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How is tom herman on this list and not Kliff Kingsberry have you seen Techs offense compared to Texas's.
But for two years A&M has always had a chance at beating bama during the game.
I really can't stand this new layout I liked SDS for it very easy one page snapshot of all the news I don't want to scroll through all this.
Well he has been behind some pretty good backs and especially with lynch they were the same the backs.
Not really you can't do anything about Garrett going #1 and it's tearing everyone apart that A&M is performing better in the SEC, heisman consecutive first round picks potential #1, this early than anyone in SEC expected, and if he doesn't go to the browns that would be a relief.
You are just mad you didn't have enough money to pay for him like you did little
You know Auburn thought the same thing last year so they just ignored and ran away from garrett. However, they quickly had to change the game plan. I am not trying to sound agitated, because it doesn't matter. Also, there are at least 5 games I can think of when he stepped up in the fourth quarter and finished the game off or keep a&m in it. Like him bull rushing into the champ of bristol to force the INT.
What about the coward Fournette. He sat most of his junior season in fear of injury. Let me be clear I fully support Fournette's decision to sit out I think he should've been able to get drafted last year. If you apply the same type of vile to Fournette for skipping a season like you do to Myles for skipping an interview. Then by your logic Fournette is worthless. I saw him take a season off. Myles did what not support a bag of hat air. I am tired of this fake uproar.
If he turned off the browns then he actually did a smart move
Booger has thrown out his creditability to blow hot air why give him any value.
Settle down its ok I guess it sucks to be sober in the off season
Booger is one of those SEC people who don't like A&M so why would myles willing help someone who hasn't liked him for three years.
If thats the case then TU should be saying they are going to win the super because its pretty mediocre now when saying all that I mean think about it for two TU had an empty east veteran team qb and could even get out of its devision.
Really I think having a guy get lucky jumping over a hurdle is ridiculous maybe you should get someone who can overpower the middle or bend the edge oh wait your MSU and don't get those people sorry. I love your coach but you guys are the laziest fans sitting rings bells all day long.
Thats actually smart I think. This is the consecration of all the teams and especially as a qb which the nfl will look everywhere for he will get meetings even if he stays in his hotel room.
You're just mad because Tennessee can't hit don't worry though brick by brick Bristol Champ.
So this shows that you got to play on edge? I mean this is almost useless.
I hope Lebron James and Kobe Bryant are ok if a college education is so important in their lives. They most have miserable lives. You should tell them they done screwed up.
So LSU fans only accept in state recruits now. This whole thing doesn't matter but your hatred for Saban and Alabama is really pathetic if this gets you triggered.
By that same argument the national title should go to alabama too.
And after seeing the revenue numbers every school decides to raise tuition. I am tired of having to pay for an overpriced education.
It seems like Coach O is already on the hot seat and the recruits now it.
You really hit a dud with A&M's I'm really scratching my head on this one A&M has 9 4*'s I mean tennessee only has 5 4 and 5*'s.
As an aggie who watched a sloppy offense wastes talent every game take him.
So they carry around a nice big brief case of money on the recruiting trail like freeze or do they do that through technology