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The man was complimenting Starr, yet instead another dumba$$ Alabama fan has to be an a$$hole. Typical Alabama football fan logic at its finest right there. SMH!!!!
Yep, because it was former LSU great Jimmy Taylor that was the Lynchpin that held Lombardi’s packer’s together. Is that good enough research for you ABryant1960 ?
Oh and that Florida St. should’ve had 2 consecutive seasons without playing in a bowl game as well.
Why ?? Didn’t Jimbo Fisher have to reschedule a cancelled game against the University of Louisiana Monroe during his last season at Florida St. just to get to 6 wins to be able to play in a bowl game ? What’s even worse is the fact that even with 6 wins that season Florida St. still actually wasn’t bowl eligible for that season because of their schedule, their schedule that season dictated that they were suppose to have 7 wins to be bowl eligible for Jimbo Fisher’s last season at Florida St. The NCAA didn’t catch their mistake until it was to late to correct it. Therefore meaning that Florida St’s. decline certainly started under Jimbo Fisher.
Orgeron will also clean up in the state of Louisiana as well when it’s said and done for the 2020 recruiting cycle, watch and see.
LOL!!!! Son you got to have players to win with, that’s something that he didn’t have at Ole Miss when he took that program over. Little known fact, the Ole Miss program was in such bad shape when he took over the program that the Ole Miss president & AD both admitted that Orgeron wasn’t given the tools to be successful as a head coach when he was at Ole Miss. Orgeron told Ole Miss that he had a talent depleted roster and was only given a 1/4 of the money to recruit with that LSU & Florida ( who was the SEC’s flag bearers in football at that time ) was given each season. Yet even still Orgeron did an excellent job in recruiting, even finishing with a top 10 ranked recruiting class during his last recruiting cycle as Ole Miss’s head coach, which was evident by Houston Nutt’s early success at Ole Miss with all Ed Orgeron recruited players. As a I recall, Ed Orgeron is 2-0 against MSU as LSU’s permanent head football coach.
Dado isn’t leaving Clemson. Sometimes it’s more important to a person what they have built on their own than what was already there before them. Jeremy Pruitt Is a head scratcher though, let’s be honest about him, he’s honestly yet to prove anything as a head coach. I’ll always have that Image in my mind of so-called defensive wizard Jeremy Pruitt getting his ass handed to him on national television when he was the defensive coordinator at defending 6-A Alabama state champions Hoover High School by a 2-A coach for a team from southeast Louisiana, that guy coaches circles around Jeremy Pruitt and from what I’ve seen he still would. Florida, LSU, Georgia & Texas A&M or all improving at a pretty good clip, things are fixing to get a lot harder for Alabama in the SEC, especially with LSU & Florida going to more of a RPO style offense, which has been Nick Saban’s Kryptonite. Many coaches have ties to SEC schools and understand the landscape that doesn’t currently coach in the SEC. Nick Saban is great at building a deeply talented roster and winning games with it, but he’s not the greatest coach ever. Like I’ve said, the best defensive game plan Saban has ever came up with against an elite up tempo spread offensive RPO offense was when he ran crying to the NCAA trying to get them to outlaw those type of offenses by claiming they were dangerous to the players, wonder if that had anything to do with him still not being able to figure out how to stop them??? Makes you wonder, now doesn’t it ??? I mean just look at the Clemson game, Saban made exactly 0 adjustments defensively in that game, ZERO!!! He was totally clueless in how to stop Clemson. Yet teams such as Texas A&M, who actually should’ve beat Clemson and Syracuse was able to figure it out. I mean what about that great fake punt attempt Saban put on in that game ??? All of those #1 ranked recruiting classes and still get your add whipped like that, right ?? Saban wins by out talenting the other team, not by our coaching them. That’s why he never sits a player that starts or plays meaningful minutes in a game regardless of what they’ve done wrong when having to play against a good team. He will do it against a scrub team, but not against a good one. A truly great coach can scheme their way to wins x’s & o’s wise over more talented teams, that’s not Nick Saban. I mean he was 34-24-1 at Michigan St. while only having one season with less than 5 losses, yet Steve Spurrier for example won the ACC at Duke by out scheming more talented teams with his fun & gun offense. I mean what’s Saban’s claim to fame ??? What has he done that’s actually changed the way the game is played out on the field outside of just having better players than what everybody else does that’s using the same exact generic run of the mill schemes that Saban uses that were devolved by many different coaches before he ever came alone ???? Saban was involved with an Academic scandal at LSU & now players being paid at Alabama, which most people already knew anyway. Does that say great coach or a coach that knows that his success revolves around having to out talent the other teams that he plays against ???
