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I have been grabbed a few times by the facemask as a player. It got my attention and didn't cause me any harm. Society today is so sensitive.
I didn't even read this article, but do have a question/comment. Wth has this woman done that espn treats her like she is a football expert? What a joke.
It's easy to push high school players that are much smaller than you around. His footwork isn't all that and SEC ends will eat him alive.
Matt I guess you and many reading this site are too young to realize that at one time Ole Miss was a major blue blood. Why go somewhere to rebuild when you've already rebuilt in 2 years and are so close.
your an idiot aggieland, exactly how long has aTm been in the SEC? And whats your record against the Rebels?
They are all bandwagon fans. I would love to see their degrees from bummer.
I would love to see all the bammer fans post their actual degree from UA. I doubt many can.
and how does he get a heisman vote? what has he done to deserve that?
They need to find a strength and conditioning coach also!
They lost that 9-6 slugfest, so no, they didn't beat every team they played in 2011.
You can't tell alabama fans anything, they know it all. I would love to see a copy of their degrees from UA also. Since they are all such huge fans surely thats where they went to school.
Kinda like Alabama should have never made the 2011 game since they didn't win their conference championship??
why do you have to be an @$$ to everyone about their comments?
what happened to the pickem game?
Does anyone know what happened to the pickem game?
tell us again when you graduated from Alabama?
So an auburn and state fan who were in a bidding war over scam make comments about money and post season. You people kill me, I come in here to read well thought out opinions and have to hear crap like this.
I come in here often to read the articles and well thought out comments. Some of you are complete idiots, just trying to start crap, mostly Alabama, Ole Miss, LSU, and MS State. Grow up.
I can't agree more, the first two years he coached and the players played with a chip on their shoulder, with something to prove. Now it seems they put too much into their own hype. The games we have lost over the past two seasons our staff has been outcoached and the players show no enthusiasm.
Seems like a lot of the problem is strength and conditioning.