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Dawgs. Pshh. When the pups lose to UT and UK will Jacksonville even matter?
Wahhhhhh. :( They were playing a make-shift UF Offensive line with FIRST YEAR coaches. Gimme a break. If UT can't win last year or this year? Y'all just suck. TO BE!!!!
Are you implying that your team wasn't better than Florida - talent wise? It's only going to get worse. Do you know how many recruits we had there last night? Like 30 Rivals250 kids and another 75 of their buddies... Florida should never have won that game. And we did. :) TO BE!!!!!!
I did. 8-8 on 4th downs for like 200yds and 2 TDs? Check the odds on that. Like 1000-1. Go Gators! Bahhhh-ha-ha-ha-ha! Elevenessee! Best Florida win in 5 years. Easy.
Worst post on the board. ps. we can tell you are from Alabama. I feel dumber for having read that.