It all bout dem gators

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Ummm, so your chances of beating Clemson goes from 0.2 to 0.1.
Nashville Gator its preemptive, it tells you the UGA fans are fairly worried about going into Jordan Hare Saturday.
SDS I think I speak for the majority here, noone gives a sh!t about what this clown tweets.
Noones even talking about the elephant in the room (no pun intended). What if UGA, Minn, baylor,and Clemson win out?
By that logic why is Auburn ranked ahead of Florida? Florida has Mizzou and FSU left. Auburn has Bama and UGA... it's a dumb meaningless ranking thats obviously not relevant to current CFB.
Good luck affording one of those with the Morris buyout.
Are you blaming losing to Vandy and UK on being healthy?
Bot sure why a TN fan is chiming in on this, worry about your losing streak to Vandy bud.
I dont get how not winning an sec game and being blown out by wku is not cause.
Justafan, how can you call someone ignorant and gay bash in the same sentence? Talk about ignorant.
Congrats Dawgs, you guys were definitely the better team and you deserved to win.
Since were basing this off unwritten rules, I will concur to call the game by whoever wins the most recent matchup. Deal?
That whole world series was weird. The home team didnt win a single game.
If you're not gonna bring a legitimate argument to the table, dont say anthing.
In what game with his current receivers has Fromm proven time and again to beat tight man?
That's just it, their students not professionals. This is going to seriously affect CFB if you cant see that your not trying to.