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Boxster I don't see you agreeing much either, so I think its safe to say we're in the same boat when it comes to disagreement. I'm more than happy to have a logical discussion with any Dawg fan who provides the same logical feedback. What I struggle with is stupidity and ridiculous comments thrown out to elicit a response. I have issues with the assumption by Dawg fans that the Gators have no chance simply because they've had higher ranked recruiting classes or even more so because of what happened in some games last season. I think it's pretty safe to say Texas doesn't have more talent than UGA. You can probably say the same about LSU. As I've said before, if the Gator team that was playing in the last 4 games of the season shows up with any kind've improvement, then they can beat anyone on their schedule. To think the guys that are returning aren't going to be more polished after a full season in the system, is very short-sighted. As Ben said, this is also a thin team that can lose to anyone if too many injuries happen, as could the Dawgs if something were to happen to any of their top players. But I have full confidence that a healthy Gator team can compete any day of the week with UGA and if anyone tries claiming there's no way that's possible, then of course I'n not going to agree.
By the way Gouga, I never said anything about being on equal footing. I'll even say they still have a little ways to go to be on equal footing, but that doesn't mean they can't challenge the Dawgs in the East, which is what you said in your first comment. For some reason Dawg fans seem to think having more talent and having higher ranked recruiting classes means they're going to always win on the field. You guys seem to have short memories cause they've pretty much always out-recruited the Gators. The Gators have been in a transition the last 2 seasons, so to think it's going to continue being as easy for the Dawgs is a little delusional. Class of 94 above seems to be the only Dawg fan so far that thinks logically.
Gouda, lets go back to your first comment. Do you actually believe because of what happened in those games you mentioned, that that has any bearing on what happens in game 9 of this season? Do you truly believe teams learning completely new systems on both sides of the ball aren't going to struggle to start the season and can't possibly finally start firing on all cylinders by the end of the season? Do you really believe a team basically returning everyone but 3 starters on defense and 4 o-lineman on offense are going to take a massive step back? I don't care who they faced in the last 4 games, they still averaged 45 pts and 500 yards a game, something they didn't come close to doing against teams they should've dominated in the first half of the season. Nothing I'm saying is outrageous. It's mind boggling that this is something you guys are arguing.
You must be talking about someone else, cause I face the music and not only was here after the loss to UGA, but was here throughout the Steele drama. I guess that third grade education of yours equates 2 players transferring to "so many players fleeing". Maybe try looking up the definition of fleeing before using it.
They don't actually read the articles, they just look for the Gator symbol in the comments section and focus on one sentence or two in the comment to overanalyze.
CO, Dawg fans love to argue just for the sake of argument even if they don't actually believe what they're arguing. It was obvious to anyone with half a brain that the Gator team in the last 4 games of the season finally had the light go on and were a completely different team than the one at any point in the season leading up to halftime of the South Carolina game. But Gouga over here seems to think that because the Gators struggled before that, then they won't be able to compete in game 9 of this season. Makes all the sense in the world does't it?
You know what's funny boxster? You overanalyzing every word in my response instead of realizing how ridiculous your fellow Dawg fan's comment was that I was responding to. And yet Frick(Gougadawgs) to your Frack, not even realizing it keeps coming at me as well. It's quite hilarious actually. You really believe what happened in games against UK, Missouri, USC, and Vandy last season, of course we have to forget about LSU cause it doesn't fit the narrative, has any bearing on what happens in game 9 this season? Everything I said in my response makes a hell of a lot more sense than what I was responding to. I'm sure if I had a G next to my name then you'd agree. Funny how that works.
So they're below average to mediocre because you say they are? Just trying to figure out where this "expert" opinion is coming from. Just curious corch, will you be a man and show up with this username and face the music if the Gators beat the Dawgs or will you hide like a coward under a different name?
How a team plays at the end of the season when they return pretty much the entire team is a better indicator of future performance, then how the team played against UK and Missouri at the beginning of last season, is it not? Unless you don't follow college football much, I'd think that was pretty much common sense. Kind've surprised that actually needs an explanation. It's pretty much how every preseason poll is decided. Sorry I should've said really hope they are underestimating the team like the fans are, not keep underestimating. That one word changed the meaning of what I was trying to say.
The Gators were challenging the Dawgs last season being on offense down 1 score with 10 minutes to play. Unfortunately Franks turned it over on the 1 yard line and it went downhill from there, but that was with a team learning a completely new offense and defense and missing a ton of starters. Dawg fans are crazy to think a team that was averaging 45 pts and over 500 yards a game over the last 4 games of the season, is suddenly going to take a step back simply because they have to replace 4 starters on the line. It's not like the players stepping in haven't played significant minutes. They return basically everyone else 2 deep and will be well versed in both playbooks. Mullen's teams, whether he's at OC or HC have all taken big jumps in the second season. Whatever happened last season has no affect on this season. They were a completely different team by the end of the season than they were when they faced UGA. I really hope the players keep underestimating this team as much as fans like yourself are, cause you'll all be in for a rude awakening.
I'm pretty sure he just described every college football fan in the country. As a Gator fan, I don't disagree with him. Win and the fans are happy, lose and they're not. Not sure what's so crazy about this statement.
