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Clearly it doesn't matter if they do or don't beat Auburn. The Florida game is obviously their national championship and the only game that matters to them. Probably why they haven't won a real one in almost 40 years. It's hilarious, all they do is talk about how terrible Florida and Mullen is, yet every single chance they get they talk about the Gators or that game as if it's some huge accomplishment. Quite the contradiction if you ask me. Not sure why you'd spend everyday of your life running your mouths about a team if you truly believe they're that terrible. So carry on trolls, you constantly being here is all the proof we need to know how you truly feel about the program despite the stupidity you post on a daily basis.
Yeah hearing it come out now that it's supposedly an agent, makes his statement of "a friend I've known since the summer before my freshman year at OSU", a lot more interesting. I wonder what kind've association this "friend/agent" has with OSU.
So you're claiming Smart went into a prevent defense in the 3rd quarter of a 16-3 game when the Gators scored a TD to make it 16-10? If that's truly the case, then Smart's not a very bright coach going to a prevent that early in a close game. It worked in this time, but certainly won't work against LSU or Bama. That's precisely the reason he keeps losing to Bama. He goes too conservative. Smart's one of the best defensive coaches in college football, so no one is taking that label away from him. But when you're a head coach, you're responsible for more than just the defense. I'm actually looking forward to seeing what happens to UGA when Fromm leaves. That'll be when we finally get to see how good of a coach Smart actually is. Good Qbs have a way of making coaches look a lot better than they actually are. Just ask Jimbo. It's so funny how Dawg fans continue to look past the discrepancy in talent when Smart faces Mullen as HC or DC/OC and act like that means nothing. Smart's clearly the better coach cause he's winning all the games he's favored in lol! The only time Mullen had equal or more talent than Smart was in 2008 and we all saw how that turned out.
I think the point that was trying to be made was, on paper Georgia has far more depth and talent than Florida does and they only won by 7 in a game Mullen was making some mistakes. You can't really sugarcoat that either by claiming Georgia gave up 2 garbage TDs in prevent D in the 4th, when one of their TDs was in the 3rd qtr of a 16-3 game. If Smart is some genius coach that's truly better than Mullen, then why did UGA only have 2 Tds in the entire game? Anyone with an unbiased opinion on the matter could clearly look at the two coaches and say if Mullen were coaching the Dawgs against Smart's Gators, then you'd be hard pressed to believe Georgia would only win by 7 in that equation. Mullen has taken a pretty thin roster and a QB that before week 3 hadn't started a game since his freshman season of HS, and throughout the season that thin roster lost several significant impact players to injury, and they're still sitting at 7-2 with a chance to go 11-2 on the season. Do you truly believe Smart would have the same results in that equation? It's too bad you Dawg fans can't put your biased opinion aside and see what an amazing job he's done this season and accept the fact that he is one of the better coaches in college football. The 2 Georgia games aren't the deciding factor in that, especially when UGA is favored in both of them by a pretty good amount simply because they have more talent and depth. The only way you can truly claim Smart is the better coach just by that game alone, would be if he were to come in as the underdog and beat a Mullen coached team that is supposed to win the game. Smart is just winning games he's supposed to be winning, it doesn't mean he's the better coach. That's like saying Larry Coker is a better coach than Bobby Bowden cause he was 4-2 against him at Miami.
So clearly you're a clown. Last I checked you don't play for the Dawgs, so how have you earned the right to talk as much trash as you do? Practice what you preach!
Didn't mean to rile me? Lol! Isn't that the sole purpose of 90% of the Dawg fans that post on here, to rile Gator fans?
USMC what happened to you taking a break from SDS? Your exact reasons were you're "tired of ghetto trash" and "I have other things more important right now and it doesn't include keeping up the back and forth." As I predicted you'd be right back to running your mouth if the Dawgs win and clearly I was right. I guess those things weren't that important after all. So predictable!
Again with you Dawg fans and the reading comprehension, it's crazy! Here's my exact quote before the game, and all you have to do is click on my name to see previous comments and you can find it really easily. "I never said they'd be a pushover. Do I feel like the Gators should be favored based on the previous 8 games? Yes. Do I think they're going to win? Yes, but I'm not guaranteeing it." I don't think I could've been more clear that I wasn't guaranteeing a win. Based on the previous 8 games, I felt the Gators were going to win. There's a big difference between thinking they're going to win and guaranteeing it. Not very surprising some Dawg fans don't know the difference.
78, yeah Mullen was off his game big time and it was evident from the start. Like I said before that's very strange considering he had 2 weeks to prepare. No excuses for that.
Please, show me where I guaranteed a win. Just curious, why are you back now? You lost all credibility when you disappeared like a coward after the USC loss. Running your mouth now is just sad. I didn't think it was possible for you to be more pathetic than I knew you already were, until you did that. There's nothing worse than a coward who runs his mouth more than anyone who disappears as soon as his team loses. Go back in hiding, these forums were much better without you. This is the last response you'll get from me. Grow a pair.
Supposedly Mullen is supposed to speak more on the Bleich situation today. It'll be interesting to hear if there's more to this story. Seems very strange to do it at this point in the season. The Cox narrative is quite hilarious to me. The kid was one of the leading tacklers in last years bowl game, but was buried on the depth chart and didn't want to compete. Yeah okay!
So Cox left because he didn't want to compete? Do you know this for a fact? It's funny to me that people just automatically come to this conclusion when someone transfers as if it's a fact. No one really knows why these players transfer except for the players themselves, coaches, and their families. For anyone else to put a label on it is quite hilarious actually.
