It all bout dem gators
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His thought process is so messed up. I just hope the committee members use their brain. He just knows if this happens, it will be his suckeyes left out. Pac 12 wilk be left out and if osu beats penn and then loses another, then the big 10 will be left out. Not to mention ACC dosnt have a contender.
On 3rd down we shift bradon powell in motion and only look at him. Then powell runs a route short of the sticks.
You meam between bama and UGA? Every west team has two loses on the season except bama. At least the east has an unbeaten and another 1 loss team.
Anyone ever notice how we seem to score on the first possesion every game? We script 1 drive in practice all week, and thats all we work on. Im so mentally exhausted from watching this team. I wonder how many points we'll score against UGA? Probably under 17.
My point is youd still be crying, like always. I hope whoever you babies hire, cant get you 9 wins in a season.
Stidham plays like i used to in the ncaa game its a 40 yard pass or nothing lol. Idk if its the play calling or what... i can only assume it goes like this, "3 & 4 hmmm f!@king hailmary".
If they would of handed it to kelly with 9 seconds and no tos left and not got in, what would you of said? And on the last play they rolled him to the right. The run game was gone in the 2nd half.
How i felt when we blew a 10 point lead to SC in like 3 minutes. Ended up costing muschamp his job.
Dormandy would of won this game. Your limited playcalling came from who they put under center to please the fans.
"Helluva game UT"? We watch the same game? -7 yards in the second half until the desperation 70. Hard to watch game, feel for tn fans. Messed up thing is Dormandy would of won that game.
Lol, but your not. You should of lost to mizzou. If not for a db cheating.
He won the east with defense, a defense muschamp fielded. The lack of progression on offense is what will cost him his job.
JG will be benched by the 2nd quarter after TN is in a hole. I dont get it, he has showned no promise in limited playing time. This will end up costing Jones.
Oh man, i bet they thought it would of been much funnier than that.
Tough loss... Congrats tigers. Worse news, is that A&M looks tough.
Dont understand how the db touches it first and its called a tie ball.
How can espn allow 2 guys (Kirk,and Desmond) to be so biased. They hate UF, those two picked UF to lose in every game this year. I could care less what they think. I would just think theyd like the show to be watchable. I dont know a Florida fan that will watch gameday anymore. Fact is dosnt matter whos playing who. Michigan, ohio st, bama, clemson, and nd are going to picked no matter who they play. Its just so predictable its awful. Give me SEC nation anyday over gameday.
So your bold predictions are just what you hope happens? Change the narritive dude, last week it was vandy running wild... didnt happen. Next week it will be Texas A&M by 3 touchdowns. Followed by UGA shuts out Florida.
He dosent fit UFs offense at all. We knew when Coral Committed he wouldnt come to UF Im just glad he didnt pick FSU.
Jimbo? Franklin? Hmmmm penn st > TN Florida St >>>>>>>> TN