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They couldn’t hold on to Taulia because he wasn’t ever going to start! What a dumbass comment!
Anyone that knows anything about Alabama football or the Tagovailoa family, knew this was coming. It has nothing to do with competition, or as I seen earlier karma for what Saban did to Jalen Hurts! Talia was transferring to the same area that Tua was drafted regardless of where it was! And regardless of his position on the depth chart! Short of Birmingham landing a pro team and Drafting Tua , they were leaving Tuscaloosa! He is a very good football player and will make an immediate impact wherever he lands! Good luck Talia, RTR
As a huge Bama fan, I really have no issue with what he said! They out played our team and made the plays that they needed to make to win the game. I would have a problem if I was coach O with it getting out, you never want to give another team extra incentive for the next time they play! RTR
I am one of the biggest Bama fans there is, and I hate bulldog fans! With that being said , Georgia is the 3rd best football team in the nation! Period!! But I believe the loss to LSU keeps them out of playoffs. If they truly pick the best 4, rematch or not Georgia is in!! We will know in a few!
Meyer will retire due to his health, and then be announced as the new coach of the Dallas Cowboys
Which got him a nice severance pay, and an ass whooping in the championship! Way to go coach Miles!! Nice win