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Apparently some commenters did not read the letter....for those with reading comprehension issues...... ESPN signed a legal contract with the Big 12. And yes ESPN has to stop violating it and stop what they are doing or the lawsuits will fly. Do they have to respond? I'm sure the contract requires all disputes and actions to be in writing.
Wolfman.....LA has a law that you cannot be forced to take the vaccination. That is why LSU Head Medical Officer Coach "O" has no idea. Nobody does. LA supports keeping the government out of our business thankfully! Look up the Federal HIPAA law. The Feds cannot demand it either. President Gump......we are so glad to have a coach that speaks our native language not Yankee or Cali talk, LOL!
Funny nowhere in the story do they say Les Miles paid anyone.....the University paid not Les Miles. Have to ask why the other students wanted him gone and ask the University people that paid him......since when does a Coach pass out University funds? Never! Poor reporting looking for click bait not facts.
Does GA still play real football? Seems strange GA fans are putting down the team that beat them down bad with their last "great" team, LOL. And LSU had the greatest season in NCAA history in 2019. Hate all you want LSU feeds off of it. GA is a perennial wannaBee with only 2 consensus National Championships in its history and none in the past 41 years. The last 3 LSU coaches won National Championships, how did your last 3 do? Make fun of "O" all you want.....not a coach in NCAA history did what he did in 2019. And please keep talking nonsense, that will get you a good coach and football respect, never mind it has never worked for GA.
The reason we have States is way in hell I want consistent laws between states, that is what makes our states different. That would end our Republic. Take your Marxism elsewhere. Don't like your states law? Move or change it!
When there is no football it's the prediction season. Almost all will be incorrect but it gives people with nothing else to do the opportunity to argue with equally bored people with their own wish list predictions showing they also have wrong opinions. And people that like to rate the opinions as dumb, dumber or dumbest!
Dude is ate up with himself,LOL! It does not take that many words for people to see he has issues and needs tissues. I agree about the first 4 words.
I can see you are a Tebow fan and blinded by it. Reality is it was plain and simple his inability to run an NFL offense. He got away with ignoring play calls in the NCAA with his ability to do it himself. Did not work well in the NFL.....dumped and nobody wanted him. His ego was a major problem with playing pro ball in the NFL. That is why he was not picked up by other teams. He was not an NFL caliber QB. Great person and I'm sure a nice guy but the NFL does not care about those things, they don't win Super Bowls.
Put the pipe down dude! The annual goofy rants are starting again.......seems when they do have a good team they get steamrolled at the end. They never seem to win the "big" games.
He was a lost cause as a NFL QB. Changing the plays to what he thinks is better was OK in NCAA when he could make plays. In the NFL he was a joke, I think he just was not smart enough to handle the NFL plays. I'm sure he taught lots of players how not to make the pros. His ego would not let him take a position he could play. Same In Baseball, he was just not good enough. His ego cost him many millions of bucks.......too late now for the prima donna.
The only "muddy waters" is the woman, even though She was Security Staff did not report it to her supervisor and refused to press charges and then attempted to extort LSU.......nuff said! The only people wound up over this attempted extortion are the people who are not haters. Like this so called article tries to blow over the actual recordings of the extortion by printing he said he did not talk to Orgeron, LOL! I believe he did say that but before he knew of the recording. In LA and many other states recording is legal as long as one party is aware. Then you act like CoachO is not cooperating. This will be a criminal case against the extortionists and there is very little CoachO can talk about right now as he was a witness to the call unless they plea bargain. Why do you think that call was recorded and immediately turned over to the LSU Legal department? Do I think Guice is totally innocent of the allegations, no. Do I believe the woman, no. It is I think, she was convinced even with no proof she could cash in by some shaky people and it did not work out well for her. All CoachO did was dial a number he was given so he could facilitate an apology from Guice to the woman and the attempted extortion was recorded. Let the legal system play it out not a biased reporter. The recording put "paid" to this story, the only police involvement will be when/if the police charge the woman and "helper". No charges were claimed by the woman to any authorities against Guice. Now, the Les Miles thing is the only real story.......
Seems to me something is missing in her records. Easy to get from your landline or cell phone provider. I'm pretty sure the phone system at LSU stores call records. Could be why the police will not get involved which tells my they cannot find a call history to support her claim. Where is the proof she talked to him? Do these people think they just call LSU or any other top coach and ask to speak to them and they get connected directly to to his desk phone? If you are real lucky you will get an office assistant that will take a message. Why did she not pursue the others involved if it happened and when it happened? Could it be Guice has the deepest pockets and some shark told her she could make some money for the shark and her, even if the cops will not touch it? Hmmmmmmmm?
We all know TN football is a joke.....but the GA trash talkers are even funnier. The SEC team most known for choking at the big games makes fun of others. GA's history of getting their butts kicked in the big games in recent history is legendary, puts them on the hay wagon with TN!
UGA fans need UGA to beat teams not the usual drums. Over 40 years since a football Naty. UGA has held the sad position of not winning the big ones. They are one of the perennial "good" teams but can't seem to make the transition to "great" very often. Is it the coaching or fans not demanding that UGA make a commitment to have better teams? You don't need a bazillion dollars to get a good do need fans demanding it. The SEC will always be the top recruiting conference but within the SEC the top dogs will get the top recruits. UGA will need to win a Naty to jump ALA and LSU in recruiting and get to that next level on an annual basis. My 2 cents.
Has Bama ever lost in the Saban era without blaming the ref's? Sad, can they not see the Tide is going out? The elephant is getting old and eaten by Tigers..........should be glad they didn't play Missouri or it would have been 4 Tiger butt kickings in 2019. I hear Tuscaloosa was sold out of Kleenex.............Maybe the can get The Dumpster Bowl this year!
What you seem to miss on Joe Burrows is the number of drops last year to this year went way down due to Joe Brady's work with the WR's. Joe is possibly the best QB ever in the NCAA. But also has a good O line, and really good WR's. Without those his numbers would not be half what they are. A great QB can't be great without a great team backing him up.