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You only need one coach, will "not win" muschamp. Great person and it will allow my beloved Gamecocks to win at least one game a year with our new coach Sheriff Woody!
BS. thinly disguised plot to higher huge freeze. Now lets see Kirby Smart get for the same thing...NOT
Great article Matt Hayes. Always good when journalist point out things like this that most people are suspecting. Writing is on the wall, fire pruitt, get hugh freeze. I'd lay a million on that bet. Keep up the great work Hayes.
Of the 687 total player arrests in the USA TODAY Sports database that spans 14 seasons, 607 involved black players — 88%.
Gene Chizik was at Auburn for four years and was fired in 2012. It's 2020 and you're still whining about Gene Chizik? Dude, get some professional help
Because he didn't buy into the black racist BS? That's called a morally honest culture, stupid.
He didn't buy in to their black racist bs.
Fundamentally peaceful" ? Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Yes, like the minortiy business' BLM burned down, the stores they looted (watch the videos stupid), and people THEY killed. Brain dead p h u k.
Chadwell way better than Shame beamer. I will say as an alum of SC, USC stinks at picking coaches. I'm done.
"I like that South Carolina didn’t deny him that opportunity just because of that unofficial coordinator/head coach prerequisite. It’s outdated, especially at a time when teams get 10 on-field assistants." Sure Connor, because Beamer was never considered so talented that they would give him the HC/co-ord job. That's doesn't sound or smell fishy to you? "No, Beamer doesn’t have head coaching experience. He doesn’t even have coordinator experience. For some, that’ll matter (even though it didn’t for Ed Orgeron and Sam Pittman)." Connor, Orgeron stinks! He had one good year before it all collapsed. His previous stints as HC were colossal failures. Pittman has proven squat either, nor has beamer. What does that tell you Connor? "But man, talk about a unique résumé. Beamer WORKED ON coaching staffs led by Phillip Fulmer, Sylvester Croom, Spurrier, Frank Beamer (his dad), Kirby Smart and Lincoln Riley. That’s darn impressive." Connor, BIG F'ING DEAL, WHO CARES WHO BEAMER WORKED "FOR". IT MEANS NOTHING. You and RoosterC apparantly have big, fat ugly girlfriends you've talked your miserable self's into marrying, because you both are blind. I'm done with RAY TANNER. As an alumni, I quit. SC is not capable of committing to a winning football program year after year. We settle for mediocrity every time. 8 wins gets you a statute. Pathetic. Kiss my donations goodbye.
You don't pick coaches because former players "like" them. Their opinion is based on an emotional response from the heart. "He's a great guy, give him the job" is not a decision based on logic. It's based on emotion. You need someone with a proven track record of WINNING, not checked all the boxes BS. Cheese it's TANNER, hurry up and get fired.
Beamer. Never been a head coach, coordinator, or called plays. Great pick Tanner. You can't close the deal bud. Not with kirby Smart, et al. and certainly not with Freeze or anyone substantial.
Yes, lets take the advice of a drunk who was kicked off the football team. I'd bet my grandmother Garcia was on the video call with the other 40 or so players who told Dumbo Tanner to hire Beamer. The culture at USC needs to be changed starting with the AD. Great baseball coach, horrible AD. Next, stop thinking small and start thinking outside the box with Urban Myer types. FIRE RAY TANNER.
I forgot to mention the PR disaster by Caslin and Dumbo Tanner regarding coaches stating they are not candidates for the job. Carolina and Tanner's reputation stinks so bad coaches don't want to even be associated with the job opening.
What a joke. Never been a head coach, never hired a complete football staff, and has never called offense plays even though he's coached multiple offensive positions. Now there's talk he keeps Mike Bobo. I have never in my 56 years of life felt more contempt and disgust for USC. I'm an alum and fan all my life. This is why USC will ALWAYS wallow in mediocrity. Ray Tanner stinks to high hell. He's a pathetic moron who couldn't close the deal for Herman and Smart before his disaster called Muschamp, and now he can't hire Hugh Freeze. 8 wins and a buttbowl invitation! That's all you'll ever get. Win 11 and get a dorm or weight room named after you. F'ing Carolina administration stinks!
