It all bout dem gators
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Auburn could have a great year. That running game is scary, and if Stidham can hit the open receivers, they may not lose.
Double O, do you have to be a "Champion of Life" to get into the "Circle of Life?
What point did he make? That because he hangs out out with a turd he deserves to be cut? List what call away has been convicted of or pled guilty to. I'll wait and you tell me if it's grounds for being cut.
The initial report was released yesterday. The university made it clear that they would not personally suspend or discipline the players. However, the coaching staff would. The university is just looking to be reimbursed for the 1500. The cards were not stolen they belonged to 3 of the 7 players suspended.
Yes they used their cards bot stolen cards and it was 1500 dollars so calm down you moron.
Damn called it. KenSucky fans now taking credit for another teams accomplishments.
Just remember this, when TN is 7-5 or 6-6 And UF is 11-1 or 12-0. Come December you'll be watching another SEC champ from your couch.
Wow UK fans sounding a lot like TN fans. You know just because he predicted it, dosent't mean it will happen right? 30 years man 30 years, and every year someone predicts this. Stick to basketball....
Not with the way we've played offensively lately. The media is right to be skeptical. Week 1 will show what type of team UF has.
Be a man and stand behind your words p*ssy. Sick of this anonymous bs.
Ummm, because it took an injury for him to start in juco.
Was thinking the same. Question is, will ole miss score enough against the mason defense?
Why do you guys even listen to this turd? He says sh!t like this to get attention.
Does saying that make you feel better about it? If so, continue to believe that instead of the truth. Meaning, Yal ran your mouths and got popped by a team with more heart. A team, that by LSU fans opinions, didn't belong on the same field.
Um tell me who we had on the offensive line leftover from muschamp give credit where it's due.
Fine with 1-4 and 6-8 after that it didn't make a lot of sense. Didn't Michigan lose like 17 starters? And Clemson is not a top 5 team without deshaun.
Better hope that run defense is better. If not, GA tech will run all over you plus SC and UK will be much improved.
Wasn't the game against Hawaii the year after UGA crushed them, a white out?
I've been to 31 UF home games the only mullet I've ever seen was on a TN fan wearing checkered coveralls
The big difference is they respect the strength and conditioning coordinator now? And when. You say turn around season are we talking injuries or more than 9 wins?
Not harsh he deserves it. If she wasn't staying for the money before, she definitely is now. Bilema's wife is for sure just there for the money lol.