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"Hence, why..." My goodness.
When you talk about both sides, colleges and players, sitting down to hammer out a deal, you really mean the lawyers pretending to represent colleges and lawyers pretending to represent players (but actually looking out primarily for themselves) sitting down and hammering out a deal to benefit lawyers.
You beat me to it. I mean, come on, dude, you're a professional writer.
Oh, well, Finebaum ruled it out? I guess that settles it, since he knows Kirby so well, and has such influence over Kriby's decisions.
Really. Did anyone weigh in on Paterno hiring Sandusky, or is Paterno's credibility questionable?
"gender equity, diversity, etc." Huh? What the heck? Are you suggesting more women and more whit guys playing college football?
I don't think the word spurned means what you think it means.
I mean, you may be right in principle, but did you really have "many thousands" of insiders calling you? Where did you find the time to field all of those calls? And, if there were many thousands of them, could they really be called insiders?
Someone who wants to be paid millions not to work.
Horrible move! Even if he doesn't play, or plays but sucks, he should have shown up and tried to make a few puts.
Unfortunately, so can I.
"His inexperience will not allow him to stay in the pocket and execute the game plan. Not yet, anyway." So, there may come a time when his inexperience will allow him to stay in the pocket and execute the game plan?
Wait, just want to make sure I understand you. Are you suggesting that the outcome of a football game is going to come down to coaches & players?
Miami has certainly demonstrate great decision making. Let's listen to them,shall we?
It appears to be a contract provision for every writer that they will end every column with some version of "We'll have to wait and see, but..."
Great comment, Dabo. That really clears things up for us. Insightful and useful suggestions.
This is as embarrassing as William & Mary hiring James Comey to teach ethics.
1) "escorts"-nice euphemism, Mr. Orwell. 2) "coaches with questionable conduct" Questionable? What's the question in re Freeze?
No, he doesn't. That does not mean no valid points could be made in defense of FSU, but eking88 does not make any of them.