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Yeah Del Rio just came out and said Franks has pulled ahead and Jones is making a lot of freshman mistakes. Franks is showing all indications in the offseason that he's doing everything he can to improve and I think that's awesome. He has all the physical tools to be a great QB, he just needed to work on the mental aspect, which he's clearly doing. The fact that he's up to 240 lbs now, Tebow's playing weight by the way, means he's going to be an absolute handful in the running game. If he can just be smart with the ball and make the easy throws and occasionally truck some defenders in the running game, watch out. This offense will be explosive. All indications are that the defense is back to it's old dominant ways too. Man I can't wait for the season to start!
Most of the offensive issues of the last few years stem from extremely poor offensive line play. Hard to establish a running game when you can't open holes. It's also hard to establish a passing game when the QB only has half a second to read the field before being pressured. It's easy to understand why they've been so bad after hearing how bad the strength and conditioning program was under Mac. The Gators have an extremely deep and loaded backfield this season and one of the best WR corps in the SEC. If the new S&C program pays off, and based on how this team looks physically since last season, it's paying off big time, then the line should be much better and not get pushed around as much. If one of the QBs can step up and just be a game manager and make throws when needed and not turn it over, then this offense is going to be explosive.
I'm sure many Missouri fans were saying the same thing about Drew Lock after his first season playing worse than Franks did. I'm imagining they're all pretty happy now that the new coaching staff kept him in as the starter the following season, since he's now a dark horse Heisman candidate and projected to be the first QB taken in the draft. Don't give up on the QB with by far the most experience on the roster because he was being coached by a bunch of losers. The guy's got all the talent in the world to be a great QB, he just needs the right coaching.
Pretty sure there's not too many fans alive today that actually remember UGA ever dominating the series, so congrats on your 10 game lead. I'm looking forward to things going back to the norm now that Richt's players are gone. I think Dawg fans are getting a little too far ahead of themselves after one good season. Show some consistency for a change before getting a big head, especially after the last 30 years when UGA was out-recruiting the Gators most of the time and that meant nothing. You guys are sounding a lot like Gator fans did after Muschamp's 11 win second season and top 3 recruiting class. We thought we were back and going to dominate for years only to have reality set in real quick. Lets see how Smart follows up last season before getting too excited.
The Gators aren't losing to FSU this season, bank on it. I've also got them beating LSU. I don't agree that last years UGA game showed the teams are really far apart. Let's not forget just the season before the Gators beat them 24-10. Last years game only showed that Georgia was stacked with upperclass talent and that's a hard team to beat when you've basically lost your entire team to injury and suspension. UGA's lost a lot of talent from last years team and besides a few decent players sprinkled around that roster, they're nothing but preseason paper champs with nothing but High School hype and star rankings to back it up. Recruiting only wins the preseason, Smart still has to develop the talent and make it translate to the college game. That's not a guarantee. The Gators have pretty much returned everyone going 3 deep and have added some pretty good transfers. If Mullen can get the most out of which ever QB plays, then this team is going to make a lot of noise and surprise a lot of people. Far too many people are putting too much stock into only having 4 wins last season when only 30 scholarship players were available by the end of the season. Pretty sure even Bama would struggle after losing 65% of the entire team.
volzdeep you're placing far too much emphasis on last season when half the team was out with injury or suspended, on top of many other issues. Lets not forget this is a program that won 19 games the previous 2 seasons. They're not lacking talent at all they were just lacking good coaching. They're going to surprise a lot of people, just watch. Taggart may be a great recruiter, but he has yet to prove he's a great power 5 coach. Recruiting only get you so far.
It's funny to hear so many Gator fans on the Trask train. The saying is definitely true that the backup is always the fan favorite. Hell I remember when everyone was declaring Franks was the savior and his redshirt should be burned and he needs to be playing now, just like everyone is claiming about Trask. You know what Drew Lock's stats were the first season he started? 1332 yds 4 TDs, 8 ints with a 90.5 rating in 12 games. Franks' stats were 1438 yds, 9 TDs, 8 ints, 113.3 rating in 11 games. Look where Lock is now once a new coaching staff was brought in. He's a dark horse Heisman candidate and projected to be a first rd pick. You absolutely have to factor in that most Qbs struggle their first year, and then factor in that Franks was being coached by some of the worst offensive coaches ever. You gotta go with the guy that has a year of SEC experience under his belt and see how he progresses in the new system under better coaches, and if he still shows no improvement, then you give the career backup his shot. I just don't understand how so many Gator fans want to give up on him and go with a guy who hasn't started a game since middle school simply because he looks good in practice when the defense really isn't going all out. Trask would've taken about 8 sacks in the Spring game if the defense could hit him. If you roll with a first year starter then you're for sure going to get the first year starter boneheaded mistakes.
