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Boy you’re really trying to hammer home that “no Dan Mullen offense has ever scored more than 17pts” statement aren’t you? What is this like the 3rd or 4th time you’ve posted it? Do you think the more times you say it the better chance there is that it’ll never happen? It’s pretty hilarious that you actually believe he never will, even though he’s now accumulating better talent than he’s had since becoming a head coach and since his offense dropped 31on Kirby’s defense in the 2008 SEC championship game.
Actually a few people have brushed it off like it's no big deal. They didn't specifically say those exact words, but saying things like we'll be just fine, or I bet they hire someone better, or Brady is replaceable, is basically saying it's no big deal.
Funny how it wasn't too long ago that Sean Payton was telling him he was making a terrible decision going to LSU.
Yeah everyone keeps brushing it off like it's no big deal and the offense is in place and Ensminger called all the plays etc etc, but no one is actually factoring in what a difference it makes to have that sounding board sitting right next to you helping you make all the right calls. The new QB won't have Brady in his ear teaching him the offense either. The guy who supposedly implemented the most prolific offense in history is no longer there, it will make a difference for sure and he won't be easily replaceable. That's not even factoring in how hard it will be to replace Burrow's production. He was a perfect fit for that offense.
They also have to replace 4 of 5 offensive linemen, Herbert, and their offensive coordinator. That's a lot to overcome.
Of course they're being paid. That free education they're getting isn't actually free.
Virginia was ranked #24 in the last playoff rankings, and their showing against a top 10 team certainly didn't hurt them. Obviously that Florida comeback still has you a little bitter.
Scroll back a year and "Fields wasn't a good fit for Kirby's offense, so it's good that he transferred to OSU". I'm pretty sure I even heard people claim Smart didn't know how to use him properly. Come back to today and suddenly Newman is the second coming of Lamar Jackson who is going to light the world on fire in Kirby's offense and be better than Fromm. Funny how that works.
The first 4 comments are Dawg fans talking about the Gators. Hilarious!!
Connor claims the 2001 Miami team wouldn't have given up as many points to Vandy, which is true, but he seems to forget that that Miami team needed an interception on their own 9 yard line with like 20 secs left in the game to keep 8-4 Boston College from beating them 14-12. The only close games like that that LSU had were against top 10 teams. I'm not sure we can declare Burrow as the greatest QB of all time after only one amazing season. You can claim he's had the greatest single season of all time, but you need to string together multiple great seasons to be in that discussion. Great players move on to the NFL, so it's harder to maintain consistent success at the college level. It's too bad he won't be sticking around another year to see if that success could be maintained.
So Lawrence throwing for 347 yards and 3 TDs had nothing to do with the win last year? Makes total sense!
A hell of a coaching job? All of Mac's early success was on the "coat tails" of Muschamp's defensive recruits and a very weak Eastern Division. His offense's never ranked higher than the 100s the entire time he was here. No one in their right mind would look at those teams and claim they were elite anywhere other than on defense, and that had absolutely nothing to do with Mac. All credit for that success resides with the man roaming the Georgia Tech sidelines. Mullen is hanging on Mac's coat tails? That might be the funniest thing you've ever said. If Mullen can win 21 games riding the coat tails of the 3 star machine who could never crack the top 11 in the recruiting rankings and specifically recruited for a pro-style offense and 4-3 defense, then I like our chances moving forward with his own recruits that rank much higher.
Correct me if I’m wrong humper, but aren’t you guys losing Barnett, Marshall, Clark, Crowder, and Reed from the defense, making it 6 of 11 returning?
It certainly was the 2 years we won it as evidenced by the Gator’s showing in the final games of those seasons against FSU and Bama. Not exactly a huge accomplishment, or something worth throwing out there as evidence of Mullen taking over a great program. By the way, UGA won 10 games the year before Smart took over.
I wouldn't say a long time. Harris was the starting QB in 2015.
78 I'm just curious and not trolling, it's a legit question. A lot of Dawg fans claimed Fields leaving was a good decision because he wasn't a fit for the offense. What's changed now? Why are Dawg fans excited about Newman, who has a similar skillset?
Since he'll be transferring to an SEC school, it's not just in the NCAA's hand's. The transfer will also have to be approved by the SEC.
