It all bout dem gators
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Who are you responding to? My comment is about the big10 site Connor referenced. Then some tard decided to run his mouth about the best coach is miss st history.
Browns had the number 1 and 3 pick last year right? Why not take Saquon 1, Baker would of been around at 3.
What does the NFL have to do with success? The giants drafted the kid from Duke over Dwayne Haskins...
Definitely, Calloway is way to low on this list.
I dont think the issue was ever with G, it's been protection.
The irony of this is hilarious... UGA has had what 6 players arrested since Feb 1st? Florida has had 1.... I think you know that too, which is why you used "incidents".
He touched the arm of a tow truck driver... it's been a really slow off season, these stories aren't half as bad as SDS would have you think.
The fact that he only won 8 games with the best team in school history, says otherwise. That's how that should of been wrote.
Remember when Treon Harris beat you by completing 3 passes lmfao.
^^^^ beat me to it, its not a fluke, look at the 2013 UF season.
Umm dude are you aware of your own fanbase? Maybe your just 12, need I remind you of the entire stadium chanting "Our students dont get Murdered" in the early 90s?
I love the headline and article... anything to make UF look worse, what you dont see here is Steele's tweet that started this...
If the goal is winning NC's, UGA was a wasted trip.