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Definitely a better hire than Shane Beamer. Heupel knows the Florida recruiting scene, has explosive offenses and some success against power 5 opponents. Also, he knows how to be a head coach. All that is great but what it's going to come down to is always recruiting. Recruiting at Tennessee is never going to be easy.
Inclined to agree, he's small and while his speed has improved, he's not truly a burner. He's also not going to be wide open all the time like he was because he won't have the best offensive line, won't be playing with other all-star receivers and won't have Mac Jones. There's no way I'd draft him in the top 10.
Couldn't feel better about this situation. I think karmically it was the right outcome for this kid. He was a starter all year long for us and all he had to do was suck it up for one more year before we would be eligible for the draft. The NCAA did the right thing, these kids think that they can be free agents after every season and I don't want college football to turn into that. If he wants to leave then fine, but make him sit for a year. We got Daniels cause the Pac-12 wimped out on football this year and he deserves a chance to play and he left the conference. You can't transfer to another school in the same division! That's ridiculous. Thank you NCAA for doing the right thing.
Yes this matters because Scott Cochran is an excellent recruiter so he's going to make our recruiting staff even deeper than it already is (we had the #1 overall class).