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It's not really a good comparison though. Donovan was still trying to build the program and didn't yet have the reputation of being a program top players wanted to play at. He may not have had as good of finishes in the tournament after making the finals in his 4th season, but he was still winning 20+ games a season and his teams weren't clearly regressing. He simply didn't have the quality of players that White has now so it was his coaching that was getting them there. White had the luxury of taking over a program only a year removed from 4 straight elite 8 appearances and 1 final 4. He seems to be regressing every year since taking over. He's gone from 27 wins in his second season to 21, then 20, and now 19 with arguably his most talented team. There's not a lot of signs pointing to things changing any time soon. No doubt he'll get another year, but another season like this one and he's gone.
I swear King Negan is just a screen name for Andrew.Ray_UGA
There's a lot of time for these commits to add stars between now and signing day. Just because they're 4s and 3s now, doesn't mean that's where they'll end up. A player like Tyreak Sapp should have no problem earning a 5 star. When you compare it to the other classes around them in the rankings at this point, there's nothing wrong with calling it impressive, cause it certainly is.
78 that's actually the epitome of a 2 QB system. It doesn't make much sense to roll with 2 QBs with the same skillset, even though the Gators are still one of the only teams to have success with that under Spurrier. Without Tebow, the Gators don't beat UT and certainly don't play for a national title. No matter what he did behind center, he still accounted for 13 TDs, 8 rushing and 5 passing, to be a big enough factor in that title run. Wildcat or not, he's still splitting reps and listed as a QB.
2 Qb system seemed to work pretty well for the Gators in 2006, so you can't really say it never has or never will be a recipe for success.
Carlos Dunlap was suspended before the SEC Championship for getting a DUI. He let his teammates down before a huge game. Didn't stop Cincinnati from drafting him in the second round, in which he's gone on to have a great career earning about $80 million. Got a Bachelor's degree from UF and a Masters from Miami and hasn't had any major legal issues since. People make immature stupid decisions all the time and learn from them. No reason Evans couldn't do the same.
Lizard, you should expect nothing less from Corch, he's pathetic.
They're a sensitive bunch that's for sure. People who are taking offense to the "hipster glasses" comment should look up the definition before getting their panties in a wad, because the glasses Rodrigo wore are the exact definition.
Most pathetically obsessed Dawg fan of them all. Congrats, you win!
You could probably add Willie Taggart to that list.
The kid's a junior in high school, to think he's not going to put on any weight between now and when he plays a down in college, is pretty funny. Savage will take care of that real quick.
LOL! Hey, congrats mutts on your 50th straight preseason national championships. It's something to certainly be proud of. Here's an idea, you want to stop hearing about 1980, win an actual national title. Until then, suck it up buttercup. By the way, it's not just Gator fans that bring up, it's every fan base on here. It's your badge of dishonor.
I wonder how Fromm would've looked had he had absolutely no running game what so ever to keep the defense honest or a bunch of first time starters on the o-line struggling through most of the season? People seem to forget not a single defense Trask faced feared the running game and did everything they could to defend the pass and yet he still threw for almost 3000 yards and 25 TDs in 10 games, averaging almost 300 yards a game, but yeah, he wasn't elite.
Watching 2 trolls who absolutely have to have the last word go at it is quite hilarious! Anyone want to take bets on who will give up first? My money's on Ron. Corch will stay here for weeks to make sure he gets the final say.
LOL! Corch calling anyone a loudmouth know-it-all is about as funny as it gets!
He didn't really put his stamp on things at A&M and UNC the last 2 seasons cause he was only there for the first seasons of each coach. He did land guys like Desmond Evans and Sam Howell at UNC who had a pretty great season, as well as Clyde Pinder out of Florida's back yard. While he was at Florida State from 13-17, he was in the top 10 of the recruiter rankings multiple times, landing guys like Marvin Wilson, Cam Akers, and Dalvin Cook to name a few. While at Texas, he's credited with landing Vince Young. He's got strong ties in Texas and Florida.
He's an elite recruiter who has a long list of great TEs he's coached in the college and NFL ranks. Probably the best hire Mullen could've made. He instantly becomes the best recruiter on staff by a mile. Pretty funny that it wasn't too long ago that he publicly criticized Florida on twitter for coming in late with an offer for Clyde Pinder Jr. I guess there was no hard feelings there.
Dawg trolls clearly don't understand recruiting, so there's no point in trying to get them to understand this concept. Let them enjoy their preseason national championship. Maybe someday they'll get to actually celebrate a real one, but for the time being this is all they got.
He’s not signing an LOI. He’ll be signing an actual scholarship agreement with the school he chooses on April 1st. Grades are definitely what’s delaying his decision.
Are we talking about the same Manny Diaz that's sitting about 5 spots below Mullen in the recruiting rankings? Is that the same one you're talking about, cause that horrible attempt at trolling doesn't make much sense.
247 just rated the gators DB haul as the best in the nation. They signed 7 DBs and 5 of them are 4 stars. If Marc Britt signs, many predict he'll be a safety for the Gators, then that'll be 8 DBs with 6 of them 4 stars. I think we're doing just fine.
Unfortunately you're right, our dreams have ended around Halloween the last 3 years, but 3 years isn't that bad, that's more of an anomaly than the norm. Fortunately for us, every time we've made it to the national title game we've won it. We actually only lost one of those about 25 years ago. Most of us don't know what it feels like to go almost 40 years without one. I'll take a couple losses in a row in Jacksonville any day.
I think this might be where the confusion comes in. Dawg fans are confusing "gaining" with "closing the gap". I don't think anyone is saying the Gators are gaining on UGA, unless I missed that being said somewhere. Closing the gap makes more sense. When UGA is recruiting in the top 5 and the Gators are in the teens, there's a bigger gap there than when UGA is in the top 5 and the Gators are in the top 8. Dawg fans seem to have this belief that there's some huge insurmountable difference in a top 3 class and a top 8 class. There really isn't, especially when you factor in a coach that's known for developing players and getting the most out of them.
I'm not exactly sure how that changes the fact that he won 11 games with a QB that hadn't started in 7 years. I think it's pretty safe to say the "greatest coach of all time" Kirby Smart wouldn't have done that if Fromm went down. Belichick started Bledsoe over Brady, that doesn't make him less of a coach.
You're really comparing the ACC to the SEC? Come on Humper you're better than that. Jury's still out on your new OC. You can't claim success before he's coached a game, so as of right now, nothing's been figured out. The way I see it, Smart went from losing the national title in the 4th quarter, to losing an SEC Championship he should've won, to getting demolished in the SEC championship. At that rate the only thing left to do to maintain the status quo is to get beat in Jacksonville and not even get to the SEC Championship. I guess we'll wait and see if he can alter the current state of affairs.