Oh and something else that most don’t know about. That very same jackass finished 21,400 and something in the Chicago Marathon and had his shoes bronze plated, then posted it on Twitter bragging about it.
He’s just a person that doesn’t know just exactly how that works. The Gymnastics team put that up to thank everyone and to list their accomplishment on the season. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing that. What numbnuts is thinking about is the ole everybody gets a trophy mentality, when others tell you that it’s ok to come up short on your ultimate goal of winning something. Two totally different things in this case.
I mean let’s be honest about it, the coaches that LSU “ SUPPOSEDLY “ was trying to hire over Ed Orgeron, Jimbo Fisher & Tom Herman. Well during Ed Orgeron’s 2 seasons as LSU’s head football coach he’s finished both of those seasons with a better win/loss record and ranked higher nationally than both of those coaches in each season, with Fisher having to be given a gift by a very bad SEC officiating crew to beat Ed Orgeron head to head in a 7 overtime game. Texas A&M honestly loss that game 4 different times, only to be bailed out by piss poor officiating.
I believe that you’re as lost as the writer of the article. He’s talking about the style of offense. You know, the offensive scheme. What was. It again that he said ?? Certainly an interesting statement, right ? Since when has saying that you finally have the offensive scheme in place that you’ve wanted since becoming LSU’s head football coach.
What in the hell are you even talking about ? What does Les Miles have to do with Little Cat U when it comes to the 2007 season ? I mean outside of the fact it was his LSU team that actually did win the National Championship that season, right ? As I recall his QB that season was Matt Flynn, who from best I can tell had as good of a BACKUP NFL QB career as what Chase Daniels did, but hey what do I know right ?
Yet the coach that did have all of those #1 recruiting classes had to politic his team into games that they were unable to win their way into, right ?
Yet the coach that did have all of those #1 recruiting classes had to politic his team into games that they were unable to win their way into, right ?
LOL!!! I think that I would take LSU over those 3. I mean after all they did run UGA off the field last year. They beat AU, lose a game to UF that they really should’ve won, with UT being lucky that they didn’t have to play them, because they would’ve got that ass whipped by them like they did the year before.
Those numbers are nothing more than guess work, as Rivals had Georgia at #1, Alabama at #2 & LSU at #3 in their rankings. Now this is the part that confuses people, it’s not always about where your recruiting class is ranked. As it’s much more about did you fill your needs for a recruiting cycle with quality players, that’s what matters most so than anything else when it comes to recruiting. For example, a team can sign numinous different 4 & 5 star RB’s, WR’s, DB’s & QB’s and end up with a very high ranked recruiting class because of all of those 4 & 5 star RB’s, WR’s, QB’s & DB’s that they signed. Yet they failed miserably at bringing in some quality offensive & defensive linemen, alone with some LB’s. Sometimes those needed position players that you have to have for a recruiting cycle are only ranked as 3 star players or lower. Those players will bring your points average down for that recruiting cycle, but you had to have them to fill holes on your team at positions that were depth depleted. That’s what got Les Miles during his last few seasons at LSU and is one of the main reasons why he got ran off from LSU. Miles has all of those high ranking recruiting classes because of all of the high ranking 4 & 5 star RB’s, WR’s, QB’s & DB’s, while his offensive & defensive line didn’t even have enough players to go 7 on 7 against each other at practice.
The actual truth is LSU pulled more kids from the state of Alabama this recruiting cycle than what Alabama pulled from the state of Louisiana.
The actual truth is LSU pulled more kids from the state of Alabama this recruiting cycle than what Alabama pulled from the state of Louisiana.
I’m pretty certain that after you get completely man handled somebody, well than you’re every bit of their equal or even better. That total beat down that Clemson put on Alabama was clearly enough for this question to have never even been asked.
