It all bout dem gators
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He doesn't deserve a waiver, he signed with them knowing g they were under investigation.
Just thought it would of been more for a school with such a large fan base.
I'm referring to them not you. The POS comment is directed at people like Connor.
Thats FSU for ya. Glad to see the hired a guy who will continue the oldest tradition in fsu history( handle it internally).
This isn't UF fans saying it, this is pos SDS type writers looking for knee jerk reactions. So drop the "we told you so Dan" crap. He made a pathetic a$$ program nationally recognized in the toughest division in America.
It's the qb play. If Grimes and Jefferson are eligible this fall, that's a deadly trio paired with Cleveland. Not to mention Toney in the slot. The offense is littered with talent, except at the most important position.
I'm thinking 8-4, losses to FSU UGA SC and Miss ST. LSU TN have way too many question marks. UF will want revenge on Mizzou. 31 years doesn't have a shot, Vandy isn't pulling any upsets with Mason coaching. Just my opinion though.
The talent is there for a 10 win year. However, until we find someone who can play QB, we're barely bowl eligible.
1st & 10 = run 2nd & 6 = 45 yard pass attempt 3rd & 6 = 45 yard pass attemptDid I sum up the article?
Mid 30s and rain doesn't explain an attendance of 17.
Lebron is a giant pu$$y. I've never seen a professional athlete cry as much as him.
What also hurt is Florida having more team fouls in 6 minutes then tech did the whole game. 4 fouls on Cheese 3 of which were ghost.
Aub lucky to draw them in rd 1, they would of lost had they played literally anyone else.
I'm not putting a whole lot of eggs into that mizzou basket lol.
I just dont think theyre that good of a team. Its not aboit being young anymore. Theyve played a season, they look the same. Its time to come to terms. They wont make it past the round of 32.
Id be very surprised if Antonio Callaway isnt drafted.
Boy, you sure are d!ckriding. Kentucky wont sniff the the semifinals.