Trask had almost half his passing yards in the first half, so not sure how you can disagree with facts. If it makes you feel more comfortable about your defense by claiming otherwise, then you're free to think whatever you'd like. Good luck going forward is all I can say.
I was focusing more on 3rd down conversions. I know full well it was a crappy secondary effort. No communication between any of them.
Actually Trask had almost half of those yards in the first half. He had 106 yards to Fromm's 101. One of the dumbest decisions Mullen made in the first half was on their last drive, Trask had just completed passes of 29 and 23 yards and Mullen decided to insert Jones and it killed all momentum and resulted in only a field goal. Mullen was really off his game for some reason and you could tell right from the very first series, which is strange considering he had 2 weeks to prepare.
Pretty much every defense the Gators have faced have stopped the running game. They only ran it 19 times. Not exactly a huge accomplishment. For a team to have less than 8 guys in the box and an extra DB to stop the pass, Trask's 21-31 for 257 yds and 2 TDs line isn't exactly something to hang your hat on for being the best defense in the SEC. As far as stats go, it's the best defense, but the deciding factor in this game was the inability of the Gator defense to get off the field on 3rd down. If Trask can have that kind've success against a stacked secondary, then one can only imagine the success a Burrow or Tua will have.
The biggest problem was Dean. Every time Cager had a big catch on 3rd down, Dean was covering him, or I should say trying to chase him down from 10 yards away.
Hard to win championships when your entire recruiting philosophy is to obtain as many one-and-done players as you can.
Gatorgrad, you're dealing with an elementary level educated troll. Simple addition and subtraction is a struggle, so there's no way you could expect him to understand such a basic concept. It's pretty obvious to anyone outside of Athens, that when you're consistently recruiting at and .8800 level and UGA is at a .9200 level, there's a pretty big gap there. When UGA is at a .9300 level and Florida is at a .9100 level, it's not hard to see the gap closing, unless of course you're a dawg troll who loves arguing for the sake of arguing even if you're clearly wrong. Goldkamps' tweet should've ended all argument, but not when you're dealing with this level of trolling.
There isn't a player in the country more solid to a program than Dexter. He even tweeted after the game that the Gators could've gone 0-12 this year and he'd still be posting Gator giving 100. He's actively recruiting FSU players to Florida as we speak. Thinking he's going to flip is a pipe dream.
And Adam Shuler was basically held on every play. That's the point Tim, there were bad calls going both ways all game. The SEC officiating has been pitiful this year and they're affecting games. Something needs to be done to correct it.
I love that you think you can tell me how I'm feeling. I'm not mad at all. I thought the Gators had a good shot at winning the game and didn't. I don't let football games totally consume my life and affect my emotions, unlike most of you Dawg trolls. The Gators lost, so be it, we'll move on to the next one.
Yeah we all saw what happened to Muschamp's team when he didn't move on. Time to focus on Vandy.
Bill is quickly becoming the most delusional fan on SDS. I cannot believe he's still crying about that game. Saddest thing of all is him taking the time to post the stats of the game when it actually doesn't really help his argument. Florida's are better in pretty much every category except rushing yards and total yards, which were actually only 33 yards higher, but that somehow translates into South Carolina dominating the game. By far one of the craziest most delusional things I've ever seen someone say on here. Florida had some pretty horrible calls that cost them in the UGA game, but they still had every opportunity to win it and didn't. Just like USC had every opportunity to win that game despite the refs and still didn't. The sooner you can admit that Bill, the less pathetic you'll look, but obviously you'll feel like that's a good look, so carry on with the crying.
This is the part that too many people can't understand. They always want to compare how Smart was able to recruit at a high level as soon as he took over UGA. Smart was building relationships for 8 years at the biggest recruiting juggernaut in the country. He took over a 10 win UGA program that recruits were still very high on. He didn't come from a place like MSU to take over a dumpster fire program that only won 4 games twice in the previous 5 seasons that recruits weren't really interested in anymore. The 2 situations are completely different and one requires a lot more work to turn it around. All you have to do is look at the composite ratings of Mullen's 2 classes and compare them to Muschamp's and Mac's to see he actually is turning it around, it just isn't happening overnight.
Not all Dawg fans have to be immature trolls that live in la la land in order to be considered legit Dawg fans. Dawg trolls attack their own fans more than any other fan base's trolls. It's crazy! You can only be accepted if you trash everyone and call everyone names. If you don't do that then you're not a true fan. So pathetic.
Man you Dawg fans really seem to struggle badly with reading comprehension. Here I'll place emphasis on exactly what I said so it's easier for you to comprehend. "I won’t deny that Smart out coached Mullen this year." Is that clear enough for you? Whining?? LOL!!!! Where am I whining? I've pretty much done nothing but give credit where credit is due since this game ended. I know certain Dawg fans like yourself love to boast about your superiority any chance you get, but sorry, I still don't believe Smart is a better coach than Mullen. He's just got the better team right now. I'm allowed to have an opinion that doesn't match yours.
Here's the better question Tim. Who wins the game if you have Mullen coaching the Dawgs and Smart coaching the Gators? I won't deny that Smart out coached Mullen this year, but lets not act like he's clearly the better coach because of how this game turned out. The way the Dawgs were dominating most of the game, it should've never come down to them having to convert a couple 3rd downs to seal the game and keep the Gators, who just had back to back long scoring drives, from being able to tie it up and send it to overtime. Smart's a far superior recruiter, I'll give him that, and right now that's making him look like the better coach because Florida just doesn't have the talent to go toe to toe yet, especially on the offensive line.