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Do Dawg fans not realize yards per reception doesn't mean that's how far the ball traveled in the air?
Well considering as bad as the Gators have been over the last 8 years and the fact that they've won 13 of the last 14 against Tenn, I think Gator fans have every right to refer to them however we'd like. That makes way more sense than UGA fans acting like they own the Gators after 2 wins.
I know you preface it by saying you're biased, but you follow that up with a but. Just curious, if that same video was posted and it was a Florida player doing it to Sawyer Smith, would you still feel the same way? I think it's pretty obvious by Trask's reaction that more was going on there than Daniel just thinking about doing it. By the way, Tate Casey was on the field in that end zone taking photos of the game and had a direct view of it and said it was obvious Daniel was trying to hurt him.
antediluvian you run your mouth like you're a Dawg fan, but there's one major piece of the puzzle missing, and that's the team you support being as good as the Dawgs. Missouri hasn't played anyone this year yet you have 1 loss to a crappy Mountain West team. Running your mouth like you do to every fan base on here just makes you look stupid.
Greenard was in a walking boot after the game as well. The Gator defense will be far from full strength going into this game that's for sure.
Mattchew, it's actually only 2 years of relevance, since they haven't completed year 3 yet, but they live and die by those 2 years and act like they're 2 straight national champs. As you can see from this loser's response above, he doesn't actually respond to anyone logically, it's usually immature name calling or the score of last years game. He probably wakes up and the first words out of his mouth are 36-17. His brain doesn't have the ability to come up with anything intelligent.
Florida was missing their best defensive player in Henderson, lost their best pass rusher in Zuniga on the first series of the game, lost another DB to an already depleted secondary in Stiner to a targeting call, and were without arguably their best coverage LB in Burney, and we're only focusing on the players UK lost in the secondary as being what really helped the Gators? Seems to me like the Gators were missing a hell of a lot more in their defense to help UK.
Bumping it up to 8 teams wouldn't end the complaining either. There'd still be multiple teams complaining about being left out and acting like there's bias. Hell 68 teams make it into the college basketball tournament and yet every year there's still a bunch of teams going crazy about being left out.
Murray State, Arkansas State. You're being quite the hypocrite Leghumper.
You do realize LSU went into the game with 7 starters out on defense and lost 2 more to ejections in the first half, right? One of those ejections was Delpit. Lets not act like UCF lit up a full strength LSU. They basically had scout team players playing DB.
Just curious, why are the Gators the only team being mentioned in this scenario. I see a bunch of Dawg fans acting like UF is the only option for them. Hey Leghumper, why doesn't UGA offer a home and home????
Weagle99, the field goal would've most likely won the game? Not sure how you make that claim. There was 54 secs left on the clock after he kicked it and the Gators had 1 timeout. They scored the final TD in 21 secs. That's besides the fact that they didn't need a TD to win. All they would've had to do is kick a field goal. Obviously up to that point UK wasn't stopping Trask, so no reason to believe he couldn't have gotten them in field goal range in 54 secs with 1 timeout.
Too many people underestimate the value of a free college education. Not only in the present, but the future as well.
Trask looked good throwing, but he’s not as big of a threat running the ball. One thing’s for sure, the running game better pickup quickly, because as you say, teams now have film on him and if they can’t run the ball then he’s going to have a much more difficult time throwing. We’ll probably see a lot more Jones packages as well.
UGA hasn’t played anybody. You don’t really know what can or can’t be done against them.
He had a tough matchup tonight. That receiver had a massive height advantage. Losing Zuniga really hurt the pass rush, which left Wilson exposed. They need Henderson back badly.
Do they even make jorts anymore? Maybe it's time for people to come up with something new to rip on Gator fans, that's actually relevant to this century.
Franks has thrown 8 Ints in the last 15 games, Fromm has thrown 6. So this take is hilarious! Dawg fans ragging on Franks all the time is about as delusional as it gets. He and Fromm had almost identical stats last year and Franks is actually outperforming him this year. The delusions are alive and well.
Franks: 42-54 for 524 yards and 4 TD with 2 ints. 77.8 completion percentage 176.3 QB rating. 45 rushing yards with 1 rushing TD Fromm: 25-34 for 322 yards and 2 TD. 73.5 completion percentage, 172.5 QB rating If Franks is inconsistent and unreliable, then what is Fromm exactly? Hilarious!
I doubt it. A dominant performance will only result in fans claiming it was just the usual Kentucky team that wasn't as good as everyone thought, or they didn't have their starting QB so they should've been dominated, then everyone will claim we won't really know what this team is until they face Auburn. If they beat Auburn then it will be because Auburn was overrated and that storyline will continue for the rest of the season. That won't just be from opposing fans either.
Sorry, but UK kept things close the last couple of years because of some of the worst coaching the Gator program has ever seen. They needed the perfect storm to happen last year in order to finally pull off the win. The perfect storm was facing the Gators in the 2nd game of the season when they were trying to learn a completely new offense and defense. That's besides the fact that the Gators were missing 2 of their best players on defense, including the QB of the defense and best run stopper in David Reese. They were bound to pull off a win eventually and last year was the perfect time for it. Personally I feel like things are back to normal and it'll be a while before UK pulls off another one.
You're going to need to get used to the false offseason optimism that comes with a Jimbo Fisher coached team. The man can recruit like hell, which is the main reason for the false hope, but he has a long history of not being able to develop the talent he accumulates. Unless he has a Heisman winning QB behind center that can offset his coaching, then he'll never get you to the promise land. You can look at his entire career at FSU and see evidence of that, with the exception of 2 seasons with Winston behind center, the Noles basically came into every season a national title favorite, but always lost a game or 2 they shouldn't have and missed out on a title shot.
And the Gators beat LSU, so not exactly sure what point you're trying to make.
Actually the coaches ranked the Gators 6th and UGA 8th in their final poll, but don't let facts get in the way of your rant.
CO, they are by far the most hypocritical fan base in college football and it's not even close.
Grantham's defense needs the right players and experience in order to be successful. Yeah his aggressiveness will result in getting burned a few times during a game, but when he has the right players who are knowledgeable in how the plays need to be executed, then the opposing QB needs to be on his game all game in order to have success. He may not be the best DC in all of college football, but one thing Mullen was spot on with is he's really good at making in-game adjustments. All the Dawg trolls out there can save the spiel about the UGA game. Hard to make adjustments with inexperience in the secondary.
Burrow doesn't play defense, so he didn't face the strength of Texas. Texas is 120th out of 130 teams in total defense. Tua threw for 336 yds and 4 Tds against Duke who is 77th in total defense, so technically he has played a tougher opponent than Burrow.
Yeah but Burrow did it against the 120th ranked defense in the country. Hell Louisiana Tech's Qb threw for 331 yards against Texas. Lets not act like he was lighting up a dominant defense, just because Texas was over-ranked. The performance does get discredited a little bit. Lets see if he can do it against a team that actually plays defense.