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this took a turn reeeeeal quick! yikes man. it's just football
As a lifelong Kentucky fan I wish he would've stayed too (in the minority with that opinion). As far as the personal problems go, do those arise in Lexington? We'll never know. For a kid who grew up with Pitino teams man, it would be great to get back to having players who cared about the school and program more than just using it as a launching pad for the NBA. The whole Calipari era was fun the first few seasons now it's getting a little long in the tooth with the revolving door of candidates coming in. I miss the Rondo's, Bogan's, Prince's, Mashburn's go on and on.
totally subjective as to who is "the worst fan base". Give it a go though... UGA comes across incredibly pompous every year for having 2 National Championships... last one was 1980 wowza! USC jr, now that's a napoleon complex group. Where is PalmettoPiggy?? Get him barking on here
and who would they be? the better hire that is
very excited to see some young blood enter the coaching ranks at UK!
you lost Drago? didn't realize SDS was covering the Pac 12 these days
never once said i was a Matt Jones fan... i actually prefer SDS because it's primarily football coverage. I was just making a point that I'd like for it to stay that way.
KSR does a fine enough job keeping up with every detail of former basketball players... who cares. Please (especially in the fall) focus on our football team. This really didn't warrant a column.
appreciate the vote of confidence, pig.
boy i sure hope we do! We're going to need to take some deep shots down the field to have a chance
Keep telling yourself that. If by putting local cannon fodder up in those stands equals "fans" then sure.
you all are the worst fan base on this site. stay in your lane, absolutely no one. NO ONE cares about little ole missouri football
It would really suck to be a program with such a bad Napoleon complex. Uavel is nothing more than a burning dumpster.
so by that metric your past 6 seasons haven't been worth while(0-6). What "kick ass" programs are you speaking of? Frank Martin is a clown. Columbia is a dump. Granted SC as a whole is wonderful but Columbia?? please... You mind letting me know the last time a recruit said he choose a school based off a retired HOF coach? I'm not able to recall that
no. this article is absolute cannon fodder. Kentucky football is lucky to see 1 article a week.
best to stay on the mizzou board... you're going to start off 0-3
not butthurt. You hayseeds just can't wrap your minds around the idea that people enjoy things outside of SEC football.
yeah me and about 5.5 million others have nothing better to do... i believe you're in the minority here bud
yes, since ESPN is a local Chicago network?? Congrats on making the dumbest comment of the day. Michael transcended sports in the 90's maybe you didn't have a television/newspaper in Auburn to take notice? This docuseries was going to have an audience regardless if sports were being played or not.
While i agree that the ACC and B1G have great schools (Duke, Michigan, UNC, UVA to name a few) let's not forget that UL is in the ACC and they almost lost their accreditation not so long ago...
I don't recall seeing many comments about us going 9-3 this year. Were there high expectations after last year? Sure. No one is being fair weather we're just sick of having to scroll down to the comment section for every UK article and see your name on the page.
The trailer park wifi must be spotty. Haven't heard from you in a while piggy
RoosterC you may need to have that talk with PalmettoPig... but he's probably still trolling the UK board