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There’s a lot we haven’t forgotten but that one and Marc Curles officiating in the 2009 Arkansas-Florida game were the worst. We’ve gotten multiple apologies over the years and saw a crew get suspended. Nothing really changes though. I know we sound like cry babies but people outside of Arkansas even talk about that for some reason officials have it out for us. We’re lucky to be mediocre at times why make it harder ?
I believe it will be better. Not win out better but could possibly come up with a couple good wins. I think Kenny will bring back some fire and hopefully go back to what Briles was doing right. I’d just say let KJ Peyton Manning it out there and call plays he’s comfortable with. Either way I don’t see it getting worse. Really just ready for basketball to get here.
That’s what I’m trying to get through to people. Our fans want to blame all the players along with Enos. These guys learned a scheme that fit KJ and had a few months to learn a completely new one. In my opinion it just threw all the offensive players out of whack. Trying to switch your 5th year rpo type qb into a pocket qb isn’t typically going to work. Enos should’ve adjusted his philosophy to fit KJ’s skill set. Just a terrible hire. Hopefully Kenny goes back to what works for KJ and the offense and salvage a little bit of dignity. I don’t even think your boy Saban can salvage Enos career ?
Well KJ was hurt and never should’ve played that game. If you watched it you would see why they lost and with a healthy KJ that game wouldn’t have been close. Also you can’t compare 2 completely different scenarios from 2 completely different seasons.
I wouldn’t consider anyone a Cinderella in the conference tourney. Seems like the top teams don’t care to win it especially the fans. LSU did it right by winning one and going home to rest. Always seems to work out better.
That was awesome lol. That umpire is pathetic and should be ashamed of himself. These are the ones that need to be fired. They act like it’s hard to find someone else who can go out there and blow calls and be an a hole.
I know they feel on top of the world with their football team and can’t blame them but it must suck to not have anything to get excited about for 8 months.
After what Sam inherited and the progress he’s had I think he’s fine this year. The seat will definitely be hot if he goes 4-8 though.
I was wondering how they’d do the Miss State one. I think they did it perfectly. Arkansas defense didn’t deserve a C-
But he shouldn’t have gave any credit to SEC officials, they are just as bad.
I’m usually against these types of comments but it was well deserved after that officiating. I’m glad Hunter mentioned it.
In my opinion I think he’s about to prove some people wrong. Don’t think he’ll be a star but will be a solid qb. Hope he does well wherever he goes unless it’s against us WPS!
There was a lot of hog fans ready to turn on coach just for him considering this guy. We we’ll see if we dodged a bullet.
I know everyone was wanting a Tennessee down fall but no one wants to see this happen. What he did there was incredible. I really hate seeing a player get hurt like this no matter the team. Hope he makes a full recovery and has a successful NFL career.
Arkansas was 7th in the directors cup and 2nd in the SEC. The directors cup measures the success of every sport in the program. Auburn’s not even in the top 25. It’s that simple.
Coming from the guy who had A&M winning it all. He has no merit
Very lucky to have the record they do. 4 years with a highly paid coach and the talent that team has they should be undefeated at this point but are luck they’re not 2-3. Has to be disappointing as a fan. Jimbo is a fraud.
He might destroy Arkansas but that’s not very smart to say before you face a veteran OL and a 245 qb that can run. All that does is motivate the opposition.
I’ve heard a few people and saw a few articles that keep saying we’re going to Texas A&M. Every time I yell it’s at JERRY’s World!!!
I agree. They say it was because of the lies but most teams would’ve still swept it under the rug. I never hated the guy. He gave us some great years and had some fun teams to watch.
The Expert- he didn’t have to. He’s more than capable but why do it when they can run the ball down a teams throat. His biggest strengths coming into this year were his running and deep balls.
I would agree most of the time but Morris deserves to be called a clown.
Pitt should’ve won. A lot of blown opportunities. The Razorbacks won the same way in week 1 though. Cincinnati blew a lot of opportunities too. Tennessee and Arkansas are tied for 4th in my opinion.
Sounds like he’s trying to prove he’s a passer to justify that NFL hype. He just needs to play his game and he’ll win games. Take it from KJ, those qb runs will open up the passing game. Napier seems like a good fit and will get AR on the right track.
I think everyone in the SEC wanted Bama to destroy them. Everyone just expected more from them and didn’t think they deserved to act the way that player did.