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What's even more surprising is reporting on such a stupid story considering what the state attorney said and the fact that no charges have even been filed. Lets just pile on the negativity for the trolls to feed off of. I wonder how many times this wussy tow truck driver has had far worse done to him than just having his arm grabbed and never did anything about it. At this point I'd be too afraid to leave my house if I were a player. God forbid they accidentally bump into someone, that will probably turn into possible battery charges.
LOL! Way to cut your sample size down to fit your narrative.
Go back and look at my comments on previous articles to see what my synopsis is.
Wow, I’m actually following exact quotes on twitter right now, including the one about there being a lot that went into his decision to transfer. Convenient how you leave out the part where he specifically says “including a desire to head to the west coast.” Also convenient how you leave out the part where he says he followed school policy with everything. The reporting of this entire situation on this website has been pathetic.
This is the Dawg fan delusional logic in a nutshell. Do you really believe Bama is going into the game against the Citadel with the same intensity UGA is going into the game against UF with both teams ranked in the top 10? Come on man you can't be that dumb. Yeah UGA is just toying with a huge rival in a game with potential playoff implications. By the way, the Gators were down 6 with the ball and 4 mins left in the 3rd quarter, but yeah it's the same as Citadel being tied at halftime lol!!! The Vols gave you a better game?? Again with the stupidity. At what point in that game did they actually have the lead let alone even a chance to win? You sir have just won the award for the dumbest thing I've ever seen a Dawg fan say. November 2nd can't get here soon enough.
Voltrashcan, there's really only one comparison you can make between Kirby and Mullen at this point and that's the success each of them had in their first seasons with their respective programs, since Mullen has only been at UF for 1 season. Smart was handed a far more loaded roster with future first rounders littered all over. He took a team that won 10 games the year before and only won 8 finishing the season unranked. Yeah he had a true freshman starting at Qb, but is there any Dawg fan out there that wouldn't have taken a freshman Eason over the Franks that Mullen inherited? Mullen took over a broken program culturally that won 4 games, and proceeded to win 10 games dismantling Michigan in a New Year's six bowl and finishing with a #6 or 7 ranking depending on which poll you're looking at. You can't take 3 years of Smart's accomplishments and compare them to one season for Mullen. If we were just looking at each of their first seasons, one would walk away from that comparison saying Mullen will have more success going forward. I hate to break it to everyone, but I don't believe for a second that Smart would've had the same successful first season at UF that Mullen did. He didn't even do it at Georgia with better talent.
Corch here's the thing. If you put Kirby as head coach of MSU in 2009 when Mullen took them over after a 4 win season, do you really believe he wins 9 games in year 2 and takes them to #1 in the country a few years later competing in the SEC West when it was at its all time best? Do you really believe he has the same recruiting success he's having now? I highly doubt it. He dropped into one of the most ready to win, easiest to recruit to programs in the country. No way in hell he wins 10 games with the Gator disaster Mullen took over. I mean he was handed a dominant roster at UGA and all he could do was win 8 games. There's not too many people outside of Athens that would agree with your assessment of Mullen. You just look like you have no clue about college football. Whether you like to believe it or not, Mullen's one of the best tacticians in the game. He may not be as good of a recruiter as Smart, but he gets more out of the talent he has than most college coaches. If you think UGA is going to dominate forever simply because of talent, then you're in for a rude awakening. Just curious, do you really believe the Clemson teams that beat Bama had more talent than them? I think the recruiting rankings would say otherwise. Boxster, UGA has to replace a lot of offense from last season, if they're able to do that then should have another successful season. Whether they go undefeated again is anyone's guess. They really only have to worry about UF, AU, and A&M.
And yet his dad tweeted this out on April 14th, well after his son requested the move and a week after the assault occurred. "Man, the love my son gets @Floridagators is incredible! @CoachDanMullen is awesome". CLEARLY not a family that's angry about their son being ignored or thinking he's being forced to stay in a horrible living situation. But let's ignore all the facts and just keep rolling with the Mullen looks horrible for not moving him right away narrative that allows Dawg fans to keep running their mouths. Funny thing is, he's barely off the plane back home and already committed to Oregon. Do you Dawg fans really believe this is something he hasn't been considering for a while now? That's not the type of decision you make that quickly. You guys can't be that naive.
