It all bout dem gators

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Well, your definitely wrong then. UF was ranked number three in the BCS and 4 wins against top 15 teams. To say you "highly doubt" it is kinda pathetic. What did you think 2 loss UGA was gonna get a second shot? Even had it been during the playoff era UGA would not of made the field let alone the BCS title. .1)ND .2)BAMA .3)UF .4)Kansas ST or Oregon obviously now we know Oregon was the better team. K State had a way tougher schedule but a much worse loss. Next time set aside your dislike for a team and try to look at the facts. There wouldn't of been a more deserving team than UF had ND lost week 12.
Really man, just stop, your embarrassing yourself and your fellow dawgs with this unhealthy UF obsession. I feel bad that you have nothing else meaningful in your life.
Florida’s schedule is not good enough to get in at 11-1 without major help.
Just stick around when the hammer comes down. I want to see you admit how wrong you were.
Caught that too, whats "fair" or not is irrelevant. I would be curious to see the same posters comments had this been a former QB from a rival school.
The state of Georgia just needs to go ahead and change that state motto, "We've got Florida on our mind".
Wheres the rest of this story? No mention that the assault was on a 12 year old girl!
I mean, if your gonna try and quote the guy at least put the rest of the conversation.... I think you left out the part where he said "He'd be compensated more than the rookie minimum.".
No I think a McElwain took advantage of the unbelievable talent on defense to win those two division titles when the East was horrible. I think Mullen would of won the Sec championship in 2015 with that roster. Kirby won it 3 years in a row two of which were against a solid East Division. Not to mention Kirby has improved UGAs roster tremendously. McElwain was horrible at UF I don’t care about his first two seasons we would of lost in OT to Fau had in not been for a missed pi
How so? you still lost to UGA and Florida. Last I checked 7-1 is better than 6-2.
You’d be a moron to assume every SEC fan base doesn’t have obnoxious fans.
For the record, I don’t agree with the article. Kirbys accomplished more at UGA in a few years then Mullen Has in his career. I know it’s a helluva lot easier at UGA than MSU. This year will be the real test.
This is kinda funny, Beck used Florida to get an offer from Georgia and from what I’m hearing they’re pulling his offer. Now neither school wants him....
Butch's staff doesn't lose to Georgia State at home, but please, continue to beat your chest about how good your staff is... Whats your basis here? Do you think JG is gonna be a Heisman contender or Gray the back that cant block will have an All American season? Fuzzyvol, see above for the part of your fan base I'm talking about.
Considering you've won once at home against UF since 2004 I dont think thats accurate to say....
EMU – Win FL – Loss. I wouldn't touch this games line even if it was 1.5. UK has became a nightmare to play this early in the season. I like our chances at home in this one but I wouldn't be surprised to see UK pull an upset here. Kent St – Win SC – Win. If the game was in WB id still probably pick UK. I think the rosters are fairly balanced so I'm going with the coaching advantage here. Auburn -Win This just feels like a noon game. It has that UT vs Auburn feel from a few years ago to it. I think Auburn will be the better team but this kinda game is what makes CFB so great. East ILL- Win Vandy - Win Mizzou – Win. I just dont see this game being competitive, Mizzou's staff is gonna need a few years to get something going. Vols –Toss Up. Hard game to call here. I'm just a little more worried about UT's offense against a really good defense. At this point, I'm leaning UK. However, if there is no fan limitations and UT packs Neyland, I'd go UT all day. Pruitt has gotten the best of Stoops so far, this could easily be one of the more entertaining under the radar games of 2020. UK having a bye before this certainly helps though. MSU – Toss up. I know its in Lexington but, UK will probably come into this a little beaten up after a physical TN game. I think MSU could be sitting at 4-5 and needing a big time win to get bowl eligible for the year. Close game 28 to 24 feel to it. Either way I think UK splits this and the TN game. UGA – Loss, too big of a talent mismatch. UL – Win. I dont know much about returning talent for UL, if this game was in Lexington it would be much easier to call. I'm hesitantly going with UK, UL is probably a year or two away. Ceiling 10-2, floor is 7-5, I'm gonna guess UK goes 9-3, and has a tremendous year. Over all day.
Wrong again Fuzzy. I actually like V@ls98 take, I don't necessarily agree with it, but I like it. Its the cocky UT fans that I have issues with. Claiming your gonna "kick the Sh!t" out of Florida and UGA with a team that dosnt have a QB or proven WR. Try keeping those games within 4 scores first. I grew up in TN, I've been around your fan base my whole life, I even married a Vol. Its just so predictable, you guys get a little hype and it goes to your heads. I dont think 8-4 is impossible I just think its improbable. I see you guys around 7-5. 8-4 being the ceiling and 6-6 being the floor.
So basically if TN becomes a way better team they’ll beat more teams? Lol, this is what everyone is making fun of you guys for. Stop with the hypotheticals and give us some reasons you think any of that is possible. TN has yet to show they belong on the same field with Florida or Georgia under Pruitt. What’s the average margin of victory in those games? Now all of a sudden JG is gonna light up the scoreboards without a single proven perimeter playmaker... I’m sorry I just don’t see it. I can easily see TN at 6-6. Mark Stoops is a phenomenal coach and I think UK is going to be a very tough out this year. Muschamp may not be a great coach but hes a great recruiter and and he always seems to have TNs number. More than likely you won’t beat SC in WB.