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It all bout dem gators
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Pretty common ground for u huh?
Once again last year dosnt matter, you turds are so delusional you're 2 years removed from losing to vandy at home... get real bruh
He was afraid of being a flop, what better way to pad your numbers for the NFL than play for a group of 5 team. I could be wrong but I think hes the only 5 star to not sign with a power 5 school.
I'm setting the over/under for times he references 42-7 at 5. What ya got?
Putting way too many eggs in that LSU basket. Not saying LSU cant win that game, just that it's becoming a trendy upset pick. If they lose, I see it happening early to SC.
I love the new redshirt rule. I'm excited to see some of the freshman around the country play early.
7-5 in a year where every team will be better outside of UGA. Ur confused by that 3rd place in the east ranking last year bud. Let me be the first to welcome you back to ur spot at the bottom. #cellardweller.
A report could surface that Foley knew and swept it under the rug, and nothing would come of it. You wanna fire the president for if in 09? Hes already left, how about the ad? Oh wait hes gone too. How bout the coaching staff? Not a single one remains from Meyers tenure. So not exactly sure what the he!l your talking about.
Who is gonna win you those games dude? You turds on here act like last year matters.
It says a chance moron. Just so were clear, you're saying a team that's beat you 3 of the last 4 dosnt have a chance?
Hes all over the place, he has them beating South Carolina, Mizzou, and TN? Get real, at least 2 of the 3 are solid losses.
You cant wear Jordan's in prison.... maybe a mugshot in your profile pic isn't the way to go.
Oh I cant wait, wonder if gameday will start to sensor them.
Thank you, I cant stay on gator message boards. We have the most negative unrealistic fan base in college sports. The same gator fans crying for trask were the ones crying for Treon.
So you're a bandwagon fan, who's tired of losing?
Almost all those teams you named have wore alternate uni's recently.
It was good when they bought it lol but I thought the same thing.
Bunker, is your name bc Auburns message board is The Bunker?
They are taking a lot of players away from Clemson and Bama will be interesting to see the effect in the years to come.
Dude even if I add like twenty letters it somehow knows it's the f word lol