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Even if we win this Saturday, Alabama should still be in. You can't deny the body of work that bama has accomplished this year.
"were only down 9 until about 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter" Man, you guys were DOMINATING! Is this how hopeless Florida fans have become? Using "only losing by 9 in the first half of the 4th quarter" as a measurement for success?
With Mullen at the helm, The Cocktail Party will be more intense than it's been in a long time. Looking forward to many hard-fought games in Jacksonville in the near future.
Eh, the "revenge game" angle is pretty spot on. Also, I've been to SEC Championship games, and the advantage has been with UGA both times. It was close against Bama in 2012, but that's Bama, not Auburn. Their fans travel well. I'm excited about the matchup.
The past is all that they have in Rocky Top! Don't you dare ruin that for them! They're still reminiscing about how awesome they were when The Backstreet Boys were topping the charts.
Literally the only advantage than Tennessee has over Florida would arguably be "tradition/history", but no recruits or coaches care about what you did in the 90s. Years of mediocrity have sullied that one advantage. Admit it, it's not even close, and that's coming from a Gator Hater.
Hard to call someone a dummy when you're talking about getting "detroyed" and being put in another "conferrence"...
To be fair, South Carolina has the same number of SEC championships as The Citadel and Coastal Carolina have, so let's give them some credit.
The new trend at SC: get incredibly high and post on SEC sites. It seems to be incredibly popular. I, for one, am glad they could find something to do in that sad excuse for a state. It's the second best Carolina though!
With the stuff you're apparently drinking, they'll be way too limp to do any penetrating.
This is why I love SDS. You can get actual feedback on an article from its author, and maybe gain further insight on the article from said exchange. Not many sites have that level of interaction.
I'd love to have Leach in the SEC again. Competing against him would be tough, but the weekly press conferences would be worth it.
Man, you guys beat an amazing Florida team. They're the best team in the East and you won against all odds! Oh wait, this isn't 2008...
I'm far from a fan of the Gators, but Dr. Toboggan has a point. I think you should just sit down, LSUSMC.
One of those 5 you lost was to Bama, so I'd say it matters
That was my thought. During the 90s (and most of the 2000s), Florida was killing us every year, and I don't think a single Georgia fan wanted to end the rivalry. Just because a team has a winning streak in a rivalry game doesn't mean that the losing team wants to give it up.
"Both Georgia and Tennessee have just made their schedules easier" Yeah, instead of playing Mizzou (an east team) and Auburn (cross-divisional opponent), Georgia would play Auburn (an east team) and Mizzou (cross-divisional opponent). That schedule seems much easier...seriously?