I got out in 1984. Love poking fun at the U(sic)GA fans.

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Not a baseball fan are you Kevin.
Wear shoes you can just throw away after visiting Sanford Stadium. You'll never forget the sewage smell.
Auburn and Clemson have a history together, seems only correct that the new trees should come from the state Clemson is in.
Glad to see Auburn getting new trees, glad to know Updyke has got to foot most of the bill. Doubt Auburn will ever see all that money though
Georgia Fix the plumbing at Sanford Stadium so you don't have to wade through sewage to get back to your car.
The last one is pretty spot on
Good match ups. Georgia Southern isn't a pushover, thats a very good football team and the could beat Vandy, easily. They got bamboozed by the NCAA when they moved up to the Sunbelt Conference this year, they went 8-0 and won the conference outright but was ineligible for a bowl game because of it being their first year (considered "transitional") at the FBS level. They filed and appeal to the rule but it was denied by the NCAA.
Ol' Bill says it like it is , don't he? Thanks for the link.
We got 4 National titles, y'all got two. 1 of 6 Georgia Tech graduates is a millionaire, 1 of 6 Georgia graduates is on Government assistance.
I see a Tech blowout of U(sic)ga this year as the Bulldogs once again excel at under achievement all season long.
I guess some people just like raw sewage. Did anyone else see that mess on the north sides lower level after the game?
Georgia Tech is (156-153-12) against SEC all time.
Its not so lonely in your mothers basement
I can leave it at that but I love CFB history and traditions, especially those in the South and remember, Georgia Tech is in the South. Study the history of your team from the people who lived back then and wrote about it, not from those who read about it now and summarize it for you.
I think they do a decent job at trying to make this website relevant even when CFB season is over. It looks as though they are improving the site and adding more info everyday. It gets better with every visit and is one of my top places to post about CFB Enjoyed the history / SEC commissioners sections and hope that area expands as well. I wish they would add a user suggestion link for what we would like to see added to the site.
I see U(sic)ga losing to Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia Tech. 3 loses won't get them in the playoff.
THWG, Pretty good records I will admit. Why does Sanford Stadium always smell like sewage. Everytime I have been there has been standing water in the bathrooms and sometimes it flows out the doors to the concourse. You are rivals but your stadium is an embarrassment to the entire state of Georgia.
@Bamatime, I am not talking about 10-20 years ago, I am talking about when GT was in the SEC. Used to be the Alabama schools were more concerned with beating the Georgia schools than they were with each other.
Keeping it real in the Heart of Dixie.
I have found that 90% of the azzholes here are just that, thats why I enjoy posting here and you can expect much much more from me on all things SEC. Like y'all say, I don't have much to do down here in my mom's basement. I can't understand why SDS hasn't posted that Georgia Tech and Auburn are in talks about renewing the historic rivalry between the two schools. I hope this works out because everything about Georgia Tech is steeped in tradition and playing Auburn for a few years would be awesome. Used to be, the rivalry between Auburn and Alabama wasn't that big of a thing, their main concern was beating the two schools in Georgia.
Alabama has 28 wins, Georgia Tech has 21 wins, Alabama's winning percentage is 56.7%. Whats your point Bamatime? Did I not follow the correct format or what?
I chose U(sic)ga as my sec team, see the little frickin avatar mouthbreather? The GT avatar is used any and everywhere I post. And what U(sic)ga people think socially privileged is being drunk in a gutter smelling of piss.