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Just a small question. I keep reading "wear and tear" over a full season and how UCF couldn't handle that. If UCF was in a "P5" conference, given the "P5" tag, given the "P5" money, given a real path to College Football Invitational, basically a level playing field, why do people think that UCF couldn't recruit the level of athlete needed to compete "week in and week out" in any conference? I mean if you were an athlete and all things were equal, where would you rather play/live, Orlando or Starksville, MS? Orlando or Iowa City, Iowa? Orlando or Lexington, KY? I could go on. Point is everyone ignores the fact that UCF is doing what they are doing with AAC TV money (i.e. ~$2-$3M/year) and no shot at an Invitational invite, regardless of who is on the OOC schedule. Give UCF $35M/year and the stadium will expand to 60K as designed. Give UCF the "P5" tag and they will be able to recruit with anybody. Those are the facts that other "P5" schools are scared to death to admit and therefore conveniently overlook when making arguments. Also UCF can't win. They beat a "P5" team, that team wasn't motivated. They lose, "see they don't belong". Fact of the matter is UCF is a champagne program on a Schlitz Malt Liquor budget. They can't afford to lose money to play a game that actually won't help any perception anywhere. Excuses will exist no matter who they play so why lose $2-3M on the deal?