We had a chance to hire several very good coaches after spurrier and Tanner couldn’t land the deal so we settled for a very predictable tenure under Muschamp. Now Hugh Freeze is available but Tanner can’t close the deal with him apparently and we’ll have to settle for a coach who we hope has the ability to compete in the highest caliber of college football in the world. FIRE RAY TANNER. HE CAN’T CLOSE THE DEAL WITH A DECENT HIGH LEVEL COACH!!!!!!
We had a chance to hire several very good coaches after spurrier and Tanner couldn't land the deal so we settled for a very predictable tenure under Muschamp. Now Hugh Freeze is available but Tanner can't close the deal with him apparently and we'll have to settle for a coach who we hope has the ability to compete in the highest caliber of college football in the world. FIRE RAY TANNER. HE CAN'T CLOSE THE DEAL WITH A DECENT HIGH LEVEL COACH!!!!!!
Correction, I said mediocre. I meant unproven HC coaching with only assistant coaching experience. Like a Muschamp, Napier, etc. who will get us nothing. Muschamp had 3 years HC at Fla. That was it. and he failed there. Freeze at least had success at Miss. and smaller schools, albeit with baggage. The odds say he'll have quicker and more success based on his PREVIOUS HC EXPERIENCE. The coastal HC has proven success albeit at smaller schools only. Be he looks young, energetic and a motivator like Freeze. Freeze scares me, but I'd rather have him or Coastal HC.
I agree. I think Beamer could definitely get us up to 5 maybe 6 wins sometime in the next 4 - 5 years. Stellar HC resume' and he has "connections in the SEC to give a jolt to the program", right Sidney. Keep settling for mediocre coaches and enjoy your at best 7-8 win seasons and trip to a mid level bowl game, maybe even in Florida. B/c the Urban Meyers and Nick Saban's will never even consider coaching here unless you give them a combined Tanner and Muschamp buyout package after Tanner gets fired for his next football coach hire.
I re-read your post. We are going to hire a guy with zero HC experience because one player from USC vouched for him. Not since the moneyball strategy of the Oakland A's using statistical analysis to sign players has there been a more ingenious method for hiring Div. I SEC coaches. Have u considered putting in for Ray Tanner's job since he hasn't a clue wtf he's doing?
I disagree. They will force Pruitt to quit by demanding pay cuts from coaches which they just did. 6 out of 8 refused except Jay Graham and Tee Martin who both played for TN. UT fires OC, Pruitt quits in protest, Freeze gets hired by UT.
had zero choice back then because we didn't attempt to go out and hire someone right off the bat. We had to wait in line behind Texas and other schools who had first pick. I'll give dumb sheet Ray Tanner credit for firing Muschamp this early b/c now he has first pick IF he can lure a decent coach. The number one guy should've been Urban Myer however Tanner nor anyone else it seems has the ability to think outside the box and we always settle for second best. In this case Hugh Freeze is the only one we should consider given his success but, Tennessee just demanded a pay cut for 8 football couches, 6 of which refused to include highest paid OC guy. I think its a move to get Pruitt to quit so they can now hire Freeze who has stated Tennessee is his number 1 preferred school to end up at. Now I don't see us getting Freeze which means Tanner will settle for Billy Napier who has proven squat at any school but UL and only recently. He hasn't HC'd anywhere else. I'd prefer we get HC from Coastal Carolina who has success at least at 3 smaller schools. That success might translate to the SEC eventually after he recruits. We shall see though.
or about this, stop creating an account just to post trolling comments. You have no idea what your talking about when it comes to SC starting QB's which hasn't been an issue at SC, black or white. Your subtle racist comment was created just to provoke people from the south so how about shut the ph u ck up and go back to registering dead people to vote jackazz.