It all bout dem gators
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That 2 star de that was committed to us Griffis, was a 2 star because he didnt have a ton of exposure. He goes to one camp and dominates, decommits and will prob be a 4 or 5 star before the fall. So yes. Trust Mullen to see the talent without a ranking. Youre what's wrong with our fan base.
Stop paying so much attention to that star rating.
Correct me if I'm wrong but UK had 20 fouls called against them, compared to UTs 18. That's pretty close to even. Not to mention, the last foul on Travis was pretty tricky tacky.
Has bama ever done anything in bball? Enjoy the NIT B!tch
Ur fu@king high. But whatever u have to tell yourself to make this win feel earned.
Since that Alleva debacle LSU has been absolutely owned by UF athletics.
It would be naive to think Smart is the only one implicated....
"He offered to land his commitment" gtfoh... youd have to be the dumbest mfer to believe this crap. It's time you accept it. Wade's guilty, Smart is guilty, and a liar. The only question left is how many other players are involved.
They allowed the team to play, which at this point how many are paid for.
Wow, I officially have zero respect for this program. From Alleva to the board, cowards and cheaters. I really hope UF smacks you guys in the mouth today.
Reid is more than likely tied up in this as well.
If your gonna allow teams to offer 5th graders you should hold them to it. No rescinding the offer.