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So Florida loses a home game for its fans (easily the biggest home game of the year, because the home schedule sucked this year), and Florida would have to play THREE straight years in Baton Rouge (2015, 2016, 2017). LSU wouldn't have to play in the Swamp AT ALL from 2014 to 2018. That's ridiculously stupid. The game will hopefully be played on November 19th. Stop claiming Florida is afraid. Football players aren't afraid to play football. That's the dumbest argument I see people making. (sidenote: UF didn't make the call to postpone the game, that call is made by Sankey. So, again, stop claiming Florida is scared and postponed the game. It was Sankey's call). With all this trash talk, I'd love for UF to end up beating LSU this year. What goes around comes around, right? I hope we'll see :P
Because you can reserve the Georgia dome, or any giant stadium within a few hundred miles, 2 days in advance. (Note the EXTREME sarcasm). I swear, some of you SEC fans really are stupid. Idk how but we've beaten UGA 2 years in a row in jax with treon. When I see comments like this, it makes me grin that we've done that for the past two years.
You realize that much of gator country has standing water in their homes and trees through their roofs today. But hey, it's all about "current" weather conditions. Idiot.
How is Foley corrupt? Explain this to us, oh omniscient one. Aaron Hernandez didn't do his crime until he was two years removed from UF up in Boston. And Johnson doesn't work for UF, he's an independent lawyer whose practice is in Gainesville, who many people use. Strike three. You're out.
WarEagle, it must only be clear to ignorant fans around the SEC then. Because the SEC has insurance $ set aside to pay off the buyout for games like this every year for these type situations. 1.5 mil is nothing to LSU. If they sell 20k tickets at an average of $75 at any home game, they've got that covered. Money isn't the issue. And THAT is clear to everyone in the SEC that has their brain on.
Is this Vol Train Conductor guy retarded? I need a serious answer because otherwise I'm going to put him on blast.
Leak hasn't been convicted of anything yet. Let's wait and see if this is legitimate first. I'm sure you, as a UT fan would love nothing more than for this girl to have been assaulted by a gator so you can crack your jokes. Speaking of the joke, Leak wasn't on the team at the same time as Hernandez (nor has Leak even been convicted). And Hernandez didn't do his crime until 2 years removed from UF. So basically, you're just saying "so there's a preacher on a team.."
UF offense isn't some elaborate oregon or tcu spread. It's pretty plug and play with easy throws designed into the scheme. Mac knew the current qb situation when he got here. He created the offense with that in mind. Point is, having Del Rio out may not be as big of a loss to our offense as everyone thinks. I could be wrong but we'll find out Saturday I guess.
Mac said that he's now probable. So looks like he'll play. Honestly, I think if this game was last week Callaway would have played.
We've won 11 years in a row. I think we'll survive if we lose one.
You know that Callaway didn't break the law or anything, right? And how is UF responsible for Odin LLoyd's death exactly? Would like a vaulting pole for these giant leaps???
UF offensive line hasn't been that great (everyone knew that coming in this year). Mizzou will maybe get a sack or two. We'll see.