Mountain Dog, those 4 losses were more about horrible coaching and about 80% of the team being suspended or injured. There were only 30 scholarship players available by the end of the season. Throw in the fact that we had arguably the worst strength and conditioning program in college football history, and not even a roster like Bama's would succeed under those circumstances. Those 4 losses certainly weren't because they were lacking talent. This team has a ton of talent across the board to go along with a ton of experience, especially along the offensive line where most of them have been starting since their true freshman seasons. All it's going to take is a QB who can manage the game, make throws when needed, and not turn it over and this team will shock a lot of people. I think all 4 of those games can be winnable. I'm not banking on UGA being a powerhouse until I see Smart can actually develop all the talent he's accumulating and continue to win without Richt's players. A lot of talent was lost off of that defense to go along with about 85% of the offensive production. Recruiting only wins the offseason. It's not a guarantee of regular season success, just ask Muschamp. Willie Taggart has to prove he can win at the power 5 level before I'm declaring them unbeatable as well. Let's be real, they lost a hell of a lot less than the Gators last season, personnel wise, and crumbled to a 7 win season, so they have bigger issues than meets the eye.
There's absolutely no way in hell he didn't know. I'm sorry, but when you've got 3 people, Hiram DeFries, Brian Voltolini, and Amy Nicol, who have been attached to your hip your entire career who knew about this, there's no way you didn't know. That's before adding in the fact that your wife of 32 years also knew. Anyone who believes he didn't know is about as delusional as it gets.
Did you even read the story or are you just throwing out a crazy opinion? It's one thing to work out kids hard, its another to have them getting injured by blowing out their quads and having to be taken to the hospital. Not only that, but when players were injured, he fostered an environment where it was ok to verbally assault the injured players and criticize them for being injured. One player contemplated suicide. Sorry, but I played football for quite a long time and know how coaches can be and how they push you, but that type of coaching isn't acceptable on any level if in fact it's true.
Technically he flipped the first time cause Mullen left. Seems like he's now committed to the coach he wanted to play for in the first place.
I guess it's easier to avoid the thuggish behavior when you pay your players, right?
I don't agree with the theory that Jones can compensate for Trask's shortcomings as a runner. If you use Trask as a passer and then bring in Jones for running plays, that would become about as predictable of an offense as there is in college football. We need someone in there that can do both and keep the defense guessing and then bring in Jones for experience and actually allow him to make some passes as well. I think Franks will be the guy and hopefully he surprises everyone.
I'm pretty sure Vol fans are the only ones who think it wasn't hilarious. I love how you guys resort to the 1 loss he had as the retort too. He's 2-1 against you and has every right to talk trash, unlike Vol fans who have seen 1 win in the last 13 years.
I'm guessing in some situations you were pretty happy he didn't drop the hammer, cause if he did there's no well in hell Jeffrey Simmons would be on your roster.
You must not know too many Gator fans then cause I don't know any that aren't optimistic about where the program is headed. Mullen's only been on the job for 7 months and most of which he's not been around the players and has been on the road recruiting. To think he's going to completely change the culture of the program in that short period of time is about as delusional as it gets.
HIs inability to hold on to a DC is what you're going by? When will MSU fans realizing they're a stepping stone program? The fact that Mullen stayed as long as he did, is the most shocking thing. You can bet for damn sure that Moorhead will be walking out those doors for a higher profile job much quicker if he has the kind've success Mullen did, which will be hard to do considering he's had the most success in history. It boggles my mind every time I see an MSU fan criticize him. You guys were the laughing stock of the SEC before he took over and are only respectable now because of what he was able to accomplish there. But yeah he's not a great head coach, and he'll certainly struggle at a program like UF where he'll get far better talent than he could dream about getting at MSU.
You must not know much about SEC football. MSU was an annual SEC doormat on the level of a Vanderbilt before he took over 9 years ago. Look where they're at now. He accomplished about as much as Ole Miss did while cheating. He was responsible for bringing them to 8 of the 21 total bowl games they've appeared in in 123 years. Would've been the all time winningest coach this season had he stayed and would've done it in 3 less seasons than Jackie Sherill, which gives him the highest winning percentage in program history. Oh and he did all this with far less talent than most of the teams he was facing in the SEC West, but yeah he's not a great head coach. HILARIOUS!!!
