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It doesn’t prove anything. Knock that chip off your shoulder and get in the real world. People loved Keytaon, he was a standup guy, but he didn’t have the accuracy to run Jomo’s or Leach’s passing game.
So Georgia was the better team because they won the first half? Really? Yes, Kirby Dumb's fake punt at the end was stupid, but Bama was going to win this game no matter what.
Yeah, but the receivers need to be able to get open, and right now that's not happening. At all. I saw it for myself at the Auburn game. The receivers were covered like white on rice when they went downfield. I've pretty much resigned myself to the fact we're just not going to have a passing game this year.
Well, you might be right. I'm going to this week's game against Auburn, and the last time I was in that stadium was in 1978, and MSU lost to Auburn 6-0. We might see a deja vu all over again!
If State doesn't find a way to come up with some kind of a passing game in the next week or so, I think your season predictions will be right on the money. As as much as anything, fixing the passing game needs to start with pass protection. If that happened, the remaining issues would at least be tolerable to live with.
I totally agree. People over reacting after two losses are indeed part of the problem, and only make it more difficult to entice the next coach to come here, if it comes to that. I'm almost as disappointed as everybody else (I acknowledged this team's weaknesses however), but it's just way to early to talk about making a replacement at head coach. And who would be available to coach in the middle of the season anyway? Nobody. That would be an unmitigated disaster. Let's just stick it out for the rest of the season and see what happens.
So exactly what are they saying he did? Every article I read fails to mention what they found, only that they suspended him.
That's why I'm so glad he's gone from MSU. It was hard to root for a Mullen coached team.
You're right that Mullen doesn't care about morals or ethics, but the Jeffery Simmons thing was not what you think it was.
Yeah, that Jeffrey Simmons has been such a troublemaker. Nice try, but's that's a fail.
From one angle, it looks like the ball was starting to come out as he stretched it across the goal line. Can't tell if he was already across the goal line though, and the video is jittery. This should be a lesson to every kid (and every coach) that sometimes the smart play is just taking the yardage your given and protect the ball, then see what you can make happen on the next play. Just ask Dez Bryant about that (regarding his "no catch" at the goal line against Green Bay in the playoffs a few years ago).
That's what people thought before Dak's junior year, and then he came pretty closee. I wouldn't rule it out if MSU has an outstanding year.
And just take a look at the rest of his results against top 25 teams. That says it all.
So glad he's gone from MSU. He's Florida's problem now.
I'm just glad that Mullen is gone from MSU. Florida fans get to see his true colors now. And just wait until he pulls one of his insane in-game decisions.