"The Sun is Orange, The Sky is Blue. I'm so glad...God is a Gator Fan too !!" Go Gators !!!!

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1980, 41 Years ago TURD-BRAIN !, It is ALSO a NEW Pipeline for UF to Keep In-State Players !, What are You, Like 7, 8 Yrs Old ?, I Know You Still Live in Daddy and Mommies Basement.....You HAVE to Grow up Sometime !!!!
THIS, This Coming from a Former SEC QB Who NEVER Beat UF, Nor Did His Dad, AND His Brother only Did it Once !, Think 'bout That ?
1980 was 41 Years ago ! You were still in Diapers., STFU, UGA Needs a trophy in their Case for You to Run Your Garbage Mouth !!!
1980 Was 41 Years ago, Until UGA Wins ANOTHER 1, STFU !!!!
1980 Was 41 Years Ago !, Until UGA Wins another, STFU !!!! 'Nuff Said....
1980....41 Years Ago.....Until UGA DOES it Again STFU !!!!!!!!! 'Nuff Said.
F*** You !!! Were You Even around in 1980 ? Doubt It !!!....2021 ain't gonna be Your Year Either !, Pray You're Looking Forward to a Beatdown in Jacksonville, 'Cause it WILL Happen.... Loudmouth P O S !!!!
Losses to Clemson and UF + 1 Major Upset, Put Kirby Vacuum Smartass in The Toaster !.....Bye Bye !
Truth Be Told, I am More Excited About Our Defense this Year !, Our Running Game Should Be 2nd to NONE in The S E C ! Passing Game ?, Big ? Mark !
Kyle Trask, Kyle Pitts and Kaderius Tony Will ALL Come Back Next Year....WATCH !!!!
As a Die hard Gator, My takeaway is this ! Kyle Trask WILL Come Back as a 5th Year Senior ( Sorry Emory Jones) ! as WILL Kyle Pitts as a Senior ! You've Been WARNED !!!!!
Yes there is Something to Play for.......The "BELK BOWL" !
You Can INK This IN !, Kyle Pitts Will Go In The 1st Round of The NFL Draft, Period. Kyle Trask, Probably, 3rd Round, Just Because Most GM's in The NFL do Not Know Better, (He should Go in 2nd !) Here is a Prediction, Franks gets Picked off 3 x !!!!, Florida By 17+.....
So, What Do Y'all Think Of MY PREDICTION ?????.....If Not for a Pick 6 !!!
Gators By 21 or More.......Guarantee that !!!!!
Jacksonville, Fl. is the "CROTCH" of Florida ! I Know, 50+ Years living There. Hope You Can dodge Bullets too !
Florida 52 Texas A&M 24 Tennessee 31 Georgia 27
Auburn By 10 Points !......BOOK IT !!!!!
This is Florida's To LOSE !.....Should be a Shoo-In for the Gators !
After Next Week's 12 Point loss, I am calling it......Come back and talk More BS !!!
Give Me Auburn and 8 Points...The Mutt's WILL NOT Cover !!!!