I'm a 30-something year old dude; East TN born and raised. Although I've traveled far from there, I remain a Vols fan.

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I haven't logged in and left a comment on a SDS article in a good long while. I had to log on to say this: please no. Don't live in the past, Vols fans. Look to the future. And while the Vols are sucking find something else to celebrate. Go watch a Titans game or a basketball game!
I see what you guys were trying to do, I just really didn't find anything really that funny. "A" for effort though.
Was it a fumble? I think so. Did the refs blow the call? Yes, I think that they did. That said, Tennessee wasn't playing very good, especially on defense and I'm not so sure that it would have even made a difference. I mean the way the offensive line plays it might have resulted in another safety and SC getting the ball right back depending on the spot if it was Tennessee's ball. The Vols lost this game, not the referees. They should not have even been in that situation to begin with. No more excuses and putting the blame on everyone else.
He really wasn't. He should have never been the #2 back behind Jalen Hurd, especially in the schemes Butch Jones was running in his offense. You need a more versatile and evasive styled back like Kamara instead of Jalen Hurd's "use the shoulder pad as a battering ram and stiff arms galore" style
Side note: I hope that Admiral Schofield hype video released before the Florida game is not an indicator of things to come. I'm probably analyzing it far more than it ever needed to be but it's basically what I do for a living. One way of putting it could be as such: we needed a basketball player that people get excited about to star in a hype video in order to get people excited about football. Gotta be honest though, that video was done exceptionally well and he could a have a hell of a future in broadcasting, acting, or in a commercial for an endorsement deal lol
Basketball is fun to play, boring to watch. Sorry. Just can’t get excited about it. Just my opinion. Hope they win but I’m just not a basketball guy.
Yeah, basketball is not a welcome distraction. I don't want Tennessee to be a "basketball school." While I would like for them to win because, yay Tennessee, I'm 1,000% more excited by football than basketball.
I’m a Vols fan and also a Titans fan. Wasn’t a big fan of him in college for obvious reasons but I’m glad the Titans picked him up. Dude’s a beast. Don’t think the wildcat is a long term solution though, especially in the NFL. Hope Mariota heals up soon.
Can't help but to respect a man that gives an honest answer. I'm behind him. After all the gimmicks of the Butch Jones era, I'm happy to have a straight shooter at the helm.
Even more alarming, it's 2018 and Urban Meyer had to have a discussion with someone else to delete some old text messages off his phone... let that settle in for a moment... and now consider that the same person that doesn't even know how to delete old texts is the head football coach of a P5 school.
Looked more like a foolish charge by the defender than a spectacular move by Patterson. He did show a nice burst of speed though.
From another UT fan, I hate Florida and Bama way more than I could ever hate UGA. Sure, 41-0 sucked, but the Vols were an absolute train wreck and it's expected that you would have circled the day on your calendar, especially after that hail mary the previous year. It's one thing to turn the TV off and walk away during a blowout. It's something else entirely to hold on to hope only to be let down at the last second.
Do. Not. Want. Happy trails, Kiffin. But don’t come back. SDS, please stop covering him. I don’t care. And if you pay attention to even a small percentage of the comments on the Tennessee Vols on SDS page on Facebook, you would see that the majority of Vols fans do not care about Kiffin and do not want him back.
All this basketball talk meanwhile I'm sitting over here like... Oh how I miss football.
I hope Butch does well there. I believe he does have some football knowledge or at the very least can offer perspective. He's not a bad guy. He just wasn't Tennessee's guy. He did very well as a HC prior to coming to the SEC. Besides, he did lead the Vols to 3 consecutive bowl wins and that's got to be worth something. Happy trails, Butch.
I'm glad Jennings is back and I hope this senior QB transfer is good, or at least better than what we previously had. On another note, I believe it's called a hail mary, not a hall mary. Proofread much?
On second though, CBJ may not have been HC at the time. It might have been the interim. However, my point still stands.
BLUF - He's a good player and I think he should be given a second chance. Obviously the guy has a high motor and needs to learn some, especially when to shut his mouth (or log off his twitter account) because that wouldn't fly anywhere else. His comments were an outright disrespectful to a lawful authority figure (whether anyone likes it or not, CBJ was the HC at the time and had authority). Bring him back but put him on notice that there will be no third chance. At least that's how I wold play it.
On second thought, I think I found a term to describe my thoughts. Cautious optimism.
Don't be so negative. Give the man a chance. I'm not wholly on board with the guy either because I know very little about him but let's see what he can do first.
I'm not sure whose twitter account is watched more... Lane Kiffin's or Donald Trump's... As far as I'm concerned they both need to just stop already. Kiffin seems immature to me.
The QB position is a concern for me, as well as the offensive line. I'm curious as to what offensive scheme will be ran. I'd like to see a more traditional ground and pound style. Tired of the option, short throws on the perimeter, and called QB runs. Josh Dobbs is gone. It's time to embrace that.
In my opinion Amadi can just stay at Oregon. Ole Miss, then LSU, now Oregon? Kid can't make up his mind. Let him stay there. I kinda don't want him playing for my Vols now. Too indecisive.
Not to take anything away from Jalen Hurd because his performance was spectacular but Dobbs was the one that took home player of the game.
ALERT! Grammar correction made. You win the Internet!
I was thinking the same thing. Of course I wasn't there but I can't help but to wonder what kind of an officer arrests the starting running back two weeks before a bowl game? Maybe the officer was worried they were going to drive and stopped them, then a verbal confrontation resulted in the charge?
Odd. There I was thinking that the Tennessee-Georgia rivalry was tied 21-21-2. What the heck are you Georgia fans doing on this post any ways?
"The stadium will allow fans to ring their cowbells during the game, but in return fans will not be allowed to ring the bells from the time when the center lines up over the ball until the ensuing play is ruled dead." LMAO it's as if they think they actually won't ring it then.
I'll take that as ignorance as opposed to sarcasm seeing that there are no 5 star commits to TN. Most of the guys coming in are 3 or 4 star. These guys leaving had limited playing time. We had other freshmen who outshined them. Case in point Ethan Wolf and Derek Barnett as TE and DE respectively. At least that's how I'm seeing it.