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Very Classy move what UT did for Chris Oats...
I can't argue with the 6-4 prediction, but I would switch MSU to a win and UT to a loss. I think the ceiling is likely 7-3, and the floor is 5-5. I'll take it..
South Carolina would be a lateral move so doubt that would happen. If someone like Michigan or another top tier program came knocking, it might be harder to stop. That being said, it sounds like Fl St offered him the job and he said no, so yeah, who knows. As a Kentucky fan, wish we could just keep flying under the radar because Stoops and this team feed on the disrespect angle. Can’t wait to see what happens against Auburn.
I cant really complain with much of what you said NashvilleGator. But with all due respect, isn't that last paragraph the same reasoning Fl fans thought they would win last year? The reality of it is that everyone outside of Kentucky is under valuing what Mark Stoops has built, primarily SEC level depth at every position. Are they 5 stars, no. But Stoops' greatest asset along with his right hand man Vince Marrow, is an eye for talent. So there is no doubt that we took a step back from last year, BUT I think we have the talent to upset any team in the SEC besides Bama, UGA and maybe LSU (I reserve the right to take back this statement if Sawyer Smith implodes on Saturday). Im not saying we will beat everyone else, I'm just saying we theoretically could in any given game, which is huge progress considering where we were just a few years ago. I would certainly give the gators the edge on Saturday by a touchdown, especially because Sawyer is somewhat of an unknown commodity, but I have a feeling it is going to be a good game. I could be wrong, but this is why they play the game.
Dirty, dirty play.. Im furious at the kid that did it, but he’s a kid all the same, so we just have to move on and hope for the best. I feel terrible for terry, but Sawyer is the man now and appeared ready to handle the role. The problem though, is with Sawyer in and no reliable backup, we are going to play very conservatively the rest of the season.
That's a bold strategy Cotton... Let's see if it pays of for him.. All joking aside, really just want Allen to leave this game injury free and with a "W".. The former is definitely more important than the latter though!
My bad, genuinely appreciate the correction. Thought he was third string and we had a freshmn as 4th string. Regardless, I hope Watkins has a speedy recovery!
We all know Paris is an actual UT homer and just loves trolling UK,. That being said, I think every real uk fan is on cloud nine. We have enjoyed this wild ride , but what really concerns me besides the hostile/amazing environment at Kyle field this weekend is the fact we are going up against one of the best run defenses in the country with our 3rd and 4th string left tackle splitting time. That seems like a nightmare to me.. while I’ve read the comment section prior to other games, and thought, just you wait, the meeting with TAMU seems like an overwhelming tall order. I really hope I’m wrong and we win on Sat, but it seems unrealistic for some reason. And I know the other wins we had this year were unrealistic based on last year’s record, but this game just feels different..
Ummm what? Comments like that make you sound pretty special yourself...
Paris, I truly feel sorry for you. I come on SDS to read up on my cats from time to time, and I learned early on it's a safe bet that there will be some trolling comment from you at the bottom of every UK article. Honestly, for a while there, I was almost impressed with your absurd commitment to commenting on every UK article, because hey, you gotta have a lot of free time on your hands to make that happen. But it's also incredibly sad, because you clearly have nothing better to do. You should find an additional hobby. And then you have the temerity to insult someone that's a prison guard- you sir are the worst and you're definitely not a UK fan. But congrats, you go my blood boiling, which I know was your ultimate goal...
Great job of breaking down Stephen Johnson, Matt- your analysis is spot on! Going to need another solid performance from him and the rest of the team to pull out a W in Starkville on Saturday.
Reporting this seems like a waste of words and everyone's time... It's ok though, I clicked on it- you win.
Nope, not funny at all and in very poor taste. Person that made that sign is an idiot and doesn't represent the university or our fan base. Go Cats.
Good read Joe. I think having the same offensive coordinator for two years straight for the first time in a long time will definitely help. Only other thing I would add is don't sleep on TE CJ Conrad. He could have a breakout season this year if Johnson/Barker/Hoak can get the ball to him.
If, and i realize its a big if, Kentucky wins the SEC east (FL loses two of the last 3 and UK wins out), what are your thoughts? Does UK deserve any credit for being a decent football team or is it just a sign of how bad the SEC East is this year, or a mixture of both? I obviously think it's the former, but just want to get a temperature of the room... Now, I realize this is a moot point if we get crushed by both GA and TN, but it is within the realm of possibility, which is still crazy...
I would much rather be on the SEC network and play a late afternoon game or night game than play at noon on ESPN. Cats need a perfect game and a raucous crowd to have any chance to beat Georgia and playing at noon makes the latter 10 times more difficult. But who doesn't enjoy drinking bourbon at 10 am?
I think it's because Josh Robinson's performance was in large part due to Kentucky's defense not knowing how to tackle. Don't get me wrong, he had a great showing, but so has every other SEC RB against Kentucky. Our run defense is beyond atrocious. That said, thought we played well enough to win, but got beat by the better team. Good luck going forward.
This new $45 million football facility comes on the heels of the current $110 million renovation of Commonwealth Stadium. As long as we can keep our coach, UK football has a very bright future for years to come.