It all bout dem gators

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McPherson was 17 of 19 1 of which against UK was called no good. Which, was a bad call.... 15 of 25? I dont care if 7 were beyond 50.
Anyone needed proof how dumb the media is take a look at the PKs they voted a 60% kicker 2nd team.....
Hes not wrong, but why not say this when hes still coaching OSU?
So what your saying is if UF dosnt turn the ball over vs UGA we win by 20?
I'm not saying hes not a great kicker hes just not the best in the SEC.
Rodrigo Blakenship is not the best kicker in the SEC... No matter how you spin it....
Yeah, it's a bit more one sided than that...
Yes, which is why a lot of fans dont consider it a rivalry anymore.
Weird the big10 homer puts a bunch of Big10 games on this list that noone in sec country cares about.
And TN followed the hailmary up by losing to Vandy and losing the East lol
I believe they were having an inappropriate relationship.
Najee should be top 3. I dont understand the hype for Hill though. He only does well against non P5 and big 12 defenses.
No point at responding to him/her. At this point Vandy is a tougher game.
Does Brando know LSU plays Florida? Funny he'd reference Mettenberger.
He was here last year too, he disappeared around the SEC Champ/Sugar Bowl.
Fields at 14 is a joke. Does he even have a TD pass against a power 5 team?
King Negan finally shows his face after that Sugar bowl L...
They pick and choose dont they? Also no article of Dexter trolling UGA fans on twitter.