It all bout dem gators

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Hes not wrong about beating ND... He is wrong about what the playoff field would have been though. That bad loss to SC would of more than likely bit UGA. UF sitting there with 1 loss and one of the toughest schedules in the country would of been in.
This screams Mike White.... 2 points in the final 5 minutes, raise your hand Gator fans if you’ve seen this before. How you shoot 50 something from the floor and out rebound a team by 16 and still lose is remarkable. You lose by turning the ball over 20 times. Mike White needed a sweet 16 birth to save his job. He had probably the easiest path of any school in the tourney and still couldn’t get the job done.
When UGA makes the ncaa tourney then you can make your trolling comments. Sitting at home with no dog in the neighborhood let alone in the fight, your just embarrassing yourself.
That’s fair.... For the record I’m pulling for number 7 I just can’t watch Mike White pretend to coach anymore.
Your such a f$@king loser dude, let me know when UGA Wins a title in any major sport.
That’s funny, Imy first choice for UGA would of been Pickens and a penalty flag.
That’s ridiculous to say. You lost by 26 in basketball... That’s like losing by 45 in football and I’ve never heard someone attempt to make that argument after an absolute beat down.
So Kirby is the better recruiter and Mullen the better coach. I mean that’s what your essentially saying right? How else could Mullen beat him head to head, if the talent discrepancy is so wide?
So this fight your good with? It’s just when you get your a$$ beat you whine.
I’m starting to see why JT had so many interceptions, he puts way too much air under his deep ball. I get not wanting to overthrow a wide open guy but he does it constantly.
Yeah you can really tell that by them wearing away uni’s. Get a life loser.
It’s Harris or Smiths Heisman, Mac is still playing great but the team around him is unreal.
Does losing to LSU look better now? Asking for a friend.
That’s ridiculous, if that game continues the way it’s going ND doesn’t belong. For that matter OSU doesn’t belong they trailed till late in the 3rd didn’t make it a two possession game till late in the 4th.
Its mind blowing to me that you would take the time to watch a rival schools press conference for a game that had nothing to do with your school.
He has to throw receiver's open, Mac has the luxury of tossing it to guys that are 10 yards open. I get your biased opinion of Trask, but you UGA fans gotta stop D!ck riding Bama its embarrassing.
Just 29 to get 200. #44-28 or should I post the scores from the last two times UGA lost to LSU?
Hard to blame this loss on one guy... Having said that, I dont ever wanna see Marco Wilson in a Gator Uniform again kick him off the F@#king team. That was worse than the Elijah Moore crap.
Take away Pitts and Smiths production from these guys and what do you have? Trask would have 27 tds and 2600 yards. Jones Would have 12 tds and 1800, end of discussion.
Since UGA has been the loser of the last two "CG" why dont you tell us?