It all bout dem gators
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Idk we get both our crossovers at home LSU will be a tough out, but not impossible. The race will come down to Jacksonville.
2020? guess we'll see if he wants to be on a 6 or 7 win team every year.
The oldest and noblest of sayings, "If you can't beat em, stop playing em".
Emerson is a Bama lock. Based solely on the fact Bama>TN or hell any school>TN.
Well let's see, he's the number 11 RB in the class. Considering 1-5 in the class will go to Bama, I'm guessing it's a two horse race. My money is on Bama tho.... he'll be there for 3 years, never see the field, and transfer.
Did you guys consider maybe he just doesn't want to be in your sh!tty state anymore?
Chubb is great don't get me wrong. I just do the see UGAs o line improving that much. Outside of Nauta there isn't a reciever on that team that scares anyone. I think they will be too predictably on offense this year. I can see them losing 2 or 3 games easily.
Uf had 30 sack last year not 31 and MIZOU had 27. So does that mean they were just 4 sacks away from winning the east this last year?
I love the line "the numbers lead us to conclude" you mean the numbers you just made up? Saying Florida will finish 7th in passing with the best receiving core is insane.
UGA has to get better WR production, as well as o line play. If UGA doesn't win the east this year it may send them into a TNesk spiral.
Men's Volleyball is a real thing? That's the gayest sh!t ever lol
I'm confused at how if Florida beats Michigan then the UGA game will be for the east.... When did a nonconference game start meaning something in conference?
The only thing the Cats will contend for is the 4 way tie for last in the division. 1. FLA/UGA 3. USC 7. TN/VANDY/MIZOU/UK
That team I watched last night is a 6 win team at best. That's considering how easy their schedule is.
"Tatted on me but that issh is deeper than the surface" So either he f!@ks boys or was f!@ked as a boy lol
Probably too late in the year to fire him now. Have the instituted a bowl ban yet? If so, what if you don't make a bowl anyways?
What is AU's players and fans obsession with a the heisman? Every year they have to have a player lobbying for it.
Ole Miss fans have already disappeared lol.
Unless you're a Florida fan. Then the women run their mouths, bc the men are too scared to.
Give your sister some attention, the b!tch won't quit calling me.
Not my fault ur boy wasn't gonna risk his paycheck he had 10 carries right? But Yal were so much better, you should of whipped us..... Instead you caught that L bruh.
we beat those dead Tigers with 8 starters on defense out so watch your mouth moral victory U.
That game was insane, came back from 11 down early on, and lost a 10 point lead with 3 left to play. Came back from 5 down in OT with a minute left to play.
I can tell you who's number 1.... Not even close...