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The funniest part of these rankings are all of the Kentucky fans getting butt hurt because they’re not #1 lol.
We haven’t played anyone besides Cincy. We don’t deserve the #1 just because we’re 8-0. We did play our best ball in that little tourney against real competition so that’s encouraging. These rankings mean absolutely nothing anyway. Just something for us fans to discuss and argue about.
Reid Bauer didn’t line up for a punt it was a fake field goal
Anyone notice Arkansas was mentioned a couple times in this thread. We get screwed us much as y’all get help.
And I’m not saying the refs lost us this game. We probably would’ve still lost.
Because it’s been horrible all year and it seems like certain teams get all the benefits. It’s not just ticky tacky penalties either. It’s obvious things that they miss or obvious reviews that they get wrong and that can change the momentum and possibly outcome of a game. And I’m not just talking about Arkansas games. Georgia doesn’t have to worry though. Y’all are too good that bad officiating won’t affect the game either way.
Dealing with staff is part of coaching. He hired the wrong guy and didn’t take care of it soon enough. It’s all on him.
Is Razorback fans are used to it. Officiating has been horrendous and we’re only down 10. Alabama probably would’ve won anyways but they won’t even give us a chance.
Sounds kind of similar to what he said at Florida St but I actually believe him this time.
I didn’t think it could get any worse than Chad Morris and club dub.
Yea I’m not too confident. Maybe if it was an early game. It just depends on our defense. Hopefully it’ll be a good one though.
Auburn reminds me of the druggy son on Outer Banks and the rich father is the SEC home office. They do all they can to bail them out and make them look better than they actually are. I’ve never seen another team get so much help from the refs in my life.
Yea it was questionable. Arkansas never gets those kind of calls and are the ones that usually get them against us so it’s nice to get one I guess. It was a good game with a lot of penalties and a few questionable calls. Leach seems to have smartened up and balanced the offense out instead of just airing out. I think y’all are headed in the right direction. WPS!
McElwain’s record made him look better than he was. His Florida teams didn’t really look but got lucky and won close games. That’s how I remember it anyways.
I’m sure they’re only working with 30% of the playbook.They’ll be merging into that left lane very soon.
I think they’re pledges, they have to be ready to ruin them suits at any given minute
He launched upwards towards the qbs helmet and the top of the defenders helmet hit him in the face mask. Definitely a targeting. I could care less but don’t deny it.
If Arkansas can compete a year after the Chad Morris nightmare LSU can get back towards the top. Not saying it’s going to happen but a great coach triumphs everything.
I thought it was at first but he had the ball tucked in his stomach. He was short
Good thing they don’t play Auburn. There’d be an all out riot
I can understand the boos on fake cramps on the defense but cheering when a player gets injured is pathetic. Tennessee fans have always been a disgrace and will never change.
It’s really ridiculous. Auburn has to be doing something to always get this kind of help.
Don’t forget Ole Miss. They got screwed last year too.