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Whaley did that to a future NFL star but Chad Morris gives Rakeem Boyd 30 carries and doesn’t take him out the whole game.
Tigurrr You do know that Missouri was 3rd in yards allowed and 6th in points per game last season and as for this season the only Missouri will be owning is their 5-7 record. Which will include a loss to the Razorbacks.
Bro where’s Arkansas? They have been very dominant this decade.
If Mason Jones had won SEC POY then they would have gave him third team All-American but they can’t contradict themselves so no SEC players made it.
Not one SEC player. That’s tough.
Why isn’t 40 minutes of hell higher? I know I am being bias but 40? Scotty Thurman hit a game winner against Duke when no one thought we had a chance to beat them.
Long Beach Mike I would have been okay with Reggie Perry winning the POY but I was making the point that Mason Jones is way better than Quickley.
How is the SEC POY even a contest. PPG Mason Jones 22.0 Immanuel Quickley 16.2 Reb Jones 5.8 Quickley 4.0 Ast Jones 3.4 Quickley 1.9 FG% Jones 42.3 Quickley 41.9 Games over 40 points Jones 2 Quickley 0 over 30 points Jones 7 Quickley 1 Over 20 points Jones 14 Quickley 8
Can you stop being salty about not being on the bubble. We didn’t have a 16 ppg and a terrific shooter in Joe for 5 SEC games and still have a better conference record than you guys.
I know that Arkansas has done poorly in the conference play but Arkansas is still 18-11 and has a net ranking of 47. We also have a game against LSU which could boost our net even more. I am not saying that the net and overall record is everything I am just saying that it still matters.
Where’s Mason Jones? Went from being the 3rd best players in the hogs to arguably the best player in the SEC.
If you watched more than two minutes of the game then you would know that the refs were going for Florida the whole game. I mean one of their guys shot 17 free throws. Still though I do not condone this level of flopping.
Mason Jones is the first SEC players to score 30 points in three consecutive games since 2009 but no one talks about him being the SEC Player of the year.
I’m not gonna lie Arkansas would probably lose to A state but this kid was not an “non starter”, he tore his ACL early in the season but before that he was a preseason all sun belt first team player so maybe you should do research before you thrash a kids playing ability.
It’s official guys coach Musselman has more SEC wins than Chad Morris
On the last comment I was talking to Keith Dixon but I had to say this I am sorry but how on Earth are you gonna say that Tyler Wilson is better than Ryan Mallett. Ryan Mallett has so much more arm strength but I would say their accuracy is about the same but still. Mallet was also better in the clutch and was more calm under pressure.
I agree with everything you said up until you said Jonathan Williams is better than Alex Collins.
I thought we would be 9-3 right now because we lost Gafford and Vanover didn’t get a waver. Somehow though we are 11-1 with a 6’ 6” center.
My bad I forgot to include the refs carried Auburn in the 4th quarter.
boss hog what about the hogs 2010 team who only lost to "Saban's most talented team" which only won by 4 against us and an Ohio State team who was using players they shouldn't have been using to beat us by 7.
I am getting heavy deja vu from last season with our quarterbacks. Starkel and Kelley are just way better than Hicks and Storey but they have terrible games against group of 5 teams. Kelley threw 4 picks against North Texas and Starkel threw 5 picks against San Jose St. We never saw Kelley again and I think we won’t see Starkel again either. Again Starkel is way better than Hicks and Kelley was way better than Storey but they lose the job.
Starkel is a top five quarterback but since he plays for Arkansas he’s 10
I see 7-5 as our ceiling and 4-8 is our floor. Kentucky, Missouri, and Mississippi state are all winnable games if we don’t let Hicks play. Of course that’s our ceiling and floor If we beat San Jose St and Western Kentucky. I expect Chad Morris to go 5-7 with one SEC win in 2 years, I wonder if that’s too much to ask.
You miss losing to Arkansas 13 times out of 23 games and if you don’t can’t the post Bobby Petrino era you lost 13 out of 20 games.
I don’t know about an easy win you guys lost Josh Allen and Benny Snell and aren’t the same team from last year. I think it will be a very close game