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Brown was dismissed from the University....
that woman was anything but small, i dont know if defenseless is accurate either. you also dont know if he was hitting her with full strength, half strength, quarter strength. I believe if he hit her full strength she might not have got up. he was trying to get his woman to stop attacking his sister.
i seem to recall the MSU 2015 class finishing ahead of ole miss, so i dont know why this writer insists that one top ten recruiting class in 2012 and one in 2016 is year after year. must not know about facts. plus, you know there is some sort of investigation going on about their recruiting process up north... so there is that. A&M has been recruiting at a high level but doesn't appear to know what to do with them. if mullen were planning on leaving as this guy seems to ultimately know what mullen is planning, i dont know why all of these hires in house, defensive, and special teams seems to say "hey im in it for the long haul" or why him saying "i love it in starkville" really means i want to get out of here. especially when most jobs arent going to be able to pay him much more than MSU already is, and not to mention that cost of living in starkville is alot less expensive than other places in the country.
um, it's his agent that does it fishing for a raise, you know they work on commission. he just added solid inhouse staff and defensive staff that seems to say he is in it for the long haul, plus didn't lose anybody on the offensive side of the ball. seems to me that he was cleaning house as the defense has underperformed the last couple of years. im not saying he was trying to get rid of turner or hughes, but maybe the other guys.
Not really sure what one grade has to do with the other. But A&M got a C because they are in the largest State in the SEC with the most amount of money and should be recruiting at a much higher level. State got a B- because they had a limited number of scholarships to begin with as they only graduate 12 seniors.
Oops, jumped the gun on that on. Gonna back up and punt on this one?
You have the Peach Bowl listed twice...
Chad had a lot more help too. How many Offensive linemen for Ole Miss will play in the NFL? How many NFL Offensive linemen did Dak have blocking for him? I'd say ZERO compared to what two, three future NFL players. Yeah yeah Chad beat all those teams all by himself... Still couldn't win the West.
McCarron played on some legendary teams, I'd give Murray legandary status above McCarron. McCarron was a good QB, but he played on elite teams. He had elite talent all around him on both sides of the ball. Something Prescott never had, despite being an elite player himself.
it was never my intention to imply that we were the number one team in the nation by the end of the season. But that doesn't make it a joke that State made it to that ranking. They were still a good squad. They had stiff competition. Somebody has to lose games in the league, last year it wasn't the bulldogs, so the common conception is that the league was down.
Chris Relf could've won an NC on Bama's team. The impact is he elevated the team around him, with a Sun Belt offensive line, no running back to speak of this season. Dak doesn't play on defense, so not much he can do there. He can't stop the other teams from scoring, yet he played well enough to beat teams, despite the deficiencies around him. Greg McElroy, Blake Sims, AJ McCarron, and Jake Coker have all either played for or won an NC title, they can't be considered as legends in the league.
Again, Tebow had a much better supporting cast. Dak couldn't play defense for State too, Florida had some dominant defenses those years. Dak is one player who elevated the play of everyone on the team. Also, at the beginning of the season everyone picked state to be at the bottom of the league because they were losing so many player. State exceeded expectations because of Dak. It's like you said in a previous comment this article isn't so much against Dak as it is who he suited up for. So if he suits up for Florida, Georgia, LSU, and has a much more championship ready team around him, he then gets to be considered among one of the best QBs in the league? But because he played for State, he can't be considered on of the best?
Btucker, we beat A&M, LSU, Auburn, and Arkansas. All good teams. It could be said that they were down. But it could also be said that State was up. Like I said earlier, State and Ole Miss replaced LSU and Auburn last year in the pecking order. Don't take away what they did by saying the SEC was down and they didn't beat anyone. They did. State beat 10 teams last year, teams that consistently out recruit them teams that are consistently ranked above them. Like I said before if it had been the other way around and it had been LSU and Auburn in OM and MSU's place last year and this year, everyone would've said how strong the league was from top to bottom, but since it wasn't the narrative has been The West was down, and OM and MSU didn't really beat anybody.
also, assuming State wins their bowl game, State will have the same number of Win/losses that Tebows team had the year he won the Heisman.
Don't you see why that should make him even more legendary? He did some of the things that Manziel, Tebow, and Newton did without nearly the amount of supporting cast those guys had.
