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You"ll find out in a couple months, like you always do.
Ha! UT better worry about beating UF.. something they havent done in 11 years.
Laughable. UFs toughest conference game hands down is Tennessee. The east could be decided on that game.
UF behind UGA is laughable at best.. UF won the East last year and from everything I have seen this spring will field a better overall team this season than last. They wont get any respect same as last year as the media for some reason has a huge hard on for UGA and UT every single year. UFs defense will probably see no drop off, the kicking game is improved, the QB and WR play will be improved, and I know Taylor got over 1k yards last season but overall I believe the RB position is better as well. O line will be more experienced and have more depth as well. I see nothing but increases in production from every unit on Offense this season. UT will be a tough test has it has been past few years, especially at UT. I believe that game will determine the East.
Not to mention as the article said, UF has a kicker again. Set a UF spring game record with a 56 yarder. All of his kicks were longer than any last year.
UF overachieved this past season in Macs 1st year. Winning the east again will be tough but I think UF has a high chance. Like the article says, UF won it last year with Treon behind center and a green Oline. Del Rio will be a game manager/ decent QB which will be a big improvement over Treon who was just terrible. The O line is a year more experienced and has more depth, the WR position has more talent, and RB has more talent. If the D can remain a top 15ish unit UF should win the east again. I think it will come down to the game against UT. I know UF has won 11 in a row but UT is probably the most mature and complete team in the east. Wont be easy as it hasn't been the past couple years.
While I agree, don't forget Treon lit your secondary up a tad with 271 passing yards.
All the "issues" we had this year but how did that work out for Tennessee? Actually, how has that worked out for yall the past oh I dunno 11 years?
The olines struggles after Grier was out had nothing to do with injuries etc.. The increase in sacks was due to Harris holding onto the ball way to long and the increase in tackles for loss was due to the running game being boxed as there was no passing game to speak of to balance it out. The O line will be more mature and have more depth this year. The running game will be better due to the better play of the O line but also because I believe Thompson and the Jordans will be better than Taylor, and any of the QBs will be an improvement over Treon so that position will be upgraded no matter what.
Agreed. Unless Franks really progresses fast in the spring and fall I see Del Rio starting. I can see Appleby being the back up and probably Trask as 3rd string letting Franks Red shirt. Treon should never ever step on the field as a QB at UF again. Grier was the future at UF and since he screwed up I think this year will be a temporary place holder year for QB at UF, again unless Franks really grows fast and plays well this year.
Well, if he went to UGA he would be "loose end".
Eason didn't look spectacular himself in the Army all American game. Just because you guys finally dropped that dead weight Richt don't think UGA is just going to finally win a NC. Smart has zero head coaching experience, much like another one of Sabans defensive minded pupils when he came to UF. Mac turned UF around quick but he had 3 years head coaching experience prior to UF
Ill agree he did not look the best in that one game. WIth that said it is one game. All the highschool scouts already have been saying Franks is not as polished as Eason or Patterson. Ill say this also, don't get all excited just because Patterson played well in this one game, Driskel was a beast in his army all American game and well you see how that worked out.
Agreed. Treon will never see the field at QB again for UF unless there are multiple injuries in that unit.
With the talent he pulled year in and year out and the staff continuity he had for the most part overall it was flat out ridiculous that UGA never even made it to a NC game during his tenure... Whether he won 99% of his games at some point you have to get to that next level.
Eh, what are you smoking? Spurrier was the best coach USCe ever had.. He had 3 consecutive 11 win seasons... something im pretty sure the Gamecocks never had.
Butt hurt maybe? Didn't know a GNC supplement any 18 year old in America can walk into a GNC store and buy and legally take as much as he wants is considered "getting high on drugs". Your lack of intelligence is disturbing.
Only one hire matters for UGAs new staff, offensive Coordinator. Smart is a defensive minded guy so the defense will be top notch no matter who the D coordinator will be. Just look at Muschamps tenure at UF, defense was always good but he failed to make the correct offensive coordinator hire 3 times, resulting in UF plummeting to the bottom in the SEC. Mac is an offensive minded coach and you can already see the improvement there with basically the same players as Muschamp (when Grier, a real pro style QB was at the healm) and he made a good hire at DC with Collins. If smart fails with his OC hire UGA could be bottom dwellers in the SEC for 1-3 years. (My fingers are crossed on that).
If the Gators win out (including SEC Title game) they will be in play off period. They would be the best 1 loss team in the country 100%. What im curious to see is what if LSU beats Bama and is undefeated heading into SEC title game, UF wins out and then beats LSU in SEC game then both would be a 1 loss team, each with the one loss to the other. UF would probably get in over LSU since their win would be on a neutral field and the championship game but id bet LSU fans would be pissed off. I would be.
Things I liked: 1) UF smashing UGA for the 2nd year in a row. 2) Richt still being employed on Monday. As long as he is at UGA UF will have the upper hand. Things I didn't like: 1) Treon looks worse than he did at LSU after an extra week of preparation.. Grier is 100% the better QB and now I can only imagine how far UF could have gone this year with him.. To win championship caliber games we will need a QB that can you know, actually be a QB.. let hope Treon grows a lot fast. He needs to watch a ton of film on how Aaron Rodgers stays in the pocket yet avoids sacks.
