It all bout dem gators

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Easy Greise, it's like you've never been around football. You can beat the Vandys of the world by dinking and dunking down the field. Eventually someone is going to crowd the box and press. UGA is going to have to stretch the field, its naive to think otherwise.
Oh it's not, inallkindsofweather has a video with stills and a different angle. It was 100 percent him twisting Trasks ankle. You add in the fact Frank's left the game with a dislocated ankle, this dude deserves a multi-game suspension.
If Tua was laying on the ground crying in pain and an announcer made a comment on all his "off the field issues" bama fans would have billboards up... gtfoh.
Hes competitive, you dont mention sh!t like that when the kids laying on the field screaming in pain. It was classless, and tone deaf. ESPN and or Greise will have to apologize and issue a statement.
Some SC fans act like this was a game decided by 3 points... Bama could score when and how they wanted.
JG isnt a terrible qb, hes on his 4th OC. That would be hard for any qb to overcome.
Did you not field a team after that? The game wasn't decided on a targetting call at midfield. Blame yourself and OC. Not to mention, by definition it was targetting.
Trask did more with 3 less quarters... if you're reading Frank's stat line it's not terrible. What you dont see in that is him consistently missing the wide open guy running down the field. Our WR were running circles around their dbs. Trask saw the field a helluva lot better.
UF already stuffed them late in the 3rd on 4th and 1. You take a 35 yard fg all day down 1 under a minute.
Typical UGA troll... Not every game played in CFB is about UGA. With the amount of East QBs being lost for the season I wouldnt be jinxing my team.
Hes playing timid right? It's like hes afraid of being hurt again.
Feel bad for UK fans, for 3 quarters you were without a doubt the better team... Feel for Felipe, Terry, and all the guys injured.
Imagine he follows through on his threat... Every single person in power at that school should be thrown in prison with him. Spineless