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Hit the nail on the head, the third place race will be very fun to watch. Rooting for an Arkansas upset over here.
I feel like the LSU prediction isn't out of the realm of possibility, but he's definitely putting it in there so he can say "called it" on the off chance it does happen. Like there is no way Ole Miss upsets Bama in week 3, but an LSU team lacking motivation at the end of a mildly disappointing season and doesn't have a full Death Valley to cheer them on? It could happen
Coloradeaux not gonna lie took me until just now to realize you're a Rocky Mountain Tigah and not saying you're a two color tiger in French lol
And I got into Levin no problem lol just already owned a home in Orlando and wasn't gonna sell it so I could move back to Gainesville
Nah I got in and a good chunk of money to go there, but I'm not going to drive 4 hours round trip daily when I already own a home 20 minutes from FAMU lol and cracked a 176 first time around, just cause you struggled with a sub 150 score doesn't mean others can't aspire to greater things
Delandman, glad to see a fellow Gator show an ounce of d@mn sense
I chose FAMU because it was close to where I already lived and I got close to a full ride there with my 176 LSATs. And FYI, the lowest score you can get is a 120. Shocking that you couldn't even get that right
Buddy you're more of a liberal than me. I'm a full blown leftist, radicalized by b@st@rds such as yourself. South Africa pretty much still has Apartheid in place if the enduring inequality here ever starts to wane a little too much for you. I'm sure they could use a racist lawyer like you to keep the "inferiors" in their place. FYI I'm currently in law school myself at an HBCU, in fact, hoping to pursue a career in civil rights law. Engaging with a garbage excuse of a human being has confirmed that for me. Again, praying that you find some peace in this life. Lord knows you need it
Jesus I don't know why I'm engaging with you, you're beyond help. 5 to 1 odds you're a Russian operative trying to sow dissent, 2 to 1 you're just a troll getting his kicks by being a POS
Because they make up 3% of the Senate despite being 13% of the population and I don't watch my news, I read it. AP, Reuters, BBC, real news and journalism
I'm going to make an educated guess and say because of bigots like you being a pervasive problem in this country. Prove you're not a bigot and read "Stamped from the Beginning" and tell me that the research and theories of that book do not hold up.
Yikes. Yes you are obviously a bigot. I don't know what you think you've "called me on" but what you have shown is that you are hopelessly out of touch if you don't think that someone who comes from a community where they are 3 times more likely to die during childbirth, where they experience unemployment at a disproportionate rate, where they possess a disproportionately lower amount of wealth, where they are disproportionately underrepresented in government, where they are twice as likely to have experienced poverty than their white counterparts, and where they are 2.5 times more likely to be killed by police, would have a different world view than a white person, you're incredibly ignorant. If you believe that all racial groups are in fact equal, then you must recognize that racial disparity is the result of racial discrimination. If your response to those statistics is that "black Americans are just lazier, dumber, and more prone to criminal behavior" then you are a bigot. But I get the feeling from you're previous comments that that is exactly how you feel.
Jesus reading your comments on this article alone it's obvious what a bigoted POS you are. That, or your just trolling for laughs, in which case you're still a POS. In either case, you are exactly to whom I am referring to when I say "toxic culture." Living with all that hate is sad. Believe it or not I actually do feel sorry for you, and hope and pray you can find some peace. A heart full of hate will send you to an early grave.
Christ why do you guys leave the comments open on any of these articles? Even the apolitical ones are almost always taken over by these trolls. It would be nice to get some sports news updates about a topic I enjoy and not have to be reminded how toxic the culture of this community is
It's actually 96.75% survival here, which still sounds good, until you realize that the 3.25% that have died so far is over 162,000 people...
One of these guys is about to win a Heisman and the other guy is Fromm. Fromm probably is as talented as Burrow, but the system Burrow is in and the talent around him are the exact combination he results in him winning the natty. Given Georgia's offensive struggles this season with Carolina, Kentucky, and Vandy, I don't see Fromm putting up huge numbers against LSU. All that said, I don't like the title of this given that one player alone does not win any game, let alone the SEC championship, at this level of college football. LSU will win because of great play on both sides of the ball, and the coaching staff knowing how to use the personnel they have. Honestly, you could probably have put Fromm into this LSU offense and gotten similar results. Same way you could have taken any fullback sized mobile/freak athlete QB with average ability to read defenses and put them into the 08 Gators and they still win a championship. Although Tebow's leadership abilities were unparalleled on that team so maybe not lol
Not a smart decision by the kid. Went to high school with him and he does not have the intellectual capacity to remain academically eligible at a school like Notre Dame, being that they're one of the few Universities who at least attempt to hold their student athletes to some educational standard
Guys like Jevon Kearse, Jack Youngblood, Gerard Warren, Ellis Johnson, Jarvis Moss, Derrick Harvey, Trace Armstrong, Kevin Carter, Reggie McGraw, and Huey Richardson, who all went in the first round, plus the other dozen or so d-linemen who went in later rounds or signed as undrafted free agents suggests to me that UF has actually been DLU for quite some time