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Burks is the opposite of a quitter. A 4 star from warren Arkansas didn’t have to stay in state and play for Chad Morris after we had just went 2-10. He didn’t have to stay after we went 2-10 again and Morris was fired. But no he was a true Razorback and helped rebuild our program and now he is gonna be a first round pick in next years draft. Have fun in the Gaspirilla bowl.
Our DC coached that cotton bowl and our coach of ten years resigned right before the game since u want to talk about coaches. Go celebrate beating us at our worst. All time we are still ranked 37th in all time win percentage while u guys are 66th. I’m not even confident that we’ll win but even if we lose we’ll still be the better program.
During our worst years of football in our history u sound stupid.
We lost by 2 last year and u guys won off of a game winning field goal seems like we had a pretty good chance. Stay in ur imaginary world where mizzou is a better football program than “Arky”.
Agreed but I don’t think Nussmeier is near KJ yet he doesn’t have any real experience but I will say he’s got some talent. I think the difference maker is that we got Treylon Burks and you guys don’t have Boutee so you guys don’t have a guy you can depend on almost every passing play but I will say I’m a bit scared of Davis-Price he’s pretty good. Players for both teams will get excited to play for the Boot and it’s going to be very competitive.
I think both teams are gonna try to make the other team throw the ball so the game is gonna come down to quarterback play and KJ is better than both of LSU’s qbs by a country mile. But I think our defense will get tired in the end and it’s gonna be a end of the game shootout again. Overall good game to watch.
Dude ur left tackle was holding our guy #55 every play quit crying about the refs.
He was pushed out of bounds by like 10 yards take your L. Sam Pittman - 2 “Pirate” - 0
Lol yep it’s definitely the refs fault that you guys couldn’t stop our run.
Go watch every sec game that we have played besides Georgia and you will see that Burks has shredded every one of them. Although I am kinda scared of the air raid when Leach decides to run too so I think it will be a good game all around.
KJ Jefferson has insane potential. Amazing arm talent, great athleticism especially for his size, and tough as nails but his decision making and accuracy isn’t the best. I think some of that has to do with this being his first year starting and our pass protection being pretty bad. I think next year when Pittman develops some of the younger more talented offensive lineman and KJ is refined he will definitely be a top 5 quarterback in the sec. I don’t think kj was the reason we lost any of our games and I don’t think he ever will be.
Players win awards based on touchdowns and yards not efficiency Max johnson and will Rogers both have great passing stats while kj has pretty good passing stats and great rushing stats. You can’t be on a watch list for best quarterback if u haven’t even started all of the games for ur team and have under 1000 passing yards. That’s just the way awards work.
Yes we did but it didn’t help that we got screwed on several calls this game. We had bad play calling and bad defense. We lost the game but it shouldn’t have been as bad as it was.
Man these sec refs are truly amazing. I just love it when they call pass interference on a pass that was 10 yards out of bounds. Amazing officiating at its finest.
@booches94: since u like stats here’s some more stats for you. KJ is 2nd in rush yards and 2nd in yards per carry among sec quarterbacks. And based off of overall passing stats he is around 7th so I think if you’re the 7th best passer and the 2nd best runner you can easily be 4th overall.
Booches I can’t take your opinion seriously because you used stats and stats only to configure your statement. You know there’s a thing called an eye test right?
A&M is gonna “whip” us. That’s exactly what the analysts said about Texas. They say we don’t have the talent but we’ve got 4 stars that have been rotting on the bench because of Chad Morris’ incompetence. We’ve been had the talent but we never had the coaching and now we might have it. And what does them winning 9 games in a row have to do with anything. If I’m not mistaken we won 9 in a row in the 50’s and 60’s. That means nothing and this is gonna be a good game and if it was played in Kyle Field or Fayetteville it would definitely be on College Gameday. Personally I don’t think either team will be whipped. I just hope we’ll be able to pull off the win so I don’t have to read another article like this.
La tech is beating miss state 31-14 right now maybe u should wait for your team to play their game before talking smack
Look man maybe u should wait until the end of the game
We’ve won the west 3 times since 1992. Googles free buddy
Who r u calling fillers u win the East once in ten years great job
A simple google search will tell you the amount of points Odom gave up while being the HC of Missouri. 2016: 31 ppg 2017: 32 ppg 2018: 25 ppg 2019: 19 ppg Literally a google search away and you still look like an idiot.
He literally said in the article that 40 yard dash isn’t a good way to calculate a linebackers speed because they don’t run 40 yards on every play. Looks like someone doesn’t like to read.
Wow u beat Arkansas during its worst years in history congratulations. Btw didn’t u guys let Miss state score 51 lol