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I was shocked looking back at the stat line. Neither team had a fumble or interception. Only turnover on downs. Although, I had a great view on our muffed punt and swear Arkansas recovered that one.
It’s not what was said that I picked up on. It was eye contact.
What matters more is Wins and Losses. In that same timeframe he is 19-12 (7-6,10-3, 2-3). Maybe he owes his job to a historically incredible defense, but we don’t fire coaches that have a 61% win rate. That is 7.32 wins a year which, as you know, is enough to keep your position at UK. I’d like to see us in 2nd place in the SEC East this year, but we don’t have a QB. We lost Terry, lost Hoak and Clark in the offseason, lost Scalzo before the season started, and the grad transfer we have is duct taped together. With Bowden, we’re on QB6 in the SEC. This year is over. Our best bet is to increase the snaps for the younger guys at all positions and hope we can continue to build on that with additional bowl practices. It’s not going to be a good bowl, but we need the practices.
It’ll be interesting to see how both these teams respond coming off bye weeks after a horrendous start. Both teams have been so inept at times that I could see each side blowing out the other or, more than likely, a one possession game. In regards to UK’s QB, there’s smoke pointing to Lynn Bowden taking over the reigns to start the game. He is probably our best chance to win on Saturday, but the offense would be highly predictable. The weather forecast for Saturday is rainy with a high of 60 and low of 36. Ball security could be the difference here. In the event of rain, I think I would actually want Walker Wood out there. Sawyer Smith can have the job back as soon as he is healthy. Finally, this won’t be a true road game environment. A slow start with a 7:30pm kickoff on a cold night is a recipe for a low attendance.
We’re not Georgia! We will always have 1 FCS school until they change the rule. Louisville historically has peaks and valleys and as long as that series continues to be renewed we will continue to schedule two teams from MAC, Conference USA, etc.
Why expedite the decision? As long as they wait on individual player cases, I’m not surprised here. They just need to inform the league before the SEC Championship game
It definitely appears to be an honest mistake. On a positive note, that is a whole lot of free and highly valuable publicity for the organization and its cause. If they follow this up with mental health articles, then Hilinski Hope may have a much bigger audience and footprint.
Thanks for posting Barnett’s name. I googled him and nothing came up about the incident, but that #8 jersey looked familiar. He found a new home at USF which was probably a good thing to do for a young man. Hopefully, he made the most of a fresh start.
Arrow, It probably was that type of conversation with the one caveat that if he got caught again Stoops wouldn’t have a choice but to set an example. Kash is a senior, so it likely won’t happen again. It’ll be a different player. One that expects the same leniency that is set by this precedent. Stoops himself is high character, but he isn’t going to hold players to Army/Navy standards. Not in this league.
Let’s call it like it is. At every other school, he would be playing the next week too.
I wish I had that footage! It’s irrelevant in this case, but one of these is a dirty play and the other is criminal assault. My point of bringing that up is to highlight the hypocrisy in what is acceptable regardless of collegiate affiliation. Because all the postgame camera’s were pointed to the center of the field where the coaches were, the altercation wasn’t recorded and therefore never happened in front a couple thousand potential witnesses. I believe it was Linebacker Courtney Love that split them up. Who knows, maybe it’ll come out in a book one day. I don’t even remember the the UF’s jersey number anymore, just that he was in full gear.
Franks’ injury has nothing to do with this play and is irrelevant in this matter. Feleipe got hurt on a clean play, so to suggest that the two are somehow connected is misleading. The two players played the same position in the same game and that’s it. As for the play in question, I have showed it to a couple different people (both angles) and we can’t come to any sort of a definitive conclusion. I think Kash isn’t being completely truthful, but others made the case that he was getting the weight off of his injured hand. And if we want to talk about being dirty, there was a Florida player that jumped a UK worker in the East Endzone in the aftermath of the game two years ago. One of our defensive players separated the two, but you never heard a word of that incident in the media anywhere.
