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In this matchup being the better team obviously doesn't matter. You can go back in history for the last 30 years and find several games in which UGA was the better team and lost. Hell Treon Harris was undefeated against them. The truth is, no one really knows how good UGA is. They haven't played anyone all season and lost to the only good team they faced. As far as you making a comparison of facing Vandy. UGA wasn't going into that game coming off 3 very emotional and draining SEC games against teams everyone picked to beat them. Lets just say the bye week was very much needed. Great teams struggle against teams they shouldn't struggle against all the time. You can find many such games all over college football every season for the last 50 years. Just because a team struggles in one game doesn't mean that's the norm, just ask LSU.
BrokebackVol, why are you even here? I understand coming to another teams page if you're playing them that week, but coming here for no reason is just odd. Criticizing the article on top of it is even more odd. I guess there's really nothing worth reading in the Vol section huh?
AU Alum, it wouldn't be the first time a far more talented UGA team walked away the loser. In fact it wouldn't be the second, third, fourth, fifth......oh well you get the point.
You can get away with a mediocre secondary if the front 7 dominates. That mediocre offense and "not very good" secondary seemed to do just fine against the team that just exposed the Dawgs.
First of all with recent history and owning them no matter how much better they've been, we always have confidence against UGA. Seeing them thoroughly dominated by LSU only fueled the confidence.
The Gators always feel like they have a chance against UGA even before the loss to LSU. I hate to break it to you, but 1 season doesn't erase the 7-21 record by UGA over the last 28 years.
Sorry but we're not MSU. Mullen will be able to draw the top recruits he'll need to have far more success than he ever had there. He already is and he hasn't even had a chance to get his recruits yet. The stupidity is certainly flowing in this forum that's for sure.
I'm kind've surprised by this stupid comment from a Bama fan. How many crappy teams has Bama "just barely gotten by" in many of their championship runs? Didn't they just barely beat a 7 win A&M team last season? Didn't they barely beat a 5 win Ole Miss team the year before that? Get a clue buddy and move on with your stupidity.
Georgia fans need to realize that all opposing teams have to do is stop the run. Fromm can’t beat good defense’s with his arm and gets rattled easily.
Danielson is actually very knowledgeable about football and sees it like it is. Seems like some UGA fans think they know more than they actually do. You can't just look at stats as the end all be all. First of all UGA has played some garbage teams/defenses the first 6 games of this season as opposed to the first 6 games of last season. You were also breaking in a new true freshman QB last season that most defenses weren't really too worried about and were strictly focused on stopping the 2 RBs that should've been playing on Sundays. This year defense's are respecting the passing game more which is opening up the running game and the RBs aren't really capitalizing like they should be. If the rushing offense continues on the same trajectory, you fans who think they're playing great are going to be in for a rude awakening once they play a defense that's stout against the run.
I never said I didn't believe you. I know they butted heads, which isn't abnormal when you have a young guy stepping into the athletic director position for the first time and trying run things the way he wants to run them and exert his authority over the hot shot up and coming head coach who is trying to mold the program the way he wants it to be molded. It's clear they had a much better relationship towards the end of their time together at MSU and are even closer now.
I don't think the team beats MSU or LSU if they win the UK game. That loss completely changed the entire team and helped get them focused for the rest of the season. Similar to what happened after they lost to Ole Miss in 2008. I fully believe that if they played UK this week they'd win easily. No way they rush for over 300 yards with the defense back at full strength. They got lucky and faced a defense missing 2 guys who are the unquestioned leaders of the defense, especially Reese who calls all the defensive plays and gets them lined up properly.
Stricklin fully explained why he wasn't the first choice, and it makes a lot of sense. Stricklin was not only born in Mississippi but is a MSU alumnus. He's got a lot of family and friends who are major MSU fans. He knew Mullen was an amazing coach and didn't want to pull him away from the program he loved and his family loved and was afraid he'd make his family and friends angry. Not the best way to do business as an AD, but a human way nonetheless. Frost and Kelly were the big names that everyone wanted, so he went after them. When that didn't work he had no choice but to go after the guy he knew would be the best fit. As Gator fans we're all extremely happy that it went the way it did, cause clearly Mullen is the best man for the job.
I certainly wouldn't bet the farm on that. You're sounding a lot like LSU fans did before the last game. We all saw how that turned out. UGA hasn't faced a defense like the Gators since the national title game. Fromm has shown in the past that he gets flustered and makes mistakes when he's pressured, and he certainly has not even come close to being pressured like he will against the Gators. You may be beaming with confidence, but this is certainly not the same UGA team as last season that can win simply by handing it off every time. This is definitely not the same Gator team UGA dominated last season either. Please bet the farm on UGA winning going away and you'll be looking for a place to lay your head soon enough. I said the same thing to LSU fans that I'll say to you now, I really hope the players come in thinking they're going to dominate like the fans are thinking, because you'll all be in for a rude awakening.
I said it before the game and I'll say it again. I have no idea where LSU fans get this idea that their defense is so great. It's the 8th best defense in the SEC, which is hardly the LSU defensive standard. Wins against some highly overrated teams at the begging of the season gave you guys a false sense of greatness. Miami barely beat a horrible FSU team and Auburn lost to MSU. It's quite obvious to everyone that those wins weren't that great after all. You just lost to a much better defense and a much better coached team plain and simple. Don't act like LSU's defense made the Gator offense look good. Take the loss like a man and give credit where credit Is due.
Had to come back and read this comment again for a good Sunday afternoon laugh. How does that crow taste??
