Joe M.

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No way in hell FSU would've gone undefeated playing UCF's schedule this season. They barely snuck by FCS Samford and 2 win Louisville. Sorry, as much as I hate UCF right now, I hate FSU more and I'll never give them credit even if trying to rag on UCF.
I kind've lost focus after reading the line "since UCF's dominant win over Auburn". Maybe I'm wrong in my understanding of the term dominant, but a 7 pt win hardly seems to fit the mold.
Easily the most delusional AD and fan base of any college football program I've ever seen. I never thought I'd be more excited about watching another bowl game than the one my team is actually playing in. I cannot wait to watch LSU curb stomp these fools. UCF fans better prepare themselves for the roll they're creating for themselves, which is becoming the most hated program in college football. What was once a pretty cool feel good story, is now becoming the most annoying story in college football history. I'm not sure how the Gators got dragged into their stupidity, but they need to start focusing their delusions somewhere else.