It all bout dem gators

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Gray had 12 carries for 40 yards, Chandler had 13 carries for 86. Chandler>Gray. Maybe he should be featured more at wr than rb.
Thats a dumb answer, a FG does nothing for you it was pointless. The game wasnt going to be won or lost on that 4th down. Muschamp hasn't learned a single thing from his first year in Gainesville.
Miami is kinda the surprise of the year so far. Its a bit hard to gauge them though based on who they've played.
Lol, at the very lest UT is making real progress. A player or two away from making real noise.
Turnovers really cost SC, TN was like 1-11 on 3rd downs. TN run defense looked good though and JG didn't do anything to lose the game. Gray looks like he was a little over hyped. Good win UT.
613 get your facts straight. Also, never forget UGA had 5 points against Arky at Halftime! Not to mention, only 121 yards on the ground for a pathetic 2.9 ypc.
He literally said "Louisville was gonna shut Pitt out".
Up 14 on the road against an sec opponent first game of the year. Missing two Starting safeties and a d lineman. I swear SDS wants Florida to suck lol How about we bring up the fact that Trask has 240 yards and 4tds?
What are you talking about Gwhite? He’s not out recruiting Florida Georgia or LSU. He has a higher class rating against some of the sec atm, signing day is months away.
Surely you know a FLorida win will only silence the trolls for a couple weeks.
I think Stingley is the best player in the SEC, but i think everyone knows that at this point, forcing teams to scheme around him.
Poor Pup, whats wrong? How dare he not predict a unbeaten record and National Championship for UGA! Its one guys opinion, it doesn't matter...
"I dont get how we beat the tide but lose to the Gators". You ever watched football before? I dont see how you beat the gators last year but lost at home to SC, but it happened.
He has a better claim to "We're better than any Team in Georgia" considering they've played 1 game total and it was against a Georgia school.
Have they played Florida, Miami, or FSU? No, you can shut up too. I dont care they beat a team that beat a garbage FSU team. Millennial's and their transitive arguments. It ridiculous to make that kinda claim after beating a school from Georgia that won what, 3 games a year ago?
Ok... I can see regardless of the scenario your gonna stick to that wrong opinion.
I literally watched 60k plus TN fans leave Neyland 2 years ago 15 seconds into the 3rd quarter.
"If a Big Champ is 8-0 or 7-1 they're getting in no matter what.", way too many variables for it to be that cut and dry. Just so we're clear here Nobleman, lets say we got an unbeaten Texas, an unbeaten Clemson. Those two are in no questions asked. Now, we got OSU at 7-1 with a double digit home loss to sub .500 Purdue. For funsies we'll say UF wins the SEC at 10-1 with a home loss to LSU. Now, LSU is 10-1 after splitting the match-ups with Florida and losing on a last second field goal in the SEC Championship. What your telling me is 7-1 OSU is more deserving than 10-1 Defending National Champ LSU who lost 1 game by 1 point on a neutral site to the SEC Champion?
Curious how a scenario like this would play out. 10-0 UF loses to 9-1 Bama in the SEC Champ by a possession. UGA sitting there at 9-1 with its only loss to UF by a possession. I’d imagine the ACC champ (Clemson) would be in even with a loss. The question would be whether the playoff committee would have faith in putting in the big 12 champ if they’re not undefeated. It gets muddier if ND and Clemson split their matchups and say ND wins the ACC. I don’t think the ACC is strong enough to get two teams in without a lot of help. This year could be wild, I just hope we get through the whole thing without any major setbacks.
Until we see something from Nix against a real quality defense like UGA I’d be hesitant to pull the trigger on the upset. Not saying it can’t happen, especially that early on.
I wonder if you guys are still picking the Texas A&M optouts to make noise this year.