So in other words you’re telling us that he’s acting like former University of Alabama player Ruben Foster, right ? Well no actually. This kid called somebody while Foster was choke holding people, alone with showing his ass asking people if they knew who he was, right ? Yet this little Mickey Mouse outfit did nothing but make excuses for Foster, all the while claiming that this kid just can’t stay out of trouble. SMH !!!!
I think the LSU loss to Florida legitimately actually had more to do with LSU’s QB fumbling the ball while being well within FG range. The late pick 6 only happened because LSU was having to try to force the ball downfield. No missed exact point or QB fumble, well than LSU isn’t throwing the ball late in that game. They were honestly the better of the two teams in that game. Everybody outside of a Florida fan and even the honest ones of those will tell you that’s the truth.
Jalen Hurts sorry ass will probably never even see the field at Oklahoma. I mean Oklahoma’s offense revolves around a QB that can actually throw the ball, that’s something Hurts can’t consistently do.
The AP Poll, WOW!!!!! Screw the AP Poll. 99.9% of the people that’s a sports writer and such do that because they were never good enough to actually play the game. Yet for some reason or another they try to act like they know everything there is about the game and how to play it. LSU has a men’s basketball national championship in 1935, I would think that would be more important to them than where a bunch of keyboard pushing paper whipping pencil pusher’s ranked them in a poll.
LSU’s offense averaged 32.5 points and a little over 400 yard’s per- game this past season. That was with a QB that wasn’t even on campus until right before the season startted, a patchwork offensive line that very seldom had the same starting 5 from one week to the next, an offensive coordinator that claimed that he was only able to run about 30% of his offense because of personnel issues ( lack of depth ) , alone with a group of WR’s that routinely dropped passes., while playing what was considered as being the single most hardest schedule in all of major college football this past season. Then you also have the issue of their 10-3 win/loss record for the season. Now what I mean by that is the fact that LSU honestly should’ve finished the season with a 12-1 record. They beat the piss out of Florida and Texas A&M both in all phases of the game outside of the scoreboard. The Texas A&M game had to be extremely hard on them, those kids won that game 3 or 4 times over. The SEC’s home office in Birmingham should’ve been completely embarrassed over the officiating in that game, simply because their incompetent officiating crew completely robbed LSU of the win in that game. The worst part about it was how Steve Shaw tried to defend that sorry excuse of an officiating crew by making the comment that there wasn’t an illegal formation by Texas A&M on the last play of regulation when Texas A&M scored to tie the game. Shaw said that Texas A&M was not in an illegal formation because they didn’t have to many players lined up on the line of scrimmage on that play. Well Shaw was correct on part of what he said, true enough, Texas A&M didn’t have to many players on the line of scrimmage on that play. Yet he failed to mention the part about how Texas A&M “DIDN’T” have to many players on the line of scrimmage on that play, but he also failed to mention the fact that Texas A&M “DIDN’T” havre enough players on the line of scrimmage on that play. LSU got totally screwed in that game by the SEC home office all the way down to the incompetent officiating crew they had calling that game.
I don’t know if I would say that Purdue is a for sure loss for Vandy. LSU & Georgia just as you said is certainly a different kind of animal though.
No they didn’t, the QB fumbled the snap is how they fumbled the ball. You just showed exactly how much you really know about it. LOL!!!! Florida was totally outplayed in that game by LSU. You might not like it, but that still doesn’t change the fact of it being true.
That’s true, but let’s be honest about it. LSU should’ve won the Florida game. LSU had fumble inside of Florida’s 5 yard line, alone with missing a chip shot FG. It was more LSU shooting their self in the foot than it was Florida just straight up winning the game. Had LSU just made the short FG that they miss in that game they would’ve won the game. The late pick 6 Florida got would’ve never happened, simply because LSU wouldn’t have been throwing the ball late in the game while having the lead. LSU gift wrapped and hand delivered that game to Florida.
