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It's a great legacy story, but lets be real, a 5-10 165 lb pro style Qb, will never see the field in Mullen's offense. He certainly didn't get his dads size. Safe to say he's going to be a career scout team QB.
Looks like somebody has an inferiority complex. Enjoy being on top of the East while it lasts.
It doesn't say he lost as a starter, it says the Seminoles lost during his freshman season. Whether he starts or not, doesn't change the fact that he's still a part of the team.
Just curious Kirby do you ever visit the Georgia page or is it physically impossible for you to leave the Gator page? You seriously post more comments on Gator articles than Gator fans do. It's obvious the Gators have taken up permanent residence in your head, so you really should talk to someone to figure out how to focus your obsessions on something a little more productive. It'll be much healthier if you just wake up in the morning and think about something other than the Gators.
It also includes beating that pathetic program he left behind, on their own field. I know it hurts that he left you, but you’ll eventually get over it.
By the way, you do realize that in one season, Mullen took a 4 win team that was 108th in scoring offense last season and not only has them in position for a New Years 6 bowl, but has them at 30th in scoring offense averaging just under 34 pts a game, right? He did this with... what did the other delusional Tiger fan say above? "The worst QB in the SEC." Boy, imagine what he'll accomplish with not just a QB that fits his system, but an entire offense and defense that fits the systems they run. But yeah, that powerhouse recruiting juggernaut Missouri is going to own us for years to come. LOL!!!!!
Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every once in a while.
You really believe Missouri is going to continue beating the Gators every year? Thanks for the good laugh!
Enjoy those 2 wins, cause they'll be the last ones you see for a while. In fact, enjoy those 8 wins, cause once Lock leaves, Missouri will go back to being a doormat.
2061 yds 20 TDs 5 int's 2030 yds 20 TDs 6 int's 1507 yds 8 TDs 7 int's 2230 yds 9 TDs 4 int's Can you tell me whose passing stats those are and which player each stats belong to? I'll give you a hint, they're the 3 starters for the top 3 SEC East teams. I even threw in the starting QB for the 2nd best team in the SEC and #9 team in the country for good measure. Maybe fact check a little before making such a stupid comment. Welcome to 2018. 2017 ended about a year ago and Jim McElwain is no longer the head coach.
So let me get this straight. UCF needs to play your team cause the team that beat your team on their own field this season would lose like Auburn? You should probably leave the football discussion to people that have a clue.
Funny thing is, no matter how many teams make March Madness, there's always 4 or 5 teams complaining about being left out. It doesn't matter how many teams are included, someone will always be complaining.
Oh man, you might've outdone yourself with this ridiculous comment. So being 8-21 over the last 29 years is owning us huh? To me the last 2 years seems like more of an anomaly than the norm. Funny thing is, no matter how many years we've owned you, you guys talked just as much trash if not more than we are now, so maybe check those rules again before making such a hypocritical statement.
Kirby come on man. 2 top 5 classes only? Sorry, but since 2015 UGA hasn't had a class ranked lower than 6. Last I checked, 4 years of recruiting pretty much makes up the entire roster. Florida's average rating during that same time was 14. Their highest class was 11 in 2017. Sorry, but your argument that it does't matter what contributed to the level of play on the field (obviously referring to talent), is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard anyone say. So being the 4th highest ranked SEC team out of 14 teams makes them a mid-level SEC team? Another beyond ridiculous statement. Boxster your argument is just as ridiculous. How young is Bama's roster again? Doesn't seem to be affecting them much does it? Or have they just been a team of veterans for the last 10 years? They're certainly more than 2 TDs better than the Gators every game. Funny thing is you guys are throwing out all these ridiculous statements, not even realizing that that "mid-level" team with far less talent recruited the last 4 years, would've easily beaten your "powerhouse" team with a competent QB and healthy secondary. With a few more pieces recruited by Mullen to fit his system, you guys will take your rightful place in the SEC East. The one you've owned for over 30 years.
Kirby, that's great and all, but maybe look at the talent on each roster and the last 4 recruiting class rankings and realize those differences in numbers should be much farther in Georgia's favor. Not exactly something I'd be proud of if I were a Georgia fan.
Bama could hire Jim McElwain as their defensive coordinator and they'd still mop the floor with UGA. Hell they could fire all their defensive coaches before that game and just let the players play and they'd still destroy your overrated team.
You said it yourself, Mullen is a master at getting the most out of his team, which is actually more important than recruiting. You can have the highest rated classes there are, but if you can't develop the talent then it's useless. When all is said and done after this season, Mullen will no doubt bring in a top 10 class. They're sitting at 22 now cause the majority of their top recruits aren't announcing early. His highest rated class at MSU was 18 and he already brought in the 14th ranked class this past cycle with only 3 months to recruit. Actually he signed the majority of the class in December, so that would only be a month of recruiting to a program coming off 4 wins. Top 10 or better classes each year combined with his ability to get the most out of them, will allow him to compete with anyone. If he can go from 5 wins in year 1 to 9 wins in year 2 at MSU, there's no reason to believe he can't have even better early success at UF.
