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Yeah it'll be tough climbing the polls with that schedule coming off a loss after Halloween every year.
DawgsofWar, Smart can go ahead and continue recruiting circles around Mullen. As long as Mullen isn't too far behind, like he was this year, then he'll just coach circles around Smart. Newsflash, recruiting only wins the preseason, and as Dawg fans have seen the last 2 years, it hasn't gotten you much in the regular season. I hope you enjoyed your little 2 year run while the Gators were down, cause the Dawgs will soon fall back to their rightful place in the East. It's going to be fun watching Grantham shut you fools up and make you realize real quickly that a 2 year run doesn't make you Bama.
Correction, Pruitt had them at 17th in his first season. Was looking at the wrong website when I found 45th ranked.
What would you call going from 23rd in total defense in 2010 at UGA to 5th in 2011? The Cowboys went from 13th in points allowed in 2007 to 2nd in 2009. Do they not teach math up their in Athens? UGA fans are something else. Not sure what you expect a coach to accomplish when he loses great players to the NFL and isn't with a program long enough to recruit and develop new players. Here's a thought, maybe it was Richt's fault for not recruiting quality players and it made Grantham look bad. Georgia went from 32nd to 45th the year after he left. Was that his fault too? Seems like he's done some pretty great things since leaving there. There's not too many DC's out there that can come in and change from a 4-3 to a 3-4 and improve the rankings in their first season, with players who were recruited by someone else for a completely different system. The fact of the matter is he hasn't been with a program long enough to label him good or bad. You certainly can't label him terrible based off of what he's been able to accomplish at every stop since leaving UGA.
Yeah Dawg fans act like he's the best QB in college football, but his stats weren't much better than Franks' this season with one more game played and Franks learning a new offense. Hilarious!
Keep in mind this is a defense that was recruited for a 4-3 for years. You're going to have the same struggles implementing a completely new defense with players that don't fit that system just like you would going from a pro style to a spread on offense. Add all the injuries on top of it, to a unit that we knew going into the season couldn't afford to lose anyone, and it's surprising the defense was able to do as good as they did. It's going to be fun watching Grantham shut all these loser obsessed Dawg fans up.
This is exactly right. What people don't seem to understand is Grantham's attacking style of defense requires the right talent to run it effectively, and when it lacks the talent, it's not quite the same and tends to get burned. You could see it in the 3 losses this season when he was missing several key players and didn't inherit enough talent to back them up. UGA fans should be able to see what he was able to accomplish with guys like Jarvis Jones, Alec Ogletree, John Jenkins. Kwame Geathers, Sanders Commings, and Bacarri Rambo. They had the #5 defense in the nation, but dropped back down to earth once all those guys left for the NFL. He's going to have an abundance of talent in Gainesville, so UGA fans should probably slow their roll on being happy about him staying.
Yeah this article is quite misleading, making it seem like he signed the extension as a result of the Bengals pursuing him. He signed the extension right after the peach bowl long before the Bengals came calling. Stricklin made a pre-emptive strike knowing teams would come after him. Looks like he was right in doing so.
Nah, he's already one of the highest paid coordinators in college football. It's safe to say his current $1.5 million salary, which goes to $1.6 next season, is what kept him from taking a pay cut with the Bengals. Recruiting is what's going to benefit most with this situation. Recruits are going to want to play for a coach who was really wanted by an NFL team.
Apparently UGA fans are only 2 years old if they think they own the Gators. Last I checked the record remains 21-8 since most of us were old enough to actually remember starting to follow college football. I could care less what happened long before that. Congrats on the 2 year run though, I know it has to feel really good after watching the Gators completely own this series for the last 30 years. Unfortunately you need to string together far more than 2 wins in a row to claim you own us. Enjoy it while it lasts though cause it ends real soon.
I'm not so sure it's all on Taggart. The dumpster fire was smoldering behind the scenes long before he got there. Coaches like Fisher, who have more money than they'll ever spend, don't just up and leave a nice cushy job simply for money. Taggart, like Muschamp and Mac, is just increasing the speed of the downward spiral created by their predecessor.
When you lose players like Jarvis Jones, Alec Ogletree, John Jenkins, Comings, and Rambo, all players who were drafted off that defense, what do Dawg fans expect to happen? It's no different than them claiming 3rd and Grantham again this season, when clearly the issue with the Gator defense was a massive amount of injuries and suspensions in the secondary. This is exactly what I mean about Dawg fans being clueless. They call him a horrible coach cause he can't perform miracles while lacking the talent. When the man has the talent he usually has one of the top defenses in the nation. Compare the Gator defense this season to last season. It's night and day.
That wouldn't work. I'm pretty sure the Bengals, just like everyone in college football, knows how clueless that fan base is.
