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Even though Auburn is winning some games and having decent teams year in and year out, we as Auburn fans want to be elite. There are about 5 or 6 teams that have a stronghold on college football. Bama, Clemson Ohio State, Oklahoma, Georgia and now LSU. Auburn will never be elite with Gus Malzahn, plain and simple. His system only has success with a run first QB when facing SEC defenses. He wasted Jarrett Stidhams talent and now is ruining Bo Nix. Gus must go. The sooner the better
As an Auburn fan we are tired of being mediocre while our hated rival has more success than any program has in history. It is a tough thing to have to endure year after year
LSU's defense looked great because Auburn's offense is garbage. LSU has shown they have a defense that can be scored on all season. Vandy, Texas etc.
This article is dead on. Gus has not developed talent and Auburn is an absolute mess on offense. He must go. He has two 2013 miracles to thank for still being employed right now. You don't build a winning program hoping for miracles to get big wins.