The public record argument is a ridiculous one to make. Did anyone other than the Mays family and UGA know about this lawsuit before it was reported? Does anyone just comb through cases searching for lawsuits involving family's of UGA football players? Yes it's public record if you know to search for it, but you wouldn't know to do that unless someone told you. The timing of the reporting is ridiculous. It's almost as if UGA is trying to save face by showing everyone this is why he's transferring and to make sure there's no negative speculation about it or potential ammo for negative recruiting. The majority of cases are public record, that doesn't mean the whole world needs to know about them. Now everyone is free to bash this family over the lawsuit, which is exactly what's happening.
SEC Media days should be entertaining as well.
You seem to be having an argument that no one else is having. The original poster and myself are clearly talking about huge PASSING numbers and you're stuck on total offensive numbers. As a team, the Gators passed for 300 yards a game while UGA passed for 223. It's not even close despite what happened in the SEC Championship.
Someone is clearly living in denial about his team's current prospects.
He said put up huge numbers despite no running game, which means he was referring to huge passing numbers. Florida ranked 16th in the country in passing offense. UGA was 72nd. Trask threw for 2941 yards and 25 TDs despite not starting 2 games.
Yeah it'd be pretty tough to keep "jizz kid" lol! If the allegations are true, I wouldn't even want him on the team if I were player. Hard to trust someone that's willing to do something like that.
I think you're underestimating all the things Fromm did other than just passing the ball, especially before the ball was even snapped. It's not always about getting the ball to his receivers that make for a successful QB. His abilities with reading the defense and making presnap adjustments were a major part of his game. That's not an ability that every QB can step right in and have, especially if its a transfer learning the offense or a true freshman. He was also very good at protecting the ball and not making stupid decision that would hurt the team. Again not a trait all QBs have. You may not need a Qb that's going to throw for 3000 yards, unless your inexperienced line can't open holes for the running game, but you will need a smart QB that protects the ball and makes sure the offense is in the best position to succeed. I know you guys have been spoiled by Fromm and think another great Qb like him will just fall in your laps, but it's not as easy as you think. Hell Eason was a much higher rated QB and even he struggled and had almost half the amount of int's that Fromm had in his entire career.
It's still pretty rare for freshman QBs to excel. We've seen it happening more with the likes of Tua and Lawrence, but those guys are generational QBs. I don't see any of those on Georgia's roster and you won't find any in the portal. I mean look at Nix, he was the #1 DT Qb and struggled. I get what you're saying about the receivers, but my main point was the o-line and QB will be in the same position as the WRs were. A lot of talent exiting with a lot of potential stepping in, but they'll be inexperienced. If any injuries occur like it did to the WR corp, then things get even dicier. I just wouldn't be too confident of a "significant jump" in offensive production like Tim suggested. Ideally you'd want to have an experienced QB who can make the right adjustments at the line and make sure everyone's lining up properly when breaking in a completely new offensive line, or you'd like to have an experienced line blocking for an inexperienced QB. I can't think of too many teams that have had to replace all of those positions at the same time and had as much if not more success than the year before.
Virginia really wanted that 10th win. They haven't had a 10 win season in 30 years. They clearly played over their heads.
The better question is when has Bama had to replace their entire offensive line and Qb?
If I were a Dawg fan my biggest fear would be having a great defense wasted because they wear down after the struggling inexperienced offense can't stay on the field. As a Gator fan we've had many years of experience with that.
No they're not always right, but the majority of them don't make absurd predictions like yours. Corso is old and senile and more of a sentimental fan favorite than someone people actually take seriously. No one's sticking their chest out, it's common sense. Even if they overachieved in a year they were supposed to take a step back, that doesn't mean they'll regress after a full year of experience and another offseason getting better. They won 11 games, most of which were relatively easily, and weren't far behind in their 2 losses to what will probably be the eventual national champion and east division champion. They return the majority of the starting roster and somehow that translates into you thinking they'll take a step back, all the while playing an easier schedule? Other than Gator haters and trolls, if you aren't one, you're probably in the minority of people who will make that prediction. You certainly won't find many experts that will. Funny that you think Mullen having all offseason to prepare Trask as his starter won't result in any development or improvement. Not sure if you've noticed, but Mullen's got a pretty good reputation for developing players, and not just QBs.