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True AFAN. I am hopeful that Nico can step in next year and be more like Hendon last year. Only time will tell.
I think he will play next week. That will be his 4th game of the year. He should definitely start the bowl game because that will not affect his redshirt. Also this could help for next year. Will Heupel do that, I have no clue? I do hope Nico is worth the hype.
Playing Nico today would have done more harm than good. No need to feed him to the wolves yet. Give him more time to get prepared for next year. Milton has been a disappointment but our receivers have dropped a ton of passes this year too. Losing Bru to injury hurt a lot. Huge concern is still secondary or lack of. Need more depth and a new secondary coach. I hope we hit the portal big time this year for secondary players. Lastly, play calling this year has been a mystery. I think some of this has to do with Milton. Heupel is way better than the last three coaches we have had. Need to give him a few more seasons before everyone freaks out.
Don't worry AFAN. Georgia is going to give you a beatdown on Dec.2 as well.
Alabama and Georgia three straight years, Ohio State and Auburn too.
Peyton had 4 losses in his last 3 years. 3 were to Florida. So how did he never beat good teams???
Congrats to Mizzou. Classic butt whipping.
Turf had nothing to do with it. We got our tail handed to us. The turf didn’t slow Schrader down. Defense did not show up and our rushing game was pathetic.
Mizzou kicked our tail today as simple as that. We didn’t show up. Congrats Mizzou.
Vols rushing attack will be too much to stop. Tenn 31-21!
Ohio State would get curb stomped by any of the team in the top 8.. Until someone beats Georgia they are number 1 period.
Spencer Rattler!!!!! He still sucks. Hahahaha. Love it
Beamer is the he problem. He shouldn’t be a JV coach much less college. Beamer is a joke. Hahahahaha
Milton has to step up and Ollie Lane needs to ride the bench.
SC coach is a joke. Said it for years now. The hobbit is living off his dad’s name. Beamer sucks. Fire his butt now. What a joke! ???
He is not even a high school coach. Hahahaha.
SC coach is a joke. Said it for years now. The hobbit is living off his dad’s name. Beamer sucks. Fire his butt now. What a joke! ???
Beamer ball. Hahaha. His dad should have pulled out
Hahaha. Proves my point. Your coach is horrible. Little hobbit. SC sucks!!!
Berry was a man against boys. Loved watching him play. Top 5 defensive players to ever play for the Vols.
Put Ollie Lane’s butt on the bench. Yet again he is killing us…He is horrible…..
So one must have told that crack clown Beamer what to say. He is an idiot. I have never pulled for Florida, but I hope they beat the brakes off of SC. Beamer is a fraud!!!
Let’s see you count on your hand this time. Spencer Crackhead. Woooo. Take that a**whipping
Hahahahaha. Take that ass whipping with a smile on your face SC.