It all bout dem gators
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Problem is, whose gonna challenge them in the acc this year?
India also drove in a run in the 1st.... Do you guys even watch the games?
Florida is currently up 5-0 on Texas, we'll have to get over the mental hump that is Tech for that to happen.
I get it, you're salty about losing your coach. but dont forget, TN went 0-8 in the conference UF went 3-5
They should, but it's not really fair. For instance, cal state just beat the number 2 overall seed is it fair to put them in a super with the number 1 overall seed?
10 sec teams in the tourney, only 16 different regionals it was bound to happen.
Is beating an lsu team with no offensive output returning at home an upset?
Who tf will actually miss those lame ass commercials?
Not having Singer or Kowar definitely hurt us. But give them dogs credit they may have swept us reguradless
Yes without his 2 star recruits he's nothing. Great post mormon.
As banged up as UF was this weekend, we still ran into a buzz saw at Miss st. Really hope LSU beats them in the first rd lol.
Do you not see the irony in an Auburn fan making that statement?
Agreed, if O loses a hometown recruit of this caliber,the wheels will come off. I dont think Texas has a shot, they just signed like 5 of the top 25 cb's in the 2018 class.
How the ncaa hasn't came down and lit states as up for artificial sound is insane. We should start a new tradition at UF. I'm thinking Airhorns....
They had the defense in 2015 and 2016 to make some serious noise.
Funny you should ask. Today mark's 15000 days since your dawgs won a national championship...
Yes, he'll go to Clemson where every QB on the roster is light years better than him. Great research.