It all bout dem gators

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That’s not exactly a positive sign, this kid has been all in on Florida even after the coaching change I wonder what was said to him. The being a “small part of his vision” seems like a strange thing to say.
He’ll be lost on a depth chart and transferring in a year.
Yeah, instead they added a defensive player that doesn’t lead the nation in a single category….
I would be the fired before the season even starts. I wouldn’t recruit, I wouldn’t be at practices, and da#n sure not gameplanning. Cristobal has got to see how bad of a move this would be.
It’s mind blowing, at this point a 5 star kid would have to be a moron to go to UGA to play for that used car salesman.
Nah Richt head 2-4 in title games Shart is 1-3 at this rate he”ll have to wait for Auburn to win the west again before getting another
LSU is 6-6 you turd, put some respect on their name lol. The 5-7 team you were looking for was your Alma Mater
If Michigan loses out them at 4? Wtf are you talking about? If your gonna take a 2- loss team take Baylor.. You know ND is also sitting there at 6 with one loss to a playoff team right?
I was really hoping the title was something along the lines of “Kirby Shart s#it’s the bed again” I feel bad for the few UGA fans I have that are genuinely great guys but there isn’t a fan base that deserves this kinda loss more. Maybe they bounce back and win it all, but I doubt it. Especially if the plan is SB at an.
There’s no point in responding to the UGA trolls. It’s clear Riley wants nothing to do with the SEC had we entertained Kelly’s camp trying to get him at UF the narrative will be how he’s 0-2 vs Kirby….
Nah I think they would keep Cincy at 3 to avoid that matchup. I wanna see Ok State vs UGA, & Michigan vs Cincy which would setup a UGA vs Michigan National Championship
Iowa really doesn't have a chance unless they blow Michigan out by 40.
In what scenario would ND(idle) jump Cincy after beating top 25 Houston? In your scenario did Cincy lose and still make it?
Yes, tied for 92nd for tackles screams Heisman. He does lead the Nation in sacks but by 1 over a guy whos played one less game. This is why a lot of the media shouldn't have a vote.
Not true, he fumbled vs Auburn in 2019 on his only carry. I only remember because it was a missed targeting call. Not sure why ESPN stats says he's never fumbled.
They would still need to jump Cincy, which Im not saying they shouldn't, but at some point head to head needs to matter.
1 sack 7 tackles 0 FF or 4 sacks 5 tackles 1FF I guess playing for Alabama is what got him over the top….
The fact that you even came to this article speaks for itself. Talk about a complex, get help man its 2021 its ok to admit you have a problem.
ND is definitely not a guarantee. Can't continue to benefit from not playing in a conference.
And LSU primary coaching candidate just lost to the coach they fired weeks ago lol
400 less yards and 4 less tds….. Shocked a Michigan alum is throwing shade at a rival school.
Emory tried his hardest to lose this game, officiating was beyond bad not sure how you flag a guy for throwing a punch but don’t eject him. The kicker completely whiffing the onside kick was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen in a football game.