It all bout dem gators
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Enough to where he said if hed of hired roper to begin with, hed still be at UF.
So let me get this straight. Youre going to hire a guy as oc, before you hire a hc? Thus, undermining his ability to put a staff together. The funny part is you guys dont see an issue with this.
Disagree, I dont think OUs defense is built to stop UGA. I see uga controlling the clock and getting stops here and there 45-31 uga.
You have 3 losses dipsh!t. A one loss auburn team can make that argument, not a 3 loss. Get out of the corner, stop crying, and move on.
Osu played ou they got beat bad at home. Ou played k state and struggled. Vandy beat k state 21 to 14. Bama beat vandy 59 to 0. Roll tide lol
Wrong!!! Go ahead TN hire an AD with zero expierence so he can hire a hc with zero expierence. Fulmer will try and run the football program and not let tee grow. This was the absolute worse thing thay could of happened. Better hope they hire a real ad. Did tn fans forget running this man off? It was only 9 years ago.
TN fans are so clueless. Want some advice? Dont use SDS and wiki as your only source of information.
I think thats who they target as well but fsu has been known to penny pinch would be interesting if taggart has a large buyout to leave.
Really, you run an innocent man out of town and ruin his career to turn around and hire a guy fired for mistreatment of players? This what some of the players had to say about hos firing at tech. "I have no complaints about this decision. [Leach] put Adam [James] in a shed like an animal. Like an animal in a cage. That was bull," defensive lineman Chris Perry said. "You call other players. I think it was a good decision. We have our pep back now. We practice hard this week. We had less stress this week. You know why? Because he's gone."
So TN offered Gundy 8.4 mill a year, and a&m is potentionally gonna get jimbo for 7?
Agree, he's robbing TN blind, 8.3 million. Are you kidding me? For Mike Gundy, let that sink in.
Classless, way to remind him of his disabilty. Lol im jk btw.
I really hope he goes to a&m. They deserve a good coach.
Its strange how little his name has came up on the coaching market.
Definitly not intentional. If it was why hit JT, if anything ypur best shot of winning is letting him play lol.
Umm, at the least the Sugar Bowl... Probably the playoff. Pretty stupid comment.
Makes you wonder if Jeremey Foley wasnt a fan of him.
Yeah I get the impression hes not tryi g to burn any bridges. Probably still wants to coach.
I can tell you the fan base will lose their sh!t if they hire Norvell. Id like frost or kelly. Preferrably Kelly hes coached at the power 5 level. I dont want mullen, hes showed hes ok with being mediocre at a mediocre school.
Hahahahahahaha, hes mistaking 6-7 for undefeated.