BT you'll see the proof real soon. He's accumulating the talent he's never had to compete with the top teams. Soon enough you'll see him coach circles around Smart. Enjoy your little run while it lasted.
Antonneous Clayton was rated a 5 star by Rivals in 2016
Mullen is a far superior coach and developer of players than Smart, so yes we can call the gap between #2 and #9 closed when factoring that in. As far as Bama is concerned, there's still some work to do.
UGA way over-paying Warren $600,000 a year when UF was only paying him $200,000, for the purposes of trying to get a recruit, and then Florida hiring a far superior coach and still landing said recruit, is absolutely priceless.
Not a surprise he bailed on Auburn. What is a surprise is the fact that any top recruit is still considering that school. Anyone in their right mind knows Malzhan, barring a miraculous playoff run, is going to be gone next season.
Cane fans before signing day: Khris Bogle please come to Miami, this kid is awesome and we need him. Cane fans after signing day: Oh he's got too much drama and baggage, I'd rather have the VT transfer Trevon Hill. Cane fans are a joke!! Enjoy being kings of the transfer portal.
Why is this on the Gator page? I want to read about the Gators. I could care less about what's happening with that dumpster fire up north.
You're not factoring in the rivalry aspect of the games. No matter how bad LSU or Florida have been in the past, they've always had close games, have they not? You can throw out records and rankings when big time rivalries face each other.
Having a brother, who played one full season for the Canes, doesn't make him a legacy.
Give it time? The man just put together the best season he's ever had as a head coach, and did so in his first season coaching a bunch of guys he didn't recruit that don't fit his system, who won 4 games the year before. Yeah he won 10 games in '14 too, but got beat in the bowl game. We are giving him time... to get his players, and one can only imagine what he'll be able to accomplish then. You state fans need to realize what type of program you actually have. Obviously you clearly think you're better than you are cause you keep comparing yourselves to the Gators and acting like he's going to have the same results he had there. I totally understand the false confidence Mullen brought to your program with his great coaching, but he's already proven that theory wrong in his first season. Maybe you'll finally realize what type of program you actually are after next season when you fall back into irrelevance.
smsatUGA, I think what you meant to say was Fromm just threw another TD on 3rd and 4th string secondary. Just be happy they weren't at full strength, cause anyone who knows anything about football and watched that game, knows what the outcome would've been if they were. I hope you enjoyed your little 2 game winning streak while it lasted. Now you can enjoy watching a real coach coach circles around your poser.
I always get a good laugh out of comments from MSU fans. They don't even realize Mullen is the only reason they have a voice in the first place, otherwise they'd still be the bottom dwellers of the SEC. He's also the ONLY reason recruits are even considering them now and allowing Moorhead to have some immediate success on the trail. Give it another year or 2 and they'll be right back where they were before Mullen took over. What's even funnier is them actually believing they're in the same category as the Gators and that they're a program recruits want to come to and Mullen will be the same recruiter he was there. With only 3 months to recruit his first class at UF, he was able to bring one in ranked higher than any class he ever brought into MSU. Chew on that one for a bit hailstate. You should probably check what Mullen is doing with the next 2 classes as well before coming on here and looking stupid. Chew on this one too. He just matched his best season he ever had at MSU, and did it in his first season implementing a new offense and defense with a bunch of players recruited for a different system, who only won 4 games last season. Just goes to show you the difference in the talent level of players each program can attract. Florida is on a completely different level than MSU. Welcome to reality.
Tim Rupert, Georgia may have the lead in the recruiting department this season, but you might want to check the rankings for 20 and 21. You are right though, times are changing, just not in the way you're thinking. Enjoy your time at the top of the East while it lasted.
You've obviously never been to a game in the Swamp, if you don't understand what he means by making the seats bigger.
TJ is 3rd string behind Buchanan and Villano. After signing 7 offensive lineman in this class, I think he saw the writing on the wall and made a good decision to transfer. I mean there were a few injuries on the line this season and he still never saw the field. At barely 6'1", he's far too small to not only be playing in the SEC, but playing in Mullen's offense. Mullen and Hevesy love the big nasties.
If you actually knew how recruiting worked, you'd realize how relationships work. Mullen didn't recruit the state of Florida much during his time at MSU, so he didn't have the trust built by establishing relationships with players early on in the process, so players went elsewhere. Now that he's had some time to start building relationships and branching out in the state, you're starting to see results. You might want to check where UGA stands in comparison to the Gators in the next 2 recruiting class rankings, cause you'd see real quickly how much better Mullen's doing than Smart and you wouldn't be running your mouth. But what can you expect from Dawg fans who speak before thinking?
You're fooling yourself if you actually believe this all just happened at the drop of a hat, and discussions weren't being had privately between Chaney and Pruitt long before the decision was made. Sorry but people don't make life altering decisions at the drop of a hat.