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If SC hadn't played the first half with a one legged backup QB and the 3rd string qb the 2nd half they would have won in regulation and it wouldn't have been close.
Stoops to the cow college is a pipe dream. #Delusional
Tuberville was fired for becoming complacent and lazy in recruiting. He took advantage of a Bama program on probation with 21 scholarships taken away and poor coaches.
au is not an sec powerhouse or a national brand. 1 title the last 60 years (1957), 2 titles in its 125 year history, 1 sec title prior to 1983, and only has back to back 10 wins seasons one time in school history 28 years ago (1988-1989). They're a mediocre program that historically has one great season per decade followed by years of mediocrity.
He just publicly admitted he believes in God, wants to win championships, and be a first round NFL draft pick.