"The Sun is Orange, The Sky is Blue. I'm so glad...God is a Gator Fan too !!" Go Gators !!!!

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LMAO......Your Comments Crack Me Up ! Good Luck At The Birmingham Bowl this Year !!!!
Wanna Play in The NFL ??? Come to DBU = Florida !
At Least My Daddy's aren't Mel Kiper, Todd McShay or Stephen A. Smith ! Unlike Y'all Whiny Bulldogs
he will be out of the NFL, Playing (Maybe) in the XFL, Next Year !!!
Glad You feel that Way. I Pray the Chargers get Herbert, NOT Tua !
They Shouldn't......Love the Gators, But, THEY DO NOT Belong In The Tournament.
This Kid is Like an Ex-Wife...........TOO Much Baggage !
I Can Tell You NOW, The Puppies, Will NOT Be Ranked that High Come the Middle of This Season !!
That is WISHFUL Thinking. You already Know what the Outcome of Next season is going to be, And that just Makes You Envious......
LSU OR Kentucky End FLORIDA'S Streak ???? I Want Some of what YOU are SMOKING !
Mullen and Staff Does NOT want the T R O U B L E !!!!
That's Because ESPN and The Coaches Poll Do Not EVER Rank Florida, For anything !
Jake Fromm WILL BE The Ryan Leaf of the NFL in 2020 !
Too Slow for Florida ! 2 1/2 Star Recruit !
I'd Like to see UCF In The S E C Than Missouri ! Nobody Outside Of They're Fans, has EVER accepted them as an SEC Team ! Just Saying.......
Baylor By 17 Points.........You Heard it here 1st !