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Man, even in an Ole Miss article you can't help but bring up the Gators. It really is crazy how much they consume your mind.
Nash it's hilarious, when you bring up the last 30 years, which makes up the majority of most of our lifetimes, in which the Gators are 22-9 against the Dawgs, then their fans ask why you only go back that far. Well it's simple, that's how long most of us have actually been following this series. Then you go back 70 years and the Gators still own the series 40-31. You have to go all the way back to 1904-1948 when the Dawgs went 22-4 to see when they actually owned this series giving them an insurmountable 8 game lead in the overall series lol. 70 years seems like a pretty long time to me to own a series. Unfortunately for our great great grandparents, they didn't get to witness the same success.
That's a fact? LOL!!! Are we only referring to the last 4 years? Congrats on owning the series when our great grandparents were in school, but since 1949 the Gators are 40-31, but you're right, Georgia beats Florida with more regularity lol!! How quickly a 3 game losing streak erases the memory of the complete Gator dominance of this series over the last 30 years. 22-9 to be exact.
It's all the same idiots who claimed Trask wasn't that good and the offense would take a major step back after losing a bunch of receivers going into last season.
jbattle, that was a stupid retort. You clearly know nothing about Spurrier. He had one college head coaching job before coming to Florida and that was with Duke. He instantly turned them around and his offense was breaking school and conference records. He was ACC coach of the year in 2 of his 3 seasons there. He won the ACC title the year before he came to UF, a feat that has not been accomplished at Duke since. His only other head coaching gig was with the USFL's Tampa Bay Bandits where his offenses were one of the best in the league all 3 years he was there and making the playoffs 2 out of the 3 seasons. A little research goes a long way.
Dawglb, you specifically stated in your first comment that Franks "failed miserably at UF even though he had the so-called QB whisperer “coaching him up”. Nashville points out that he was 13-3 with the "so called QB whisperer "coaching him up" and now you're saying "I like how you qualify that "with Mullen as his head coach". Are you that delusional? Stick to the same argument. You were proven wrong. Don't try to change it just to fit your narrative. Even your own Dawg fans don't agree with you.
The Keyonte situation is what guarantees White another year no matter what happened in the tournament, even if they lost in the first round.
Wow, so you Dawg fans actually do believe Kirby is responsible for a kicker’s development? I guess when you run by him and say good kick, you’re really putting in that developmental work lol.
You guys actually believe Smart had something to do with the development of a kicker? That’s pretty hilarious!
Humper we've really resorted to counting unclaimed national titles as claimed national titles? Last I checked, UGA has 2 recognized titles. You sound like a UCF fan.
Yeah, it was definitely the QBs fault, it had absolutely nothing to do with losing every offensive weapon and several defensive players 3 days before the game.
Of course you did, you're a Dawg fan. This article is about as accurate as one that would say Smart is facing a win or walk season. Stricklin knew full well what he was getting when he hired Mullen. The only way Mullen walks out of that door anytime soon will be because it was his own decision to do so.
Mullen is loyal to a fault. He's only fired one coordinator in 12 years of being a head coach, and that was his DC at MSU before he hired Grantham to replace him. When Mullen would talk in press conferences after games about how not having a Spring affected the team, especially the defense, it was obvious he wasn't going to fire him after the season. That's hard to do after having a top 7 defense the year before, especially when you're as loyal as he is. It'll be interesting though to see how short his leash is. We'll find out real quick with Bama in week 3.
I know right, as we've been told several times by all of the expert predictors in Athens, the Gators are now doomed since Trask is gone. You know the same QB Dawg fans claimed wasn't that good and would suck after his top WR's left a year ago. Please keep the predictions coming, we all know how good you guys are at it. I especially love you using Jones' completion percentage as if that's an exact indicator when he's only thrown the ball about 50 times in 3 years lol. By the way, he's a career 64% passer, but don't let facts get in the way of your criticism.
gwhite, this post clearly shows your complete lack of knowledge when it comes to Mullen. His entire career as an offensive minded coach revolves around running the ball. It wasn't until he came to UF that he had to completely alter his playbook to fit the skills of 2 QBs that the previous coaches recruited who didn't fit his style, and he was still able to produce one of the most potent offenses in the nation last season. Now you will see him resort back to what he's done for years since he has the QB he recruited that can run his full playbook. What Mullen has done in the last couple of years just strengthens the fact that he's an offensive genius. Not many coaches can flipflop styles depending on who's behind center and have success either way.
Need playoff talent on both sides of the ball, not just on offense. As far as this year's team not being as good. How do you come to such a definitive conclusion? I would think after making these same ridiculous comments a year ago, you know when Dawg fans claimed Trask wasn't that good and the offense would take a step back after losing so many great receivers, that you guys would put the ridiculous predictions to rest since you're clearly not very good at it, but I guess not.
Negan should stick to his twitter handle RayUGA. #RiseAboveHate, right Ray, I mean Negan?
Not so sure I agree with this assessment Tim. Other than Tebow's Heisman season where Harvin had 59 receptions for 858 yards, he never had more than 40 receptions and 644 yards. He was more of a running back than a WR. He had a lot of jet sweeps, hand offs, and wr screens where you just got the ball in his hands quickly and let his talent take over. Tebow was a career 66% passer with 9,285 yards and 88 TDs to 16 ints. Inaccurate QBs don't have those kind've stats. Wuerffel only had 1590 more passing yards in a much more pass happy offense, and that's over 4 full years. Tebow didn't throw it much his freshman season.
He's not just hanging around Gainesville, he lives there in the same neighborhood as Mullen.
I'm not so sure I'd claim the offensive drop-off from 2008 to 2009 was because of Harvin. Yeah he was an amazing weapon and was certainly missed, but to me the bigger reason for the drop-off was going from Mullen to Addazio.
Maybe he just wasn’t happy or didn’t mesh with the coaches.
All time wins.....the only stat you can brag about when it's been 40 years since you won what really matters, right Humper?
Did you seriously just make a rape reference? You're officially the biggest POS on here.
You actually believe our interaction today was a successful attempt at trolling? Lol! Clearly you’re not the brightest tool in the shed.
Gary the way they played against Bama had you questioning their heart and leadership? That’s an interesting take. Being overly concerned with how they looked against OU when half the team opted out 3 days before is a bit ridiculous too.