It all bout dem gators
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Uf has a win 100x more credible than AU. Yal will learn shortly. I dont think theyre a 4 seed but they aint a 9 seed, not this year, especially with mizzou being an 8.
I can speak for everyone obviously. But there is a different feel about hiring a coach who the fan base knows. I dont expect to be competing for sec championships for the next few years. Not with the way kirby has dominated.
You know how unreasonable those bandwagon bama fans can be.
Its impressive but no way Danny Etling gets drafted.
Nope, just Atlanta. I was in transit from basic to AIT in Atlanta, when i was held at gun point amd robbed.
Malik davis, Crockett, and Ty Chandler could of easily made this list.
Lolololol he couldnt win with u sister fu@king retards playing. This is Florida son.
I realized he had 1 habd at the end of the game.... lol
No bc they have the second largest enrollment nationally and the women there are insane!!!!!!!!
Then they should play a power 5 schedule. Otherwise, i dont care if they win every game 56 to 0.
Not after beating a team that finished the season with 4 losses.
I dont understand why the UGA fan would care who u root for lol.
Maybe he can honor his family by making a tackle or two.
The fact that any of these fans had the balls to run their poor excuse for a mouth is insane. Go back to butt fu@king your cousins. Tell me where miss st was before Dan.
This head line should read, "Refs try and f@ck over sec again, fail."
Agreed, that was a clearly a touchdown. How they didnt look for targetting when the guy was literally unconcious is insane, and the pi was the icing.
Between this and the a&m game looks like some people are sour about the sec having 2 teams in the playoff.
Enough to where he said if hed of hired roper to begin with, hed still be at UF.
So let me get this straight. Youre going to hire a guy as oc, before you hire a hc? Thus, undermining his ability to put a staff together. The funny part is you guys dont see an issue with this.
Disagree, I dont think OUs defense is built to stop UGA. I see uga controlling the clock and getting stops here and there 45-31 uga.
You have 3 losses dipsh!t. A one loss auburn team can make that argument, not a 3 loss. Get out of the corner, stop crying, and move on.
Osu played ou they got beat bad at home. Ou played k state and struggled. Vandy beat k state 21 to 14. Bama beat vandy 59 to 0. Roll tide lol