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Need playoff talent on both sides of the ball, not just on offense. As far as this year's team not being as good. How do you come to such a definitive conclusion? I would think after making these same ridiculous comments a year ago, you know when Dawg fans claimed Trask wasn't that good and the offense would take a step back after losing so many great receivers, that you guys would put the ridiculous predictions to rest since you're clearly not very good at it, but I guess not.
Negan should stick to his twitter handle RayUGA. #RiseAboveHate, right Ray, I mean Negan?
Not so sure I agree with this assessment Tim. Other than Tebow's Heisman season where Harvin had 59 receptions for 858 yards, he never had more than 40 receptions and 644 yards. He was more of a running back than a WR. He had a lot of jet sweeps, hand offs, and wr screens where you just got the ball in his hands quickly and let his talent take over. Tebow was a career 66% passer with 9,285 yards and 88 TDs to 16 ints. Inaccurate QBs don't have those kind've stats. Wuerffel only had 1590 more passing yards in a much more pass happy offense, and that's over 4 full years. Tebow didn't throw it much his freshman season.
He's not just hanging around Gainesville, he lives there in the same neighborhood as Mullen.
I'm not so sure I'd claim the offensive drop-off from 2008 to 2009 was because of Harvin. Yeah he was an amazing weapon and was certainly missed, but to me the bigger reason for the drop-off was going from Mullen to Addazio.
Maybe he just wasn’t happy or didn’t mesh with the coaches.
All time wins.....the only stat you can brag about when it's been 40 years since you won what really matters, right Humper?
Did you seriously just make a rape reference? You're officially the biggest POS on here.
You actually believe our interaction today was a successful attempt at trolling? Lol! Clearly you’re not the brightest tool in the shed.
Gary the way they played against Bama had you questioning their heart and leadership? That’s an interesting take. Being overly concerned with how they looked against OU when half the team opted out 3 days before is a bit ridiculous too.
If Mullen ran strictly a pro-style offense, then I might agree with you. I don't think any Gator fans are expecting to see Jones throw it 40-50 times a game like Trask did. You probably won't ever see a Gator offense do that again as long as Mullen is there. I think most Gator fans are happy to finally see Mullen's Qb and Mullen's full playbook. The offense may wind up being a little more dynamic and less one-dimensional. This isn't going to be like LSU having to replace Burrow, who did it all.
Not quite as laughable as UGA winning a national title.
Is Mullen really having to alter his system to fit the skillset of Jones or is he just going back to what he does best and has done his entire career? Seems to me like Jones will be much more comfortable running his normal playbook than having to run the one that was designed for Trask and Franks. Gator fans have been waiting 3 years to finally see a Mullen recruited QB and his full playbook and now we'll get to see it. One thing's for sure, they definitely won't be as one dimensional as they have been for the last couple of years. There's no doubt about Jones' running abilities and every defense they face will have to respect it.
Unfortunately Pitts and Trask don't play defense. Sadly they averaged 35 pts per game in the 4 losses, so it's pretty obvious why they lost.
Yes, the main reason is the stadium is being used as a large scale testing and vaccination site. I guess you could maybe have it at the indoor practice facility, but the fact of the matter is Mullen has never really taken the orange and blue game that seriously anyway. It’s always been more about entertainment value for the fans and having fun than a serious scrimmage that’s going to make or break the season. As long as they can get the full 15 practices in, which I’m sure they’ll have a few scrimmages anyway, then that’s all that really matters as far as getting prepared for the season.
It’s funny how Dawg fans are the only ones who brag about all time wins. I wonder why that is? Maybe someday you’ll finally get to brag about what actually matters. The more impressive feat for GT is winning a title more recently than UGA.
The Gators have 3 national titles since UGA last won one. Congrats on your 9 game lead lol. Maybe some day you’ll actually get to brag about something that means more.
I saw a guy who covered UCF football retweet that article from Goodman yesterday and said Heupel pulled this very same thing while at UCF, and that this isn’t the first time he’s done this. Obviously it doesn’t matter if he’s been on the job a week or a couple of years, this is just how he does things.
Man you Dawg fans really are obsessed. This article has nothing to do with Florida and yet here you are bringing the Gators up. So pathetic!
Comparing Saban's first 6 years to Smart's, is basically comparing apples to oranges. Saban's first 6 years were coaching Toledo for one year and then taking over a Michigan State program that hadn't had a winning season in the 5 years prior to him taking over. Had he taken over a 10 win program like Smart did and recruited top 5 classes right from the start, there's no doubt he'd have a title by year 6. Dawg fans need to stop bringing this stupid comparison up every time someone criticizes their coach for not having a title yet.
These responses didn’t age well, but not surprising.
What Dawg fans seem to be forgetting is, the offense the last 3 seasons was not a typical Mullen offense. He had to completely alter what he does best to cater to a pro-style QB. To think Jones is just going to be thrown in and force-fed the Trask offense is pretty hilarious. Seeing all these Dawg fans making predictions about how he's never going to be able to do what Trask did, is pretty funny. Of course not, he's not going to be asked to. Mullen will now be able to open his entire playbook and do what he does best. The threat of Jones running will completely open up the passing game, which will allow for Jones to not have to be the most accurate QB in the country to complete passes. That wasn't the case for Trask, he had to be accurate cause everyone knew he was throwing. After 3 years, we're finally going to get to see the full Mullen offense and I can't wait.
You mean we come in on a Monday morning like most normal people who don't spend every hour of their pathetic lives on SDS?
You're right Matty, it's nice seeing a Dawg fan speak the truth instead of spewing more BS that they don't actually believe. No matter who is behind center, Mullen will force feed an elite TE. If you play that position, it'd be pretty dumb to not want to play in Mullen's offense.
LOL!!! Had he committed to UGA, you'd be ecstatic right now and running your mouth about what a great recruiter Smart is. Take that BS somewhere else, cause no one is buying it here.