It all bout dem gators
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TN is by far the better team, White wont last through the 2020 season. The only reason he'll survive this year is bc of the recruits currently committed. We have no inside presence, what do you expect when you've only signed 1 center in 4 recruiting classes? Gak is hurt leaving Hayes as the only center on the roster. They moved William's inside and ate him alive in the 2nd half.
Yeah, I struggle with balancing hunting season and football. I really really love watching UF embarrass UT in late Sept. However, I'll take the sound of bungling Bulls during Archery any day. My wife is a huge UT fan, so typically we try to hunt somewhere I can at least check the score. Last year we got high enough to pick up a few bars to check the score. To my delight, it was 30 to 3 lol. I audibly laughed then recieved my well deserved punch to the stomach.
Exactly, noone is beating their chest to play that weak@$$ school.
Does Alabama really have a hole to fill lol
He can say he cancelled it. But Mullen told him a few days ago not to come. Apparently people believe he was sent by Taggart to get in the ear of Arej Henderson.
Youve confused swagger with arrogance.btw you were right. I swear I looked at ESPN a few weeks back and in 2017 it showed "Final Playoff rankings" but when I looked a few days ago it no longer shows that.
Didnt keep him from running his mouth. So why should we care? Bc he plays a sport? Get a f!@kin grip dude hes not out her curing cancer. I served with men and women who lost appendages and didnt get the support this clown does.
Umm this is the ap poll, it Carrie's as much weight as the coaches. Which has UF ahead of LSU...... Guess we'll see with the committees final rankings. Funny your fan base dosnt even agree with you. 27 19
That's why you unload, most states its illegal to have the gun loaded in any sort of vehicle.
Really Michigan in the playoff?
If savion Smith was still at LSU they would of lost to UCF lmao
Yeah they're running them out of the building lmfao.
Funny, guess he sees the writing on the wall. ND will no longer get the benefit of the doubt. Join a conference or be left behind.
Is that Laughing my big fat f!@king a$$ off? If so, that's awesome lol.
Yes I'm sure he fears coaching against a team he owned. Btw UGA fans aren't allowed to comment on SDS for awhile. What they put on the field in the sugar bowl was a joke.
You're the only one mad you cant give a legit excuse to your argument.
Sorry we beat your a$$. Gotta coast off another teams accomplishments, bc your team couldn't get it done. :(
Man you drunk? You got a serious UCF complex going.