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This will be a great game. I believe the two offenses will put up big numbers and score some points. Mizzou has a bright future ahead. That being said, I believe the Razorbacks will win this one in the fourth quarter with a 38-27 victory. Go Hogs
Woo Pig Go Hogs...looking forward to a great game against an outstanding opponent. Will be a challenge to win this one. Good luck Gators. Let's get that w back.
Hope he makes the travel roster and is 100%. Looking forward to an epic football game. Arkansas is long overdue for a win in this series, but it will take gods will upset the tide this game. Wool Pig Go Hogs
I hope he is right, lmao. A win over Bama is long overdue. And all those hungry and broke freshman gonna be thrilled. Go Hogs