It all bout dem gators

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That game was insane, came back from 11 down early on, and lost a 10 point lead with 3 left to play. Came back from 5 down in OT with a minute left to play.
Alabama's rag doll? What do you call 49 to 10?
I can tell you who's number 1.... Not even close...
He didn't say "East Champions" he said "SEC Champions".
Who's the retard that hired you William?
He should be worrying about himself even being signed as an undrafted free agent when he declares....
On a team that's so one dimensional, a 1000 yards would be pushing it.
Explain the TN at 16 please lol.
Do GM'S look for turds with big ego's? If so definitely number 1 overall.
Agreed, but who do you have at 2?
What does God have to do with him being selfish and transferring somewhere he'll be a starter?
You know that was a different player right? Or are you just a stupid inbred f!@k?
Yeah I'm not too sure where they're going with this. He does have one of the stronger arms in CFB but so did Driskel...
Suck it hater. Hahahahahahahahaha
Hmm just off the dome.... Wuerffal, Tebow, Newton, Murray, and Prescott. Mannings NFL fame is bleeding into how mediocre he was in college. He had a 62 percent completion percentage that's fairly average. He won a Heisman and 1 sec champ but 3 of his 6 career starting loses were to the same team. Which in his error was really the only other elite team in the sec at the time. Prescott went to a team with Noone he was underrated and overlooked and I'm more impressed by what he did than manning. You could make an argument for even Tim Couch.
Who cares? At that point you'll have a new mediocre coach with a mediocre oline. Not to mention undersized relievers who lack ball skill and speed. BYU will roll you losers.
Colonel reb where do you get off talking about the East is a layup? Vandy a team that finished second to last in the east waxed you. UF waxed last year. It's Bama and everyone else at this point stop d!ck riding one teams accomplishments.
Who's this school gonna get as a motivational speaker next? OJ.