Pretty salty coming from a guy who just had the best coach their program has ever seen.
One good season in which you're winning a bunch of games with a senior heavy team loaded with players handed to you from the previous coach, doesn't automatically vault you into being one of the top coaches in the conference. That's like calling Muschamp a top SEC coach after he won 11 games and finished #3 in the BCS in 2012. Yeah Smart's a great recruiter, but so was Muschamp, who had the #3 overall class that season. Pretty sure most coaches would've looked a hell of a lot better than they are with that roster UGA had last season. Hell Larry Coker won a national championship his first season with Miami and where is he now? Smart needs to show some consistency as a head coach before declaring him great. At least Mullen has 9 years of SEC coaching to support his argument. Time for the real Kirby Smart to show his face now that Richt's players are gone. We'll see after this season how good he actually is.
By the way, if Moorhead has a few successful seasons, he's going to move on to a better job as well. You guys need to realize you're a stepping stone program.
And yet he still was the most successful coach in your programs history and brought them to 8 of their 21 total bowl games in their 123 year history. You Mississippi State fans are hilarious with your hatred towards him now. Look at the bright side, at least he didn't leave the program like Meyer left UF, lying through his teeth an in shambles. He left you in the best shape that program has ever been with probably the best roster its ever had. Quit trying to act like he sucks, everyone can see right through what you're doing.
Whatever happens in the weight room, Savage gets 100% of the credit. That man is savage. Sorry I had to. This team isn't where they are right now without him. Fact of the matter is though, Dan had to get him here.
Funny thing is, as bad as UF's offense was last season, South Carolina's wasn't much better sitting at 102 in total offense. Cock fans shouldn't talk period until Muschamp steps foot on the SEC Championship field, something he was never able to accomplish at UF with far more talent. The Gators are going to surprise a lot of people this season. Hell Mac was able to win 10 games his first season after they won 7 games the year before and we all know how pathetic of a coach he was. That's besides the point of how depleted the team was offensively when he took over. This team has a hell of a lot more talent and experience on offense than that team did.
Dawg44 of course he lost a lot of players from his own back yard. What kid in their right mind would want to stay in that $%ithole? Any MSU fan that criticizes the best head coach that program has ever seen, the guy who brought them to 8 of the 21 TOTAL bowl games they've been to in 123 years, is just salty he left. That's quite obvious to everyone.
Snowprint, or should I say Mikey is that you? Did you find your way to Saturday Down South now to annoy the hell out of everyone here with your novels of garbage opinions? Hilarious!
The sooner you realize UF is a far different animal on a higher level and can attract much better talent than MSU, the sooner you'll stop trying to compare. Last I checked Mullen is 1-0 against Saban/Bama in Gainesville as his offense scored 31pts against the #1 undefeated Tide in the 08 SEC Championship.
No actually a joke is getting stuffed on the 1 yard line and losing at home after crying your eyes out about getting the game to be played at home, by a team that was missing 9 starters to injury. Ranting and raving about a win against a Gator team with only 40 scholarship players available last season is a close second as far as being a joke is concerned. UF will easily beat LSU this season, mark my words, and Orgeron will for sure be on the hot seat by the end of the season.
Lets be real, McElwain was sitting at #1 in the recruiting rankings for '19 before he was fired. If a sorry coach with a terrible product on the field can recruit like that to UF, then Mullen should have no problems once he puts a good product on the field. It's quite obvious The Mayor that you're a bit salty with Mullen leaving your program high and dry, but that just shows everyone you know he's a great coach and wish he was still yours.
You do realize those 4 wins were a result of having only 40 scholarship players available by the end of the season right? The majority of them were starters. I'm pretty sure even Bama would struggle after losing that many players. That's besides the fact that the previous regime didn't even know what a weight room looked like, so the players that were available just got pushed around by men like they were 12 year olds. People from the outside looking in don't realize how bad the situation was with the previous regime and think those 4 wins were a result of a fully loaded and prepared team. That would've been a far different team if even half the players that were injured or suspended were available. As an MSU fan, you should know first hand how in shape and prepared a Mullen team is. People will be in for a rude awakening once the season starts, and don't think for a second that that game in Starkville will be a breeze. It's not too large of a hole to lift out of and I'll be very surprised if they lose more than 8 games. I'm thinking this will be a 9 or 10 win team easily, and if they get the QB situation figured out, they'll make a lot of noise. Mac won 19 games and 2 division titles the previous 2 seasons and the guy couldn't coach to save his life. I have no doubt Mullen will be far more successful in everything he does with the program.