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Cam Newton - 5 star, #2 dual threat in the nation, #26 overall player in the nation Jamie Newman - 3 star, #17 dual threat, #649 overall player in the nation Great comparison lol!!!
Humper, I don't know what his percentage is, but does it really matter when he throws for almost 3000 yards and 25 TDs in 10 starts? It's basically just a case of the king of all trolls grasping at straws to find anything he can to criticize.
Wait Humper, you criticize Mullen for never winning the West while at MSU, but here you are claiming "we're too focused on trying to catch up with Bama" a team you've never beaten with a team 5 deep with 5 star talent? Interesting! Sorry, but with the way Smart has been recruiting over the last 5 years, they've caught up to Bama, they just can't beat them, nor can they beat LSU. You're right in your previous comment though, Smart would've won at least one division title at MSU LOL!!
SEC defenses have gotten much better since 97. The idea of having better players in the SEC is true, but unfortunately at MSU, they will always be a tier below the upper echelon of the SEC. Maybe he gets them to a level of competitiveness similar to where Mullen got them, but I don't see MSU ever getting to a point of winning division titles no matter who the coach is. They'll never be able to get the talent level up to par with LSU, Bama, and Auburn.
I knew Dawg fans were delusional, but this talk of Kirby winning more at MSU takes it to a level I never thought I’d see. This is pure comedy.
Lol, Sherrill won the division with an 8-5 record. Not exactly some huge accomplishment. By those standards Mullen would've won it several times. If you want to be petty by claiming he accomplished more with that ridiculous division title and a couple 2nd place finishes, then you're right he did. But I guess we'll just go ahead and look past the fact that Mullen won almost as many games in 9 seasons as Sherrill won in 13 playing in a far tougher division. You're right, Sherrill accomplished more lol.
Humper, do you really believe the West was as strong when Sherrill was coaching as it was when Mullen was? I thought you were more knowledgeable than that. As soon as Saban went to LSU, Sherrill went a combined 7-25 in the conference. Mullen faced a way more difficult division.
I don't think you've posted a single comment on here in years where you don't talk about the Gators. They're seriously on your mind 24/7. I have no doubt they even invade your dreams. It must really be frustrating for you that you can't stop thinking about them no matter what. You really should get some help for that, it can't be healthy.
Humper by that logic we can go ahead and claim the Dawgs "barely beat" the Gators in their 7 pt win then right? I was at the Orange Bowl and not once did UVA ever have the lead, nor was the game ever in doubt. But we know, only the Dawgs can win a 7 pt game and still claim domination.
Humper sounds a lot like Ray_UGA. He’s got all the inside scoop. He knows every offer that was made to this kid.
I must’ve missed where these players signed already.
I love this ridiculous statement of "10-2 record was close to being 8-4". You see this a lot from Dawg fans. You could make the same ridiculous statement for every team in college football. Lets leave the ifs, ands, or buts out of it and focus on the fact that it was a 10-2 record and nothing else. I know that's hard for Dawg fans to do.
So you're blaming the player for bringing it to a public forum and not the coach who lied publicly in the first place?
Quick question NCgator, you put Mullen as head coach of UGA and Smart as coach of MSU/UF during their last 3 meetings, who wins? To sit there and say Smart is clearly the better coach cause he's 3-0, is a very short-sighted argument that I've seen mentioned quite a few times already.
It always makes me laugh when Dawg fans compare accomplishments as if it's just as easy to win at MSU as it is at UGA. Get a clue Dawg fans. If you think Smart would have all those accomplishments as a first time head coach thing over a 4 win MSU program, then you clearly don't know much about college football. Mullen's now at a program that is comparable and what do you know, he's already accomplished something no other coach in history has accomplished in his first 2 seasons and did so once again taking over a 4 win program, but yeah he sucks, Smart is clearly the superior coach.
DSGB, how many more times does Kirby have to fall short of the playoffs before he finds himself on the hot seat? Lets be honest here, UGA has had the talent to where they should be in the playoffs every year and yet they've only been once. At least the first time Coach O got there he won it all, so he's got quite a big insurance policy there. He's not going anywhere anytime soon. You better hope Mullen doesn't get over the UGA hurdle soon, because I'm pretty sure that's the only thing keep Dawg fans from realizing how much Smart actually is underachieving with the talent he has. God forbid he starts losing that game, his seat will instantly catch on fire.
And if you think Kirby would still be 3-0 against Mullen if they switched rosters each time they played, then you're also not thinking straight. It's hilarious to me that so many Dawg fans think head to head in 3 games is the end all be all deciding factor. That's like saying Larry Coker is a better coach than Bowden cause he had a winning record against him.
I'm sure this will cause a few Dawgs fans to absolutely lose their minds in 3, 2, 1.......
You act like Florida lost everyone at WR. The Gators still have Pitts, Grimes, Copeland, Toney, and plenty of other blue chips behind them. As far as having more experience “on the field”, the Gators return more. LSU returns Chase and Marshall and some unproven guys behind them. Right now Trask is the “far better” QB because Brennan’s been a career backup. Just because you think he’s better doesn’t mean he is. Trask is the #1 returning QB in the SEC as far as last years stats are concerned. Chris was spot on with his assessment.
Nice to see a logical Dawg fan for a change. It's hilarious how defensive so many Dawg fans get when someone voices an opinion like this.
Sorry, but Fromm will not be making over $1 million. Maybe if he makes a few Jake from State Fromm commercials, but not from his NFL Salary. 5th founders range from $670,000-$700,000 per year, and that’s if he actually makes the team as there’s no guarantee of that when you’re a 5th rounder. That’s base salary before taxes and agent fees are taken out. Still a great salary non the less, but far from over a million.
Tigersforlife, he won't be buried on the depth chart. Flores' hybrid defense is known for having upwards of 6 defensive backs on the field at the same time. You can never have too many DB's in his system, or in what is now a pass happy league.
It's not really a good comparison though. Donovan was still trying to build the program and didn't yet have the reputation of being a program top players wanted to play at. He may not have had as good of finishes in the tournament after making the finals in his 4th season, but he was still winning 20+ games a season and his teams weren't clearly regressing. He simply didn't have the quality of players that White has now so it was his coaching that was getting them there. White had the luxury of taking over a program only a year removed from 4 straight elite 8 appearances and 1 final 4. He seems to be regressing every year since taking over. He's gone from 27 wins in his second season to 21, then 20, and now 19 with arguably his most talented team. There's not a lot of signs pointing to things changing any time soon. No doubt he'll get another year, but another season like this one and he's gone.
I swear King Negan is just a screen name for Andrew.Ray_UGA
There's a lot of time for these commits to add stars between now and signing day. Just because they're 4s and 3s now, doesn't mean that's where they'll end up. A player like Tyreak Sapp should have no problem earning a 5 star. When you compare it to the other classes around them in the rankings at this point, there's nothing wrong with calling it impressive, cause it certainly is.
78 that's actually the epitome of a 2 QB system. It doesn't make much sense to roll with 2 QBs with the same skillset, even though the Gators are still one of the only teams to have success with that under Spurrier. Without Tebow, the Gators don't beat UT and certainly don't play for a national title. No matter what he did behind center, he still accounted for 13 TDs, 8 rushing and 5 passing, to be a big enough factor in that title run. Wildcat or not, he's still splitting reps and listed as a QB.
2 Qb system seemed to work pretty well for the Gators in 2006, so you can't really say it never has or never will be a recipe for success.