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You better watch who you stand with boy. bama is not squeaky clean. LOL.
I lived for a few years on the Oregon coast. Was great for college football watching as the games started at 9 am pacific time
Wish I had some of what ol Paul is smoking. I would love to see the vols win but I know and everyone else but Paul knows that Georgia will take them to the woodshed
I could've sworn i saw a story last week where he predicted Florida to win??
they should've left him in the hood. not their fault michael doesnt know how to budget his money. I'm sure he spent his millions on his home boys.
he's only saying that to keep him on the field. he isnt sorry one bit. He is a football player from the 2 time national champions. Georgia is afraid to punish him because they need him on the field. Its the same EVERYWHERE in big time college ball not just Georgia. All you have to do is google it: Washington State leads the country with 31 arrests over the last five years. Florida is ranked No. 2, and Georgia and Texas A&M are tied at No. 3. Missouri, Ole Miss and Tennessee round out the top 10. Alabama, Kentucky, LSU, Arkansas and Auburn round out the top 25.
Being the fine, upstanding young man I am sure he didn’t take the cash. Right?
Kirby was only hired to win games. he couldnt care less about his players or the "culture".
you are the first GA fan that openly defines at lgbtqrstuvwxyz. I bet you drink bud light too.
yeah but its MUCH better than anything that cesspool of a state georgia has. Who in their right mind would want to spend anytime in georgia? North Georgia is a pretty area but its full of inbreds, like corch
He can’t help it. It’s in his genes. He’s an inbred from N Georgia .
I agree. He's talking about nobody is giving HBCU's schools a chance yet he abandons them for $$$$. Way to go Prime Slime
Heisman finalist? you mean Heisman loser? STFU you stupid inbred.
I love how the Vols live in your head 24/7 you dumb georgia inbred. Why dont you go drink some bud light with your tranny girlfriend/mother/sister
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vols fans get the same treatment any time they post on a georgia thread. so whats good for the goose is good for the gander
GTFO. this is a vol thread you have no business being here
why doesnt he apologize in person? He is only apologizing because they made him.
The NFL and NCAA have way to much power and control over sports.
how has he turned the ship around??? He hasnt done anything yet other than make some hires. We wont see if the ship has turned around until they play an actual game. Look at Sunbelt Billy. When he was hired you heard the same thing and look at his first season.