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It's hilarious to actually believe that SC is one that will test them. Not sure if there is a team in the East that will actually give them a hard time. UT looked normal against a Pitt team without their Starter the second half. UF and AR looked all hyped for no reason and SC looked pretty bad against a Arkansas team that UGA shutdown last year.
Little to much, I agree. It could get you guys into a situation like Gus at Auburn. Not saying I wish that but you can tell Auburn regrets it dearly. Coach O wouldn't have done this without the assistants he had. I would have them put that back into assistants
And obviously Jim Chaney wasnt the answer yet UT gave him an absurd amount of money.
I doubt they were seriously interested considering they have Rattler ready to take over
Hahha guess you got to have hope. He just visited for the respect he had for Pittman. No 5 star will ever go to Arkansas unless they win 8 to 10 games and that's not happening anytime soon. Pittman will be fired after year 2 and back to being a line coach. Arkansas' AD must be on drugs to hire a position coach without any experience. This will be a disaster. But BJ will be signed to Athens come Feb. And the only way he isnt if Auburn pulls off the Flip. Guess sports writers for these dumpster fire of a teams have to h as ve a good imagination.