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They win every game they have to win in a power 5 conference, Ohio State played 6 games against at best average opponents. I don’t think that’s the same thing.
People are stupid. He said they were good enough to beat them and win a national championship he just don’t think they deserve it because they didn’t put in the work everyone else did. It’s like someone joining a marathon half way through. He’ll be fresh while everyone else is tired and banged up.
I agree but only if they’re showing progression. Tennessee doesn’t seem to be progressing under Pruitt so I think it’s time to let him go. Also he seems to be losing the team and obviously already lost the fans support for him. On top of all that he has these allegations popping up.
I say take away the playoffs this year and just let Alabama And Clemson play the national championship.
I say go ahead and let Clemson and Alabama play the national championship. The others aren’t at Alabama and Clemson’s level so why waste the time.
He’s one of the best first half coaches I’ve ever seen. He competed in the SEC just couldn’t finish in the 4th quarter. A lot like Butch Jones from what I remember.
Thanks for trying to give us that W but Missouri didn’t lose to Arkansas in 2019
There isn’t men’s soccer in the SEC. I think South Carolina and Kentucky have men’s soccer but play in another conference. If Vandy did we probably would’ve never heard of Sarah.
I agree and especially with this COVID season. The season counts but with players opting out and teams cancelling games it just doesn’t seem as important. I wouldn’t risk it over this season. I think they handled it perfectly. They get an extra year of eligibility so bring him in now to get experience and make sure he’s healthy for next year.
I’m more upset about the no fumble recovery. We would’ve had the ball at the 35 and very easily could of got a field goal out of it. There’s no way to know what would’ve happened but without the bad officiating Arkansas has a really good shot at winning that game in my opinion.
It’s true. A lot of Auburn fans admitted that Arkansas got screwed and I respect that and will take the loss. LSU fans live in denial and believe they fairly won that game. It’s infuriating being a Razorback fan. After what we’ve been through the past couple years and now we have something to be excited about but SEC officiating wants to take that away from us.
Learning the refs are on their side and that sexually assaulting woman is ok is about all they’re learning right now.
I take that back it wasn’t bogus and it should’ve been a penalty after watching again
It might be a bogus call but he did extend his arm out and they look for that. I don’t agree with that one but it’s not that surprising.
I thought the Vandy one was about to be dark ‍♂️
Arkansas has a new coaching staff and just got off a 20 SEC game losing streak and we really beat Auburn lol. It’s pathetic that the Refs had to help keep them from being 1-4. Most Auburn’s fans agree and then you got the few like Aubforlife living in denial.
Auburn’s bs call was publicized because of what happened against Arkansas. They have had two bs game changing calls that has went Auburn’s way. It’s happened twice in 3 weeks. It’s like they are trying to give Auburn wins and it’s a hot topic. Auburn should be 1-4. The only good thing is Auburn might keep Gus because of it .
The broken record response we got robbed and should be ranked but I’m not disappointed. Usually when we get in the top 25 we start slipping at least in past years. I just hope they keep fighting and competing. They’ve already more than exceeded expectations so I’m happy.
Corral is still a top qb. Odom just came up with a good game plan again. He’ll get it back together.
It’s a process and will take some time but he could get them going.
Our reliable kicker missed an extra point. Which made us go for two every time after that. We can talk about how each team had chances but it all comes down to the refs blowing it.
It’s pathetic. Literally everyone besides Auburn fans is saying we got robbed. Be happy with the W but they need to stop living in denial.