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I saw a gator player doing the throat slash as well.
Yeah, the media is making this game the most important in all of college football.
does your mother know you are playing on the computer again snowflake?
proof read before hitting send "ordor" "stanima" "seaman" order stamina semen
Everyone has a plan until they are punched in the mouth - Mike Tyson
You and me both. Try living in Florida and working with a bunch of gator blowhards. I hope UT wins but have a feeling FL pulls out the win
That's what I am hoping for but I have a pretty good idea on whats going to happen. Florida shows up and Tennessee takes the game off. FL 45 UT 21
yeah, i'm with you. At beginning of year I too predicted a loss to the gators and to be honest my opinion hasn't changed. Tennessee is the better team hands down but Florida always gets in Tennessee's head. As much as it pains me I'm picking UF to win by 3 td's
yeah, new helmets will make the fans forget about how awful their team is. SMH
"you're" not "your" wouldnt expect anything different from a toothless hick from georgia
ol Sunbelt Billy is starting to sound like Butch Jones with all of his quotes and sayings.
Agreed! He hasn’t done anything yet he’s on the heisman watch list?? Same goes for sunbelt billy. All we heard was how great of a coach he is and how he’s going to right the ship. Maybe in a few years If the fans don’t run him out of town
yeah, what are they smoking at SDS? UT is not going to be Georgia and I dont see SC beating UT unless the vols lose all of their qb's to injury
Easy fella, UF has won 1 game and barely at that and you are acting like they are a topped ranked team.
strange how nobody is mentioning the bama cupcake games: utah state, LA Monroe and Austin Peay. What a brutal schedule they have
Jeter completed 192 of 300 passing last season for 2,979 yards and 27 touchdowns. Defensive end maybe??? Did you not read the story?
By far the best game so far this bowl season.
Yeah Purdue will probably win but at least UT beat Kentucky. LOL
Deion was especially good at avoiding tackling people that will work out good when he gets to the NFL
All we heard all season is how elite Georgia was. Most of the Georgia fans on here acted like They were the 2nd coming. Your team choked. Get over it. Can’t take heat then stfu
How does losing to bama over and over and over again working out? What happened to that elite defense? What happened to the mailman? Bama went postal on Georgia. All of you GA fans were bragging all season on how they were the best team in college football. What was the word they kept throwing out? elite? yet they choked again against Bama. Bama owns you like UF owns UT. Admit it, GA is the first loser in the SEC If Georgia makes it to the playoffs they will choke again With Kirby Shart continuing to play that little fella at QB.
Elite. Elite. That’s all we heard all season. Now Georgia fans can shut their mouths. Everyone tired of hearing how great they think they are. Bama owns you.