Mississippi State fans seem to think recruiting there and at UF are the same. As long as the Gators are producing on the field, then Florida pretty much recruits itself. Ron Zook brought in top 5 classes almost every year and even had the #1 overall class one, so to think Mullen can't have success, is a little short-sighted. Hell in only 3 months of recruiting to a dumpster fire program coming off 4 wins, he was able to bring in the #14 class, which is 4 spots higher than the best class he ever brought into MSU. That ranking will only go up after this surprising season.
Absolutely no shot at that happening. Bama is going to utterly destroy that overranked team worse than they did LSU. The obsessed Dawg fan needs to enjoy his time at the top while he can, cause they’re going to be exposed as the frauds they are very soon. With a competent QB and healthy secondary, the Gators would’ve beaten them easily and anyone who watched that game knows it. Probably why ole Kirby here is so obsessed, he knows he needs to get his shots in now cause he won’t be able to much longer
After 9 years of coaching your program, you still don't know how to spell his name? He certainly wasn't pissed after the MSU game, that's for sure! I guess the salt levels have only increased after that, huh?
Oh all powerful know it all Bama fan, please provide the blueprint for how Mullen is supposed to close the talent gap after only being on the job for a little over 11 months? In less than 3 months of recruiting he was able to secure the #14 class, so don't worry, those top 10 classes will start rolling in soon. By the way, the all mighty Saban pulled in the #12 class his first season at Bama, so not really that much better than Mullen's. Looking way up to UGA? That's pretty hilarious!! Newsflash, that talentless team was clearly the more physical team and would've won easily with an average QB and a secondary that wasn't missing every starter but 1, and still gave UGA and their roster full of 5 stars everything they had and were only down 9 till about 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter. Talk about delusional!
Dawg fans are the most delusional fans in all of college football. They haven't done squat in almost 40 years, but somehow in their minds they're the greatest most dominant college football program on Earth. Reality is going to smack them in the face real soon.
Funny how you think the bad QB situation is Mullen's fault. Last I checked Mullen inherited these guys. You're right, McElwain is gone, but his players aren't. Just goes to show the lack of knowledge of the Dawg fan base. By the way, you might want to check the stats, cause Franks and Fromm's aren't much different. There's some food for thought on that very average QB play comment.
A South Carolina fan talking trash, now that's hilarious! Try beating a ranked team before running your mouth. You guys just barely beat one of the worst defenses in all of college football.
That clown program has obviously taken up permanent residence in your head, otherwise why else would you be here babbling stupidity as a dawg fan? As easily as Missouri handled that clown program, it doesn't really say much for the over-rated UGA, since they couldn't put them away till mid way through the 4th. Pretty pathetic actually, but keep thinking you guys are the most dominant program on earth, it's pure comedy at this point. It's going to be fun watching Bama shut those big mouths up in embarrassing fashion.
Boy you guys are really struggling to move on huh? You should probably start focusing on UK, cause if you play like you did against the Gators and their severely depleted defense, then they're going to win easily. I know, you guys have to enjoy this win as much as you can, cause it'll be the last time you luck out and face a limping top 10 team.
I love how you Dawg fans keep claiming it was Grantham's fault. Show me a defensive coordinator in the nation that can overcome that many injuries to starters on top of having a starter sitting out the game as punishment and not miss a beat. It's really funny seeing all the trash talk and then UGAFlyfisherman actually claiming we choked that game away. You're exactly right, we did, which is not a good look considering the talent separation. That's actually an indictment of your own team. On paper, UGA should've dominated this game like they did last season and not needed the opposing team to choke it away. Man you guys are clueless. Good luck against another top team that's at full strength and not turning it over. You guys are in for a rude awakening.
Delusional is actually thinking your Bama East after 1 year. Bama is going to show you real quick how delusional that is, if you actually get past UK that is, which is debatable since your team needed a late 4th qtr run to finally put away a team coming off a 4 win season that was clearly the more physical team, who had a QB handing the ball to you in the redzone and a severely depleted secondary missing 3 starters. This game simply put a band aide on your team that's underperforming and you'll realize that real quick. Not sure how any UGA fan could've watched that game and came out as confident as you guys seem to be.
2 butt whippings in a row... hilarious!! Congrats buddy, now you've got 13 more to go to even out the series over the last 29 years. By the way, if you want to call that a butt whipping, maybe go back and watch the game sober. Pretty sure that'll be the last time for a while that UGA strings together 2 wins. That was a team coming off a 4 win season that was an absolute dumpster fire before Mullen took over, in year 1 of a rebuild, that gave all your 5 star players everything they had. The Gators were clearly the more physical team and anyone with half a brain could see that. Count your lucky stars that the secondary was down to a bunch of 4th string players, otherwise we'd be having a different conversation right now. Enjoy your time at the top of the East while you can, cause it won't be lasting long. By the way, it's pretty pathetic you have to resort to bragging about a Rose Bowl trophy cause your team choked away the big one. You know the one the Gators have won 3 times since most of us were old enough to enjoy. Mark my words, the Gators will win another before Georgia does.
I think we saw a flash of Jones' potential with that one pass he threw. That was a beautifully thrown deep ball that would've dropped right in for a TD. He's going to be a very dangerous dual threat player as soon as he's a little more experienced in the offense. I'm looking forward to seeing how he progresses. I hope Mullen lets him throw it more in the 2 games he's able to play in. Hopefully he drops bombs all over FSU.