It all bout dem gators

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I get the 2006 argument, but IMO there is no argument to be made for 2007. Call me biased, McFadden was only top 5 in 1 major Rushing Category in 2007 (yards). Felix Jones had 130 something carries and averaged almost 3ypc more than McFadden in 2007. The only reason that race was close was blow back from the 06 season, and the fact that Tebow was a sophomore. 325 att for 1800 yards is not Heisman worthy. JK Dobins had 200 more yards on 24 less carries this year alone. Its probably an unpopular opinion, but to me there is no debate for 2007. The fact that it was that close shows the flaws of the voting system.
Your obsession with the University of Florida is frightening. Just promise you won’t commit suicide if Florida beats UGA this year.
Kirby Smart has lost control of his program lol.
Mediocre statement at best. You have no tangible proof LSU played any better from mid season on. You have no clue what a Florida defense that has a healthy Zuniga and Greenard would of looked like. I’m not saying the outcome would of been any different. What I am saying is let’s look at what we know. Florida trades bunches till the 4th quarter where they failed in the red zone. Clemson was out of that game after their first drive of the third. Clemson lost after weeks of preparation on a neutral site by 17. Florida lost at night in tiger stadium by 14 without its two best defensive starters. Again, I dont think those two would of changed the outcome. LSU was far and away the better team, what I’m saying is Florida would have gave them a better game as would Bama and Auburn.
Kirbys been at UGA longer than 3 years chief.... Are you even a fan?
Maybe have a conversation with a few of your fellow dawg posters.
So their play has nothing to do with a front loaded schedule?
It’s either gonna be OU or LSU. If I had to bet on it my money would be on OU.
Was it really? But I guess it’s the SEC bias lol.
Clemson had a couple weeks to prepare for them and that was their best shot. The only reason they beat OSU was because they had a month to prepare and scheme. Clemson is the power 5 equivalent of UCF. With time they’re as good as anybody give them a week or two and their extremely average.
Congrats LSU what a year. Sad that 3 sec teams gave them a better game than Clemson.
I don’t see how you guys don’t have an issue with him calling himself a national champion before the games even played. That’s not confidence that’s arrogance and if he’s that arrogant about beating a team that hasn’t lost in 2 years you guys will be in trouble.
I really hope all these accolades don’t go to his head. He’s gonna need to be focused to beat Clemson.
Here come the Vols fans. You beat 1 bowl eligible team and a big 10 cupcake in a miracle. TN is not in the conversation, sit down.
What do you consider elite Kirby? He had a better season than Murray and Mayfield did their Heisman year. Poor argument to attempt to make, be better.
Congrats on a helluva end to the season. I have to admit I saw that score in the 4th and started torturing my wife (Vol Fan). Needless to say I ate those words lol.
I’m just asking if what the article stated is true? As far playing backups, that’s your team next year pups....
After your Louisville showing your not allowed to talk about big boy football for awhile....
That was long overdue, where are al the wrong fans that said this wasn’t intentional?
So UGA fans are pumped about giving up 3 sacks and only gaining 130 rushing yards?
Where’s UGAgrad417 with his play by play? That’s right he’s still on another Florida article replying to his own comments....