There is quite the Internet rivalry in this thread.. Realistically speaking, I think many State fans share the opinion of my uncle, season bulldog ticket holder, who is ready for “Sloppy Joe” to go. A 2nd loss to UK for him would be another nail in the coffin. That State schedule is rough if you start out 2-2. Arkansas, UT, and Ole Miss “should-be” wins, but a 6-6 season isn’t going to keep your job post-Mullen.
There won’t be any suspension or punishment coming down from the SEC. If they open that door, they open another door they can’t close.. Having seen one camera angle on this, it certainly looked like a dirty play. What we need is a different angle to be conclusive. However, Trask’s initial reaction leads me to think he thought there was malicious intent.
That play happened right in front of me and I couldn't figure out how the heck Missouri only got one play off there. Then I saw the replay.. it is unsportsmanlike, but it was also a very astute play. We deserved to lose to a Lock TD pass for settling on a field goal from the 2-yard line to put us up by 6 points. Still, we're 5-1 with a 1 point loss to Florida.
Ease up on the kid. I genuinely believe he still loves UK, but his dad has laid it out to him that he would be riding the bench until his Junior year behind Pascal, Hoskins, Wright, and 1 other DE in his class. His parents wanted to see him play and to be honest we really really really need a few scholarships back from this class because we've started so hot and shocked some other recruits. Namely some guys that were looking at Tennessee, Florida, and Louisville.
Kentucky is 5-1 with a 1 point loss to Florida. You have us headed to the Liberty Bowl? Of the 6 teams left on our schedule, 5 have already suffered a blowout loss. We have a bye this week and the dumpster fires of Tennessee, Vandy and Ole Miss still left on the schedule.
If we won't to make the Dooley comparison... Jones will play @Alabama the week before playing @Kentucky.
I don't like it either, but I can see where the frustrations of the game got the best of Bentley. They had huge expectations for their home opener coming in at 2-0. At this point, they had already lost Deebo Samuel, couldn't get anything going on the ground, and were gassed on defense. Bentley needed to get his guys going and picked a poor way to do it.
What if Kentucky wins their 4th straight against USC? Each one of those games came down to one possession. If UK wins, can we say they have passed USC? Are they already ahead of USC? Does beating any team 4 consecutive years even matter for Kentucky football's perception? I'll likely get blasted for this, but if Kentucky wins they'll be 3-0 going into the Florida game who by the way still has several key players suspended. That game is in Lexington this year.
I was pretty upset with him when this story initially serviced. Now that we have additional details that have surfaced, I see how this escalated to the what is seen in the video. I've heard that a few UK fans tried to intervene with the Southern Miss crowd and asked them to refrain from that level of derogatory commentary. At least one fan was reported to have gone to USM security to report the atrocious conduct by the Southern Miss crowd. I felt a lot differently when I heard more of the story and how Jones felt compelled to come to the defense of a teammate which led to him getting involved and making some poor decisions of his own. Side to note: Players should be held accountable for their actions, but fans should also be held accountable when they cross the boundaries of unreasonable conduct.
Maybe he got his names mixed up and it is somebody else? Coach Mac is probably under a lot of emotional stress right now.
Samuel is a pure athlete, but he had to have a QB first to showcase it. If any duo could challenge these two it would be Lock/Moore of Missouri. Both pairs are going to light up scoreboards this year. They're 1A and 1B if you ask me.
Yeah, losing the opportunity for a cupcake win has huge implications on bowl games and university revenue. Not to mention they would still have to pay Northern Colorado even if the game wasn't rescheduled.
I totally agree. There are bigger factors than football at play here. Yes, it could turn NorthEast at the last day and skirt the coast like so many before; however, it's probably best that university officials send a strong message to Floridians to get out of Irma's way well in advance.
Okay, but how hard would it be for them to take a loan from a family member to repay it? We're not talking about a large sum here.
Sounds like Coach Mac has no control or influence in the decision regarding the fraud case. Surely, they won't have to sit out the Tennessee game right?