The guy has a freaking full blown twitter account devoted to his trolling. I mean to take the time he took to create a full profile with pictures and everything. That's about as sad and pathetic as it gets. One thing's for sure, Mullen has taken up permanent residence in his head and I love it.
Kirby is definitely a top 6 recruiter, but top 6 coach? I'll have to respectfully disagree with that opinion. He still has a lot to prove in the X's and O's category before he can be placed at this level. He's choked in too many big games in his very short tenure to be considered top 6. There's a lot of coaches in college football that could take over that team and win as many games. Put him in charge of a team like Miss St., and I have no doubt he doesn't have nearly the same success.
Kentucky needed the perfect storm to end the streak. They faced a team learning a completely new offense and defense early in the season. Their strength on offense set up perfectly to face a defense with their 2 best players out with injury, including their leading tackler and unquestioned Qb of the defense, as well as one of their best pass rushers. Had those 2 guys been playing its a much different story. If they faced each other at any point later in the season, then Florida wins easily. It was perfect timing for UK to end the streak, but I don't see them winning another for a while, unless the Gators come in with a bunch of injuries again. It's a nice thought to think Stoops is going to keep that program rolling like last season, but I just don't see it.
I hate to break it to you, but having to replace 4 guys on the offensive line with players who have all played significant minutes, doesn't erase the fact that they return pretty much every 2 deep position on offense. It's obvious you don't know much about football. Keep underestimating Franks. What you don't even realize is he basically had the same stats as Fromm and Fromm had one extra game. But yeah his 31 total TDs to 6 ints is terrible, he's going to take a step back in year 2 of the new offense. YOU'RE CLUELESS!
His problem is he goes off script too often. For every spectacular play he has, he has 2 more where he gets stuffed for a loss cause he tries to get cute and runs away from the designed blocking. Mullen's obviously not a big fan of that. He was given the #1 jersey though so there's no doubt we're going to see a lot more of him this year.
That's easy to say from your couch on the outside looking in, but you have no idea what was said to him to convince him that signing with UGA was the right thing to do, especially when everyone else knew it was stupid. I'm sure by the end of the season he had every right to be pissed, especially with the joke plays he was given when given a chance. It was obvious to everyone outside of Athens that he was fed some lies. As far as his playing goes, you don't really know what kind've player he's going to be based off of what he did at UGA. The kid wasn't given a fair chance. Everyone and their mother knew what was coming when he was in the game. It's hard for anyone to perform under those circumstances. Funny to see now that he's at OSU he sucks, but he was amazing when he was at UGA. Funny how that works.
How has it worked out for the better exactly? Last I checked, Smart is losing the big games just like Richt did. Seems to me that the only thing Smart is doing better is recruiting, but that only wins the preseason.
Probably because he's only a 4 star. I know Dawg fans like to believe they get every 5 star in the country, but lets stick with what every recruiting service has him ranked as.
Wouldn't make any difference Mountain. That's like a billionaire complaining about being shortchanged a couple bucks. Trying to make some sort of stupid argument claiming it would make a difference just makes you look as stupid as Kirby.
Yeah Kirby is the last coach that should be complaining about anything when it comes to recruiting. Like losing that extra home game is really hurting him. What a joke.
Possibly Miss St?? So you expect to beat the team who has beaten you 21 out of the last 26 years and is coming off a 10 win season and returning basically every two deep skill position player on offense? That's an interesting take even even though I don't believe it for a second. More like wishful thinking.
This doesn’t fit their narrative, even though it’s nothing but truth.
Dexter is all Gator and one of their biggest recruiters. Wishful thinking by the puppy fan. My guess is he’ll be trolling UGA like a few of their recruits have done to us.
Yeah kind've like the Gator O-line will be firing on all cylinders by the time November rolls around.
I don't think anyone needs to really worry about the defense as long as they stay healthy. The secondary will make up for a lot of potential deficiencies in the d-line. The linebackers I feel will be better than last season as well. The only real question mark on this team is the o-line.
Mountain Dog it's funny how Dawg fans act like Grantham sucks cause his defense gradually declined at UGA, even though he's been pretty successful at turning around defense's everywhere he's been. He actually hasn't been at any other program long enough to make a comparison to what happened at UGA. Logic would tell you it was the result of a loss of a lot of talent that resulted in the decline. His defense needs to have the right talent in order to be successful as evidenced by what happened when half the defense was out against you guys last season. What's funny is Hurricane fans feel the same way about James Coley. They think he's one of the most predictable and worst OC's they've ever had, and actually wanted him fired before Golden, which says a lot considering how much they hated him. But now that he's at UGA, he's the greatest thing since sliced bread and the best offensive coordinator in the country. Funny how that works.
Yeah, all those green receivers going against the likes of Wilson, Henderson, and Dean. It's going to be fun to watch. I really hope these loser Dawg fans keep doubting the Gators as much as they are. It's going to make the game that much more frustrating for them.
Keep worrying about that game in Knoxville more than the Gators PLEASE. You just better hope the Gator defense comes in missing half their starters again.