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As much as I do not like to see someone not be successful, it is time for JG to transfer. He has had more opportunities than any QB ever to be a leader and win at UT. He is a head case. He is probably the worst 3 year starting QB I have seen at the Div. 1 level. Just goes to show recruiting grades are useless. I applaud Pruitt for laying into him. We need to type of fire!
One if not my favorite UT running back of all-time. He is a great guy. He would be a great addition!
Since when has SC ever amount to crap? Have your fun talking crap now. We will be back very soon and I can not wait until we stomp a mud puddle in the lamecocks
When has SC ever been relevant?? You may want to pipe down there Froghorn Leghorn before you deep fry you.
Yeah he must of had his girl taken from him by a Vols fan.
I usually do not post comments, but after the last few weeks I felt I had to. CClausen71 you are an absolute idiot. If you hate the Vols so much why are you consistently posting stuff about them??? Why don’t you do everyone a favor and shut the heck up. Go Vols