I don’t know, but maybe we can get the opinion of the former University of Alabama sports information director Mr. Wayne Atcheson. You know, the same guy that started “CLAIMING” 1925, 1926, 1931, 1934 & 1941 as “MYTHICAL” FBS football national championship seasons for the University of Alabama all on his own back in 1983, right ? I mean he should be the most knowledgeable person in the history of college football on that subject. Paul Finebaum is about as creditable as a mud hole when it comes to anything that’s college football. Finebaum somehow another is a Heisman trophy voter, while being clueless to the actual history of the award. I watched “EAR’S” on his show awhile back arguing with a Georgia fan over the postseason numbers for Herschel Walker & Derrick Henry. Ear’s argued the Georgia fan that Walker’s 1,800 and something rushing yards during his 1982 Heisman season included Walker’s numbers in the Sugar Bowl for that season, just as Derrick Henry’s postseason numbers were during his Heisman trophy winning season of 2015. That jackass removed any doubt that some people may’ve had as to whether or not he has a clue about anything he’s talking about. You know, because the NCAA didn’t allow players, coaches or schools to count their postseason stats into their season totals until the 2001 season, a full 19 years after Walker left the University of Georgia. LOL!!!! I mean that fool argued that Georgia fan for 20 minutes or so on his show about it, Mr. Heisman Voter that is. Finebaum is a clueless jackass that probably couldn’t even tell you what the inside of a pair of shoulder pads look like. LOL!!!! U.C.F.’s biggest problem is gonna be the fact that they’re a spread team, while LSU is a pro-style team. Since the turn of the century, the 2000 season up until today, the LSU defense has routinely been the best defensive unit in the country against the spread offenses over that timeframe. To quote Chip Kelly after his #3 ranked Oregon ducks took a total beat down at the hands of the LSU defense, “I’ve never seen a team that big that could run that fast, they have a different kind of athlete than what we have”. An Alabama assistant coach down on the field last year before the Clemson game made the comment to a sports media reporter, “Clemson is the only team other than LSU that we’ve played this year that looks just like us, big & fast at every position”. This will by far be the most talented team U.C.F. has faced over their 25 game win streak, they won’t have an advantage over LSU at any position, on either side of the ball. LSU being a pro-style offensive team means that their big ole offensive line we be laying on U.C.F.’s front 7 all game long. That’s where LSU should be able to start to separate from U.C.F. In the game. This is where the problems come in for the U.C.F.’s of major college football when paired against the LSU’s & such. When U.C.F. has to start to get into their 2 & 3 deep rotations because of getting laid on up front by LSU, the talent level of the U.C.F. reserve’s drops off way more so than what LSU’s does. The truth is LSU honestly should be 11-1, the QB fumbled the ball inside the Florida 5 yard line, alone with them barely missing a short FG that bounced off the upright. The 8 point win for Florida in that game was a little misleading, as 7 of those 8 points came very late off of a pick 6 because of LSU having to force the ball down the field. Had they not fumbled the ball inside of Florida’s 5 yard line or not missed the short FG, well than LSU wouldn’t have been throwing the ball late in that game for the pick 6 to happen. The Texas A&M game, a 2 point 7 overtime loss that was quite possibly the single worst officiated game that I’ve ever seen, as LSU honestly won that game 4 or 5 different times. Kinda like how the SEC’s head of officials Mr. Steve Shaw said that Texas & A&M wasn’t in an illegal formation on the last play of the game in regulation to tie the game up. Shaw defended the no call by saying that Texas A&M didn’t have to many players on the line of scrimmage on that play, well that much was without a doubt true. Yet the problem was the fact that Texas A&M didn’t have “ENOUGH” players on the line of scrimmage on that play. LSU got totally screwed in that game, that’s not just LSU fans that’s saying that, as people from all across the country are saying, which has also included numinous different former officials. Like I’ve said, LSU honestly should be seatings there at 11-1, while playing against what was said to be the absolute hardest schedule in the entire country this past season. It’s also been said that LSU’s weak offense could lead to U.F.C. having the advantage over them in this game. Yet the actual truth about that is the fact that Alabama was the only team this season was able to stop that weak LSU offense. I’m sorry but U.C.F.’s defense isn’t better than Maimi’s, Mississippi St.’s, Georgia’s, Texas A&M’s, Florida’s or Auburn’s, yet none of those defenses could shut LSU’s offense down. Now can U.C.F. beat LSU ? Of course, but they’re gonna need a little help from LSU to be able to do it. The difference is the fact that LSU doesn’t need any help from U.C.F. to be able to beat them.