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Wow one game filling in against an extremely overmatched opponent is all it takes to start declaring Sark the heir apparent? You should probably pump the breaks a bit. Bama is a well oiled machine running on all cylinders right now. I’m pretty sure any coach on that sideline could’ve filled in and done just as well. Taking over the entire program, recruiting, and maintaining the consistency is a completely different animal.
You're starting to sound like a Bama fan, claiming unrecognized titles.
Maybe you should read the article to see what I meant by title, before being so quick to run your mouth.
If you want to talk about getting facts straight, then you should probably do the same. The Gators were ineligible for the SEC title in 90. His first title was in 1991.
LOL! You think I don't know that? What does that have to do with what I said? The article is specifically about wins and also mentioned national titles, you're the only one bringing up SEC titles. Here's a thought, Mullen has more wins in his first 34 games, you think if this were the early 90s, then Mullen would have a couple of SEC titles too? Probably safe to say.
Yeah that just goes to show how many Gator games this guy has watched. And "then what" happens is Trask throws it to Toney, or Grimes, or Copeland, or Shorter, or Henderson, or Gamble, or Zipperer or one of the 3 running backs who have caught 10 or more passes this season.
Spurrier didn’t win a title till year 7, so if we’re making comparisons about the first 3 seasons, then it makes no sense to bring up Spurrier’s title. Mullen still has time to match that one.
We finally get rid of all the Dawg trolls and in rolls BamaTime to take their place.
The guy with a grand total of 18 tackles on the season is talking trash? That’s pretty funny!
Leghumper, who else should get the credit for Trask being a Heisman candidate? Since Mullen had Franks over Trask, that means Trask just developed himself on another field while Franks got all the reps? Is that what you and every other Dawg fan that keeps bringing this up thinks? Being called a QB whisperer doesn't mean all you know how to do is spot talent and start them over everyone else. It means you can take an unknown, low ranked prospect and develop him into a star. Seems Mullen is doing exactly that once again. Guess who will be the first non-family member Trask thanks for getting him there if he does in fact win the Heisman?
There’s more that goes into these rankings than just looking at 1 head to head matchup in a game that could’ve gone either way. There isn’t a single voter out there that looks at these 2 teams and says no doubt A&M beats them every time. Florida is scoring over 40pts a game and winning every game convincingly. A&M is playing well, but they’re not destroying every team they face and that matters. Style points matter.
Aggierider, your first point was proven laughable, so now you’re trying to change your argument? Actually no, I’m comparing the only losses. Yours was a complete beatdown, while ours was by a last second field goal on the road in a game we punted once. That sole reasoning is why people are putting Florida 1 spot ahead of A&M in a meaningless first playoff poll that you’re hilariously getting all bent out of shape about. Beat down Florida like Bama did your team and there’s no way anyone ranks Florida higher. Your team didn’t, so it leaves room for this to happen.
I'm not sure what point you're trying to make. Florida's only win over a team with a winning record, was a 44-28 win. A&M's only win was by a last second field goal after Florida fumbled in a game they only punted once. A&M got blasted by Bama 52-24, a team Florida still has to play. The remaining teams A&M has faced have a combined record of 7-23. It's funny to me how bent out of shape A&M fans get if Florida is 1 spot higher than them. If you guys smacked Florida around like Bama did you, then maybe you'd have a legit gripe. It really doesn't matter at this point.
I’m just curious, if Bama wins the title will there forever be an asterisks next to it?
The next time we face a winning team will be much sooner than UGA, it’ll be December 19th in that little game called the SEC Championship. Unfortunately UGA will have to wait till their bowl game to face one. Maybe 3-3 Missouri will help you out if that game gets rescheduled.
Mullen said he needs to battle for playing time, that’s pretty funny!
I'm sure Dabo would disagree about not swapping out an experienced QB who has already shown the talent and ability to win championships, for a true freshman. Seems he did just that in 2018 after Bryant led his team to an ACC championship and playoff appearance the year before and then started the season 4-0. The difference being, Dabo actually let Lawrence have legit reps when putting him in the game, so he knew exactly what he had.
It's funny to me seeing Scribe constantly talking about how they should've fired Grantham after last season. The guy had a top 7 ranked defense. There's not a coach in the country that would've fired a DC after that, but Scribe would have now that his 20/20 hindsight has kicked in. Not sure why he's here ranting on message boards instead of making millions coaching with his impeccable foresight.
One thing Mullen rarely ever does, is fire assistants. It's been a long time since he has, so I really don't see it happening after this season.
Not quite as funny as you claiming all off-season that Miles Brennan would be the best QB in college football and win the Heisman. You might want to sit this one out.
Remember when Megan Mullen talked about how she used to have to grocery shop in Orlando cause Gator fans were so unrealistic and it wasn’t about winning games but about scoring 40 or more points? Seems like things have resorted back to that.
Not too many teams fire on all cylinders in every game they play. It’s not unusual for a heavy favorite to play flat and uninspired.
How didn’t I know you’d jump all over that comment?
“Great” is debatable. Average is probably the better description. He just had more talent around him to make him look better than he was and it showed once that talent left. In 2018 his stats were pretty identical to Franks’ and I don’t think anyone would label Franks as great. Hard to place that label on someone would didn’t break 3000 yards once in his career, something Jones and Trask might do in 8 games.
This is funny to me that Dawg fans keep bringing this up. I guess Mullen has nothing to do with Trask now being a Heisman candidate right? Let’s just forget about the development that’s led him to be where he is now and only focus on the fact that he wasn’t started sooner. Dawg fans need to learn what QB whisperer actually means.
Taggart only got 22 games at FSU before being fired. Big time programs aren't waiting around anymore, they want to win now or at least show some improvement.
First of all Smart’s teams have progressively gotten worse. He went from winning the SEC in year 2, to barely losing in the sec in year 3, to getting demolished in in year 4, to not making it at all in year 5. There’s no arguing he’s progressively gotten worse even though his recruiting classes have gotten better. I’m not sure how you can argue the SEC East wasn’t tougher when Richt took over either. Spurrier and Fulmer were ending their tenures in Richt’s first couple of seasons, both winning 10 + games and both only a few seasons removed from national titles. Florida should’ve been playing for one in 2001 if not getting knocked off by Tenn in a rescheduled game. The talent gap between the programs wasn’t even remotely as massive as it was when Smart took over facing the likes of McElwain and Butch Jones trying to drag their programs out of an almost decade long drought. Yeah the East is tougher now that Mullen has things rolling, but not in Smart’s first couple of years. There’s a huge difference in facing programs that haven’t recruited well for years to facing programs that weren’t far removed from winning titles.
Corch the biggest difference between Saban, Meyer, and Smart is, Saban and Meyer’s teams progressively got better as they grew from first time head coach’s to their first titles. Unlike those 2, Smart took over a power 5 10-win program set up for immediate success. He seems to be going in the opposite direction though. You’re right, a blind squirrel does find a nut every so often and Smart found his in year 2. He seems to have lost his sense of smell. Richt not recruiting as well all the while facing a much tougher eastern division and putting up similar numbers to the greatest recruiter of all time facing a much weaker division to start his career, should be alarming to you.