You do realize the only reason he was running with the first team was because of injuries right?
Dawg44 I've said it before and I'll say it again, I wish more coaches would talk trash. It's fun for the game and it makes the games more interesting. I'm not a believer in talk having any kind've impact on the game. I'm sorry if I don't agree with how you feel about it. If Mullen felt enough confidence to talk trash, then so be it. Now he just needs to go out and back it up.
Boxster come on man, even a 7 or 8 win team learning a completely new system on both sides of the ball has no business hanging with a playoff favorite, even at full strength let alone how depleted they were. The reality is, on paper the talent gap between the teams is huge. The Gators had no business hanging for as long as they did. It should've been a blowout right from kickoff like it was the year before. We had 4th string players starting in the secondary against one of the best QBs in the SEC and some would say nation. That alone tells you there's a big gap in coaching ability. The fact that it took Kirby as long as it did to start exploiting it is mind boggling. All that game did was give the players the confidence to believe they can and will win. It clearly gave the coach a lot of confidence. Dawg fans are the only one's who don't see Smart's shortcomings as a coach. He's beating most teams simply because he has more talent and losing the games where coaching becomes a factor. People seem to always want to claim Saban's biggest weakness is facing mobile QBs and spread offense's. Shouldn't that actually apply to Smart since he was the DC of all those Bama teams that got beat by spread offense's? And no I don't see the irony. If you're going to talk trash based simply on the fact that you're going to own us for years to come and that 2 wins in a row somehow erases 30 years of dominance, then it looks far worse when you lose to what will more than likely be an underdog. A loss will certainly alter the tides of momentum between the two programs.
Well you'll be waiting a while for a response. He's not allowed to address these types of situations regarding students. Unfortunately he's just going to have to ride out the smear campaign. His players know the truth and knowing he can't address it certainly let it be known how they felt. Haters are going to believe what they want to believe, but I think it's pretty safe to say they wouldn't have gone after Steele if they felt he was truly wronged by the coaching staff. They were obviously angry about how their coach was being portrayed.
Seems some state fans are still a little salty about Mullen leaving. No one's buying for a second that you don't wish Mullen was still on your staff. We all saw how Moorehead wasted all that talent. More first round draft picks in one season than that program's ever seen and you could only muster up an 8-5 season. You really believe Mullen wouldn't have accomplished more? I still stand by him no matter what he's done and I'm looking forward to the UGA game more than any other, and have all the confidence in the world that if the Gators stay healthy they'll win. Dawg fans seem to think they're unbeatable for some reason, but they've clearly forgotten that a severely depleted team that won 4 games the year before and was still green learning a new offense and defense hung with them longer than they should have. They might want to slow their roll on getting too ahead of themselves with all this talking they're doing, cause it's going to look really bad if they lose that game. They want to talk about karma, that would be the epitome of it.
Those guys were all in the '19 class. Has no affect on the #8-'20 class. Just because Black didn't qualify this season doesn't mean he can't join later. With the current QB room and Emory Jones being the future and Richardson committed for '20, we'll be just fine without Jalon Jones. People seem to forget how loaded the '19 DB class was. Losing Steele may hurt a little as far as him being an early enrollee and ahead of the rest, but a guy UGA fans know quite well just arrived on campus yesterday in Kaiir Elam who will offset that transfer. Again, the world is not falling.
Just need to get the season started and that negative direction will right itself with a win over Miami. A backup CB and 4th string QB transferring and a few 16 year old recruits changing their minds isn't as dramatic as everyone is making it out to be. Last I checked, they weren't losing too many recruits from the current #8 recruiting class, which is really what matters. They still have a lot of experienced talent returning and a projected preseason top 10 team. If Mullen can put together another good season, then everyone will forget about this little blip in the radar and some of those 21 recruits will jump back on board. Sorry Dawg fans, but most Gator fans don't feel the world is falling like you guys are trying to make it out to be.
