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Wolfman, Missouri wasn't even in the SEC when Smith was there. Besides that point, Smith was good, but Marshall was no pushover either. They're both great players, but I'd take Marshall over Smith.
"Scam Newton"... Wow you're so original. Shut yo *** up, dude
Shut up a$$ up lol. Bringing up allegations (money) from over 4 years ago that weren't proven. Tell Vanderbilt to become relevant in the SEC.
While you're trying to be funny, Chizik is actually a good DC. If you don't know what you're talking about next time, I suggest staying quiet and leaving the talk to people who do. #ignoranceatitsfinest
Bama fans bring it upon themselves; when they brag CONTINUOUSLY, it irks everyone else so it's only right that everyone besides their fans itching for them to lose. If the fan base wasn't so arrogant and boastful, it wouldn't be like that. But the majority of them don't know how to win humbly. They let it go all to their head, creating a false sense of entitlement to a championship ever since Saban got there. They better enjoy it all while they can because once Saban leaves for another program, recruits are going to follow him and care less about Tuscaloosa. I personally have no problem with the team; it's the fans who act like they can't shut up for a one second without mentioning all their "14" championships. What goes up must come down. We'll all be waiting for that day.
Are you related to Harvey Updyke by any chance? You both share the same traits that resemble stupidity...
Are there really SEC fans out there that are so ignorant that they dismiss EVERYTHING that isn't related to the SEC??? I fully understand this is an SEC website, but what harm will a little non-SEC related news do every now and then do? No wonder the rest of the country despises this conference. They don't hate the teams; they just can't stand the fans and I can see why.
And these are one of the many comments why non-SEC fans hate this conference so much. There are so many of you that think that the SEC is the center of college football it's ridiculous. I'm an SEC fan, but I'm not that crazy about the conference. What harm is non-SEC related news? Enlighten me
You act as if Georgia doesn't have any problems either when they clearly do. The only SEC team that looks complete right now in all areas is Alabama.
You call a defensive coordinator who's always had a great defense "overrated"? Explain the logic behind that claim. Peep the comment above yours. It takes time to build a solid defense. Muschamp's working with Ellis Johnson's players who were built for Johnson's style of defense. The players that Muschamp will recruit will cater to his defensive scheme and all will be better. People who don't understand football or never played needs to educate themselves before running their mouths.
AuburnStoleMyFriends, shut up. Alabama's had a number of players get in trouble within the last couple of seasons so you have no room to talk.
Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Bama’s been losing players as well, but just in a disgraceful way.
Don't know if you've noticed, but Bama's been losing players as well, but just in a disgraceful way.
DD2, when's the last time Georgia's been relevant in a national title conversation? Heck, when's the last time Georgia's won a title? Don't worry, I'll wait.