Its a smoke screen to try and push UGA to fire Richt so he can take the UGA job. UGA better hope if that happens it works out better than Sabans other defensive disciple who tried to be a HC... Good ol' Muschamp. With the way Mac has UFs offense improved in just year 1 with basically none of his players then UGA will need a much better defense to stay competitive in the East though.
I think this game will come down to QB play and TOs. I think each defense can manage to stop the run for the most part. UF needs to pressure whoever is QB for UGA (Heard a tip that Faton Bauta will be a surprise starter Saturday). UF just needs to limit TOs which they have done pretty good this year. They need to dial up some high percentage throws for Treon and just let play makers like McGee, Calloway (if he plays), Powell, Robinson etc make plays. They need to roll Treon out of the pocket more too as his pocket presence is not very good. UF needs to strike early like they have been the past few games as if this becomes a close FG type game UF will more than likely lose at they don't have squat for a FG kicker. Id also be on the look out for some trick plays on both sides.
I think you will see a similar game plan for each team, in that both will have a lot more wrinkles for QB runs and options. I heard that Faton Bauta has been practicing with the 1s this week and I think they are going to try to run him to open another wrinkle in the run game. I think Mac is going to do the same thing with Treon. Gators O line has done wonders pass blocking but has struggled in run blocking, Treon running the option and running some could help. Treon seems to have a tendency choosing the wrong read in the option game though so I hope he passes more. If UF can limit TOs then they will win this game with their Defense.
Did losing Chubb make your D collapse and blow a 24-3 lead? Still making excuses for Richt.. enjoy your usual mediocrity.
"How could a season that began with so much promise have gone so terribly wrong for the Dawgs? " Is this not UGAs season every single year?? Over rated and then drops some head scratching game.. if I was a UGA fan I would have long been calling for Richt to be fired. At what point is it enough? They have top 10 classes every year and No NCs and what a couple SEC titles in the past 15 years? Now they are not even consistently winning 10 games any more.
I thought Mizzous Defense was so much better than UFs? At least that was what SDS and Mizzou fans were saying last week. Lets see, our O scored 14, Mizzous 3.. I think UF proved it was the much better defense like I said on the articles last week. UF has draft picks all over that Defense.. VH3 probable top 10 pick, J. Bullard probable 1st round pick, A. Morrison mid tier pick, Brian Poole, mid tier pick, the list goes on and on. Not to mention ton of young talent who will likely be future draft picks after next season. If the O can just continue to limit TOs and UF can stay healthy they can be a darkhorse play off contender. Hopefully if UF wins the east they will be like the UF of old and will represent the East better in the SEC game unlike UGA, Mizzou, and Gamecocks and you know actually beat the west team and win the SEC
Floridas D line is def. better than Mizzou.. 2nd in the SEC in sacks with 18 (A&M is 1st with only 1 more) and that's against better competition like Ole miss and UT and they even faired better then Mizzou did against UK. UF O line has allowed 10 sacks this year but Mizzou has allowed only 1 less at 9... and again against better Ds like Ole Miss. Also, UFs O line has only allowed 27 TFL where Mizzous O line has allowed 38... UFs secondary is one of the best in country, none like that frosh QB has ever dreamed of playing. If Grier plays well then this wont be close. If he struggles then the game will be close, period
Muschamp doesn't deserve a lick of credit for the Gators success this year... So what he can recruit some good defensive guys? Mac was able to come in 3 weeks before signing day and get Ivey, CeCe, and flip Scarlett and Cronkrite. If Muschamp was still coach UF would be 1-4 right now.. Treon would be the starter and UF would be trying to deploy a power run game with a green o line.. Grier showed a spark in the 4th qtr against UT, then lit the fire against Ole Miss.. Not saying he will play like that the rest of the year as he is a redshirt freshman but give him this year and the spring/ fall, next year he will be one of the best QBs in the country, bank on it. Muschamp wouldn't recognize his talent if it was slapping him in the face. Muschamps D never had this many sacks through 5 games... Collins is using the talent much more efficiently.
The blood is in the water now at UT. Butch is getting it done on the recruiting Trail but not on the field. I bet he will fire his D coordinator by years end to try and make him the scapegoat much like Muschamp tried to do with Brent Pease the OC. But in the end Butch will be fired. Some coaches are great recruiters but not very good HCs such as Muschamp and Butch. "Brick by brick" only works if you understand what to do with the bricks.
I don't think overall that UT is more talented than UF and it showed when it mattered. UT needed 2 trick plays to score 14 points. When it mattered UFs O was able to move down the field, convert 4th downs and score on UTs D. When it mattered UFs D was able to stop UTs O from scoring or getting a 1st down. Does UT have a more experienced QB? Yes. UT couldn't pass more because UFs DBs had the WRs locked down. UT has had a couple good recruiting classes but don't be fooled, UF is loaded with talent as well. Veteran 1st round talent at DB, and D line. Ton of young talent as well at WR, RB, O line too. UF just needs some more depth at LB and experience on O line/ QB and it will contend next year.