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I lived on the west coast for 2 years and absolutely loved pacific time because college games would start at 9 am!!
and what position did you play in college football and what school?
same story every year out of georgia, "best team in America blah blah blah and every year they choke. Georgia will beat Tennessee and will finish the season 3rd in the SEC.
Dont know how he pulled the wool over everyone's eyes at Texas A&M. He will be lucky to win 3 or 4 games this season. Florida will beat him like a red headed step child. A&M is stuck with him. Got to give it to him credit for getting that fat contract.
South Carolina will pull the upset of the year, if not decade by beating georgia and boy will they cry when the cocks stick it to them. LMAO
27 to 0?? really chris?? you been into that purple drank again? Granted georgia will be ut but it will not be a shut out and tennessee will expose georgia for what they are: 2nd runner up in the sec. always a bridesmaid and never a bride
Georgia has just as many if not more hillbillies than Tennessee. Ever been to the north Georgia mountains? Deliverance was filmed there, thats why you hear all of the georgia players squealing like a pig. aint that right corch???
yeah just like georgia has the best team in all of football. bama and florida will beat you like a red headed step child and it wouldnt surprise me one bit if baby usc takes you to the woodshed. perennial underachievers.
depends on what time, he/she/it does have a curfew unless his parents dont come down to the basement then he/she/it will be up all night
he is lame, he probably likes putting that stick up his own @$$
oh thats right, georgia is the best team in all of football, hence the #3 ranking. slapping bitc&#s and drinking coffee, you cant be from georgia since you cant do two things at the same time. the bulldogs will be sucking gameCOCK soon
i hear more of "georgia is the best team in all of football" than "UT is back". georgia will for sure lose to bama and the gators and the cocks are finding their rhythm so it wouldnt be out of the realm of possibilities that they upset the dawgs. Georgia has a decent team but they arent national championship material, hell they wont even win the sec championship. the bulldogs are perennial underachievers. You bulldog fans may want to break out a dictionary for that big word
to hear the georgia fan boys and the sportscasters talk, georgia has the best football team in all of football, that includes the NFL. I have never seen the love affair that ESPN has with georgia, even more than ohio state who for some reason is ranked in the top 10 even though they havent played a single game yet.
i keep reading and hearing about how dominate georgia is. supposedly the best team in all of football, not just college football. answer me this, if they are so good then why arent they ranked #1??? I mean the buckeyes who havent even played a game yet are in the top 10. These rankings dont make a lick of sense
i watched the tennessee game and to me the offensive line looked spectacular, the defense was just ok. I agree that georgia will win but its not going to be the blowout every ga fan boy is hoping for. for one thing your qb is not that great. your o and d lines are what will win you the game, not your qb
georgia hasnt played anyone yet. arkansas sucks as does auburn. tennessee will be your first test then there will be losses to alabama and florida. The rest of your schedule is a cake walk unless baby usc comes to play then you are looking at a 7 and 3 year. not bad but not up to your expectations. Until you can beat AL and FL in same year you are 3rd in the SEC.