You're obviously struggling with comprehension so let me explain a little better for you. The Gators had the ball with a chance to take the lead late in the 3rd qtr before Franks fumbled. The Dawgs had the ball on the Gator 1 and had 6 plays and still couldn't get it in. The game wasn't comfortably in hand until midway through the 4th. Pretty pathetic for a team that was a playoff favorite playing a team missing half their starting defense, and a far cry from the blowout the year before when UGA was up 21-0 five minutes into the game. Is that a little easier for you to understand? Sure buddy, Mullen doesn't know more about his team than what you read on SDS. You Dawg fans read this website as if its bible. I'm sure you believe everything that's said about your team on here don't you? Hilarious!!
Who's to say Mullen doesn't truly believe he has the team to back it up? I mean lets be honest, UGA didn't exactly blow them out last game despite what the final score said and the fact that they should have considering how depleted the Gators were on defense. The score and game should've been more like the year before. It's not far fetched to believe the outcome might've been different had the Gators been at full strength. Should he have kept his mouth shut? Obviously with what has happened now, the answer is yes, but up until now all his talk was doing was bringing more attention to the game. Words certainly aren't going to determine the outcome.
So you've nominated yourself as the one fan to be more obsessed than any other to make sure everyone hears about it and to right the wrongs of whats been done? Ok duly noted. I know, Dawg fans wouldn't embrace everything their coach did either, right? Welcome to college football, where fans bases embrace their own. What an unusual concept.
Good comeback! Now carry on with your comical obsession with the Gators. I see you can't even stop talking about us on UGA articles that have nothing to do with us. Seems like other fan base's are even calling you out for it. Talk about pathetic. At this point it's actually pretty hilarious the absurd level you've taken it to.
LOL! The stupidity just flows freely doesn't it? Even Sherrill took MSU to the SEC Championship game? That's the basis of your burn? Yeah he did, but do you even realize he did so with an 8-5 record playing a West division that was probably the worst its ever been? Mullen probably would've taken them 4 or 5 times if he was coaching them back then. Do you even realize Mullen would've obliterated Sherrill's most wins all time record in 3 less seasons than it took Sherrill and did so playing in a West division that was probably at its all time best? Get a clue and think before spewing your stupidity. The only thing I'll agree with is Mullen should just let his coaching do the talking. I'm sure that's what he'll be doing from now on.
These haters don't want to acknowledge that tweet or hear any of that, they just want to feed off what the media is portraying the situation to be.
No, maybe you should go back and read Steele's dad's tweets just a couple of weeks ago praising the schools treatment of his son and how awesome Mullen is. Does that sound like a father that's truly upset about how his son is being treated? Especially since that tweet was made a month after his son requested to be transferred and a week after the sexual assault occurred. I think it's pretty obvious by how these players are reacting to the situation, that they're not very happy about Steele dragging their coach's name through the mud. Take the hater glasses off and actually do a little research on this situation instead of buying into what you're being fed by the media.
I think the way the current players are reacting to this speaks volumes. At least to the people who haven’t bought into everything the media is feeding them.
Blitzer, Steele's father tweeted out praise for the school and coach Mullen about how great his son his being treated and how awesome Mullen is, just a couple of weeks ago. Don't believe everything you you read on these sites. He actually even bashes the reporters in another tweet. Sorry but a father isn't going to publicly tweet that kind've praise if they're angry about their son's current living situation and feel their son is being neglected. Chris supposedly asked to be moved a month before that tweet. Obviously not as dire of a situation as everyone is trying to make it out to be. His dad's handle is @BiggSteele552. You can go look for yourself and scroll down to April 13th. Sorry to rain on the Dawg fans' parade of hurling insults and bashing Mullen, but you can't deny that his father actually wasn't angry about how his son was being treated and makes the whole situation look different than what's being reported.
I didn't realize this current cycle was even close to being over yet. Nice spin though, it's still 2 years away. No reason to get all bent out of shape over a kid who can change his mind 100 times in the next 2 years.
By the way Corch, I noticed you skipped right over and didn't even acknowledge my last comment, which is to be expected. Why acknowledge when actual facts are presented. Funny thing is his father even bashes the reporters in another tweet, but you and every other Dawg fan wants to believe everything you read on these sites. It's hilarious!