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Nothing sucks like a big Orange. SO HAPPY THESE A____ Holes lost. A great day
You measure success in the transfer portal on May 1, 2022.ot if water left to go under the dam.
Coaches can come & go as they please. Professors, University Presidents,Athletic Directors, all can come and go as they please. All of the above make multi millions of dollars off of the athletes. This is America with what should be a free capitalist system. More power to these kids. The one time transfer rule will be short lived.
No sustained success in the qb room. What bs and lame analysis. With Fromm and Bennett, Kirby has played for 2 Nattys, won one, and won 3 of 4 CFP games. More success in his first 6 years as a college head coach as anyone. We are talking college here, not pro potential. As for Brenton Cox, he has had very little success at Florida while the defense at UGA has thrived. Look at Jermaine Johnson, he had to go to fsu to get playing time.
It is pass time fir the sad old Fromm -Fields narrative to END. Fields did not accomplish anymore at Ohio State than Fromm did at Ga. This us about college, NOT about pro potential