Pickens running under 4.5. But he seems pretty confident. We’ll see.