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Yeah actually you are pretty salty by claiming you weren't actually a fan, which I'm calling BS on. Don't fool yourself, Mississippi State football was the laughing stock of the SEC before he made them into a respectable program. In 123 years of playing college football, MSU has been to a paltry 21 bowl games and Mullen was responsible for almost half of them. 8 in 9 years. You can crap on him all you want now that he's left, but the truth of the matter is he's the best coach that program has ever seen. Moorhead will certainly have a good first season, but ONLY because Mullen left him a great team. It's also safe to say the only reason Moorhead is even there is because of Mullen. 9 years ago it was impossible to get a decent coach to want to come there. Be thankful for what he did for your program and don't be salty cause he left for a far better job. Something he should've done a long time ago but didn't.
Rival fans may not like them, but based on everything I've read and heard, the recruits love them. Seems like it didn't deter this kid much.