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Immaturity???????????? You didn't see what the rest of us saw Saturday, and probably Joey, also? The offense is struggling. A coach who is supposed to be an offensive guru is allowing his team to go down in flames because he wouldn't make a change at QB to maybe jump start a stale offense? A coach who seemed to play one QB come Hell or high water? A coach that made a decision at QB during that game to NOT do what it takes to TRY to find a way to move the ball and score points? A coach who let his magnificent defense down? Who let down practically ALL of the Auburn Family, well, except maybe you and a few others? I believe that Joey saw that his coach let all the above people down, knew that he was stuck, and decided to pull out and re-start his recruiting to land on a team that wants him to play and become the QB that he is capable of becoming. This was Joey taking care of himself because he felt that there was NO ONE at Auburn who would. that is NOT a sign of immaturity, that is a sign of a young man who waited until he absolutely knew what his future was at Auburn, nil. This is the sign of a mature thinking individual.