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I said they were "catching them at the right time " in terms of when they're playing them not catching them illiterate one. I'm not biased towards any team but Usc has talent & I think the stars are aligned , and schedule , for them to beat them and win the East this year. Next year, it'll be Uga or Florida. It would be a fool to say USC"s offense wont be better with Werner & obv Champ has the history of having the defense ready. The West is harder to pick because there are more quality teams but the East is and will be alot more clear after week 2 depending on who wins.
Sec West is always Bama's to lose but Miss St will def give them a run for there $$ this year but I'll give Bama the edge cause they play them in Bryant-Denny. Auburn I'm torn. I feel like Stidham will be great & I think they can beat Bama but you have to worry about them slipping up against 1 of A&M & LSU and of course Uga. So Bama should sqeak it out but they'll lose 1 game. In the East Uga should take it but I feel Mullin will have the boys ready at Fla. The are 1 yr removed from bck 2 bck division champs. Credit card 9 is honestly what derailed them last year along w/the circuit between Mac & the talking heads. Mizzou will havean offense but I see them 4th.....The game that will decide the East will be 9/8 in Columbia. USC Jr is honestly catching UGA @ the perfect time & Id say they or MISSISSIPPI have the best receiving corps in the country. If USC beats UGA they win the East w/a loss to Fla or MISSISSIPPI. Top 3 challengers in west- Tide , Cowbell, War eagle. Top 3 teams in east- Herschel, Spurrier Jr, Spurrier Sr. Prediction-Auburn/Alabama vs South Carolina
Man what are you smoking? Deebo was hurt week 3. Edwards & Shi Smith are playmakers Bentley just needs to make better decisions in the pocket and have more time from the O-line.Dwodle, when healthy, is pretty good. Also we need to consistently win to get more high caliber players. Champ is putting in work doing a great job and bringing in Werner should pay off tremendously in the playcalling dept. Sorry to ride your coattails but I just hate when fans of ours make statements that aren't close to accurate half the time.
Damn that was cold blooded lol. Why attack Vandy tho? Lol smh
Boss Man you take butthurt to a whole nother level brother lol