Auburn is #16 in total defense and UF is #19. Not much of a difference at all. The Gators are #2 in passing defense, #1 in turnovers, they're pretty much ranked higher in every category except rushing and the only reason that's the case is because the Gators leading tackler and unquestioned leader of the defense didn't play in the first 3 games. They've been a completely different team since he returned. I think you're a little confused with your ability to understand defenses. MSU's defense is head and shoulders ranked higher than LSU's. They're ranked 11 in total defense to LSU's 32, so no, just because MSU was able to hold them to that many points at home, does not mean LSU on the road, should as well. I really hope the LSU players underestimate the Gators as much as the fans do, because everyone will be in for a rude awakening.
It's safe to say the Miami win isn't all that impressive either. If Louisiana Tech can keep it at a 3 point game till midway through the 4th qtr at death valley, then there's no reason to believe the Gators can't win this game.
Gator fans are just fine with reading comprehension. It seems like Tiger fans might have a problem comprehending what they're actually writing. I only responded to your second comment in which you say, "Your team lost to Kentucky while LSU beat Miami and Auburn." Not sure how anyone else would comprehend that. Most people with a brain would understand that as saying we lost to lowly UK while you beat good UM and AU teams. Then you take a shot by throwing out results of the last 8 games as if that has any bearing on this game. To top it all off you take a subtle jab at the end disguising it as a compliment. The most delusional thing you've done is act like we're sensitive for responding to your comments on Gator articles in the Gator section when you're clearly throwing shade in every comment. Maybe time for you to go back to school and take some writing classes to be able to better articulate what you're actually trying to say.
So the coaches want his running abilities against Bama and not the #2 passing defense in the nation he's about to face? Please keep looking past the Gators, that's what we're hoping for.
JO, I'm confused by the "that defense" comment. I'm not sure how a defense ranked outside the top 30 is considered so great. South Carolina, Bama (obviously), Florida, Auburn, Kentucky, Mississippi State, and UGA are all ranked higher in total defense, making LSU the 8th best defense in the SEC.
Off the charts?? Maybe if you're only looking at the final score. The only game they looked impressive was against a struggling Miami team that needed to make a switch at QB. They actually haven't been that impressive beating teams they should be beating. Hell Louisiana Tech was only down 3 against them at home till about 8 mins left in the 4th qtr. What Alabama is doing is off the charts.
I wouldn't rag on UK too much. No doubt in my mind that LSU wouldn't roll over them. Anyone who knows college football knows this Gator team isn't the same one that faced UK either, certainly not on defense. It's also safe to say anyone who knows college football knows Miami was a team that was struggling big time early in the season and Auburn clearly isn't as good as they were last year. I wouldn't be pumping my chests out just yet thinking my team is going to roll cause we beat those 2 teams.
They'd probably write articles invoking the glory days of UGA too if they actually had anything worth talking about or it happened more recently than 38 years ago. Gotta love Dawg fans, one good season in which nothing was really accomplished other than choking a title away, and suddenly they act like they've won 15 titles in a row. Hilarious!
What makes you think MSU is where they need to be to handle the Gators? The Gators didn't show up mentally at all against UK and forgot how to tackle, and yet still hung in there and had a chance to beat them. MSU just got thoroughly dominated by them and had no chance at all. On paper yeah they should win, but you play the game on grass not paper. Moorhead's lack of HC experience showed big time against UK and bad coaching can erase paper champions real quickly.
I'm confused by your timing comment. Are you saying it's bad timing to try to turn the Gators around with UGA rolling and UK having one decent season? So you think he should've stayed at MSU where he'll never get the talent to regularly beat Bama, LSU, and Auburn? UK may sprinkle in a few good seasons here and there, but once Mullen gets it turned around they'll never stand a chance. He'll easily be able to get the talent at UF that he needs to compete with UGA. Something he'd never be able to do at MSU. MSU fans need to realize they'll never be a premier program in the SEC and will always be a stepping stone for head coaches. You're fooling yourselves if you believe you'll be able to keep a great head coach for an extended period of time. It's actually kind've shocking that Mullen stayed as long as he did. He could've left a long time ago, but chose to stick it out and build it up to where he left it. A very respectable program. It could've been worse, he could've left your program in shambles that takes almost a decade to recover from like Meyer did.
Come on man be real. That 15 yard penalty was just the icing on the cake of Pruitt's crappy coaching. He clearly lost him mind so bad that the announcers were even talking about it. His ridiculous on-side attempt and going for it on 4th down deep in his own territory, clearly showed he was panicking and making rash decisions. Not a good quality to have in a head coach.
This is such a stupid way to look at things. It's pretty safe to say UT didn't just stand there and hand the ball to the Gators. The Gator defense was dominating the o-line and caused most of those turnovers. You fumble on the 1 foot line when you're surprised by the guy from the opposite side of the field running you down and smashing into you. You know relentless effort by the defense. Give credit where credit is due and don't try to discount a win by claiming it was given. Such a pathetic assessment of the game.
I don't know, based on the small sample size, it seems the Gators play better on the road. Don't underestimate Mullen's complete knowledge of every weakness of that team and how to exploit it either. Same with Grantham and every other coach that came with him.
Tennessee handed the game to them wrapped in a bow? Yeah cause the Gators didn't cause any of those turnovers, Tenn just handed them the ball and said here it's yours. What a stupid comment! Funny thing is if the Gators beat any of those teams, you'll just say well they suck and we won't know till they play.....Newsflash, everyone and their mother picked Tenn to win that game.