It wasn't a joke that they were ranked number one. Everyone wants to discredit that 2014 team because LSU and Auburn were down. State lost to three good teams down the stretch. What happened last year was Ole Miss and State replaced the usual Auburn and LSU. If it had been LSU that went 10-3 everyone would say that was a good team, even though they beat the other teams so called not good teams that they were supposed to beat. Now then let's look at some of Dak's stats to back counter this guy's POV. SEC All-Time Rank: Touchdowns Responsible for: 4th Total Offense: 3rd Passing Yards: 17th Passing Efficiency: 20th Rushing yards by a QB: 2nd Passing Touchdowns: 9th Rushing touchdowns: 9th Rushing Touchdowns by a QB: 2nd Total touchdowns scored: 10th completions: 16th Completion percentage: 12th Not bad.
Look at the talent he had around him. He doesn't have a roster full of four and five star recruits and still lead the team to number one last year and exceeded expectations this year. He didn't have a line or a running back this year and still put up great numbers. Every hater out here wants to put the kid down as you look at him with your blinders on. Georgia is full of four and five stars and can't win the east while it's been down. Dak played against much stiffer conference competition than Georgia has and still performed great.
And his completion percentage went from what, roughly 59% to 66-67%
I'd beg to differ on Prescott, while his numbers may not be as good as last year, his numbers are more impressive this year than last year. Look at his supporting cast this year compared to last year. He had an offensive line that had no business playing in the sec and no running back to help him in the run game. The Bulldogs also lost a lot of their defensive depth from a year ago. Not to mention how banged up the team got on down the stretch and he didn't play but half of the first quarter during a non conference game, which could've padded his so called unimpressive stats.
Obdog, again to my point Collins had a few years to teach these guys (the juniors and seniors) how not to tackle.
I think Diaz has a lot to clean up from the reckless style defense that Collins taught. Remember Collins had a few years in this defense to teach these guys. Too many times the first defender would try to strip the ball instead of wrapping up the ball carrier. Everybody in Florida thinks he's great but you have to remember also that Muschamp had several good recruiting classes and several years to teach those guys how to play defense. Collins is reaping the benefits of Muschamps work.
Collins was not a good DC. He will be looking for a new job in a few years. While I wasn't thrilled about Diaz hire, he has certainly proved to be an upgrade over Collins. Collins is a good linebacker coach and he brings excitement but that's about all he brings to the table. Collins reckless techniques is why we lost the three games we lost last year. Now Diaz is having to clean up his mess. Our issue with tackling goes back to the poor technique Collins was teaching.
Hahaha! aTm has Adidas. Maybe he could take Sumlins job. Good win this weekend for your hogs.
I just don't see it. He will be making close to if not $5M a year at MSU. I'm sure Athens is probably close to comparable cost of living wise, but not USC. $6 or $7M at USC won't go as far as it will in Mississippi. And when you are making that kind of money and live in Starkville you can visit wherever you want. Plus he'd have to start completely over. He has been steadily building this program and could be the legend at State, compared to one among many at UGA or USC.
So sick of hearing about OOC schedules being weak. What about in conference schedule. As soon as other conferences get tough teams in their conference then you can schedule weak OOC. anytime someone birches about SEC cupcakes, point to in conference schedule.
I believe Jones is his playing himself into another season at state. He just hasn't been the disrupter he is capable of being.
And I believe tha Peters played as well. Shumpert dressed
I don't believe that you watched this game, Joe Morrow had several catches during this game. Did you even read the stat sheets or just write what someone told you about the game?
UF is going to be looking for a new DC in a few years, you have to remember, UF is loaded with defensive talent that was coached by one of the best in the business in Muschamp. Collins walked into the ideal situation. But he is not that great of a DC. One of MSU's biggest faults has been poor tackling, and focusing so much on forcing turn overs that they let the ball carriers get away. I cant tell you how many times I saw State's DBs staring down the QB last year and letting the WR slip past, or trying to strip the ball as the first defender to the ball carrier instead of wrapping him up. Collins does not teach fundamental sound defense, he teaches reckless defense. MSU had too many good players on last years defense to not be better than they were. Diaz is having to deal with all the poor techniques that Collins taught in his time at State. They are going to run the guy out of town before it's all said and done.