It all bout dem gators

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I think UK will fire him for a couple more seasons like this one… Beating Louisville bought him a bunch of leeway with the fanbase, but Bohmn will flip the script on UK soon.
I thought i’d never here that song again for the rest of my life lol Top of the Rock!
if the university and booster got the money why not make Kirby turn down 200 million lol….. please
in a normal year one loss UGA would be in, i think they need help this year. 4 other unbeatens sitting at the top throws a big wrench into all of this, I think the real question is does a one loss sec champ bama get left out without help?
That’s interesting to hear, I’m not sure I believe that though. I think he’s clearly safe this year, but next year feels like a “show me year”. I wonder who goes first, Zach Arnett, Sam Pitman, or Beamer?
Florida isn’t your problem, even if we were to miraculously beat UGA we will lose down the stretch at Mizzou or at LSU or both. TN biggest hurdle is Joe Milton at QB. TN is not a contender with a guy struggling to complete 50% of his passes for a 100 yards in a system that’s qb stat friendly. Imagine how bad he would be if TN didn’t have a run game.
The deflection happened on first down, but I get it, doesn’t fit your narrative.
I’ve seen Bo Nix vs the SEC (specifically UGA) enough to know Oregon is not one of the top 4 teams.
where the heck you get this stat from “ The Gators had not won a game in the Napier era where they weren’t leading after the first quarter.”? You literally only got to go back a month to see this isn’t true….
I just don’t see this game unfolding like that, it feels like more of a 24-20 style game.
yeah, when we beat your @&& every year, you don’t get to use that lame “super bowl” excuse… UT is nothing more than a game we should win reguardless of coach.
do you honestly think this team is competing for the East?
prob not, we don’t win on the road….
Credit Mark Stoops, he can get this team prepped and ready to play Florida year after year. Problem is, he can’t seem to keep them focused after beating Florida.
UK is easy money, this young Uf team has yet to show they are capable of winning on the road.
Make no mistake if we don’t play better we will be in trouble with every team on our schedule. I’m also certain at this point that mark stoops is obsessed with the UF game. I’m fairly certain UK willl be favored, i could see the line as high as -7.5.
that’s a wild comment from a pac2 fan.. all the star qbs in that conference are transfers.
are we still acting like this is the first time in history a qb has done this? Everybody knew he would burn as much time as possible till a defender got close enough, he hit him because he wanted to, he could of stopped. Be a man admit it people can respect a guy with some honor. TN can’t handle getting their a$& whipped so they do the same thing every time “we beat ourselves” the refs were cheating”….
Nice, I need to make a trip up there for a night game.
The love fest for any and everything Colorado is going to make them public enemy number 1…
I thought Colorado was a good story initially but the media is really making me want them to lose and fall off a cliff. This is Saturdays down south and it’s flooded with Colorado news. what is this 10 Colorado articles in the last 12-15 hours?