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Obviously it matters a little too much to Dawg fans, maybe you guys should worry a little more about winning titles instead. But hey, congrats on dominating the series when our grandparents were in college. Most of us only care about what we actually witnessed. Again I'll take the titles over a 9 game lead any day. Just curious, were you born yet the last time UGA won a title?
And yet UGA only has a 9 game lead in the overall series, but their fans act like it's a 100 game lead. The only thing that really matters though is national titles, and we all know who leads in that category.
You don't find it odd that his complaints didn't come out until it got all the way to his appeals process? I think we can all agree that a lot of these players issues are embellished strictly for the purposes of getting a waiver. No one's claiming Bleich was faking injuries, it's the claim that he was denied care or forced to do things he didn't want to do that's not really believable.
Just like Chris Bleich too right Corch? Funny how you left him out. I guess you'd have to since you'd basically be calling yourself a hypocrite since you were the first person to talk trash on that article, and the very same day this comes out and now here you are claiming this is a bunch of garbage and Reese and Mays are liars. Talk about hilarious!
Being the OC for Mullen is just a title. This change doesn’t really affect anything. Johnson will provide input and bounce ideas around, but Mullen has the final say and calls all the plays. It’s the way he’s always done things.
Yeah, why didn’t this come out as soon as he transferred and applied for a waiver? Now you need to appeal and suddenly it becomes news? Give me a break!
UGA wasn't winning an SEC title and playing for a national title because of a true freshman QB. It was 2 NFL RBs who combined for 2600 yards rushing and a great defense that got you there. You could've put any QB in that offense and had the same success. You probably would've won the title had Kirby allowed Eason to reclaim his job when he was healthy. Fromm looking fully like the true freshman he was, was arguably the reason you lost that game when he threw for a total of 26 yards and an int in the second half. Lets not act like Kirby is a genius for getting that far with a true freshman.
Not a single fan on here expects him to win, even Neil said he’s not predicting him to win, so not sure what pressure is being put on him. I’m just curious though, did anyone go into last season thinking Burrow was on the same level as any of those QBs you named? He didn’t exactly light the world on fire the year before. Saying the best returning QB in the SEC could be a heisman finalist during this strange season, isn’t that outrageous.
Can you explain how a player about to start his 3rd season has spent 3+ years on the bench? It's pretty well known publicly that Mullen prefers to have his QBs develop for 2 years before he throws them to the wolves, and every player who commits to him knows it. Unfortunately for Jones, he has a pretty good player still playing in front of him, so he's having to wait a little longer, but you can bet for sure he'll be seeing a lot more playing time this year. I think it's safe to say every Dawg would've loved to have had that kind've succession plan for Fromm.
LOL! Last I checked Jones and Richardson were both 4 stars, but don't let facts get in the way of your stupidity.
You're the epitome of a broken record.
I'm confused by that 2nd paragraph. Why would the casual college football fan call this year 1? Wasn't year 1 in 2018 when he was calling plays without Brady?
The overwhelming consensus amongst Dawg fans is the offense can’t be any worse than last year. The fact of the matter is, it can. People seem to forget how good Fromm was at protecting the football. They may not have scored a lot of points, but they sustained drives long enough to keep the defense fresh. Fromm threw 5 total ints. 3 against South Carolina and 2 against LSU. What’s the common denominator with those 2 games? If Newman can’t protect the ball like Fromm did, it’s going to put a lot of pressure on that D.
Never mind, I read your comment wrong
Pretty sure he was referring to Texas, not A&M
So breaking an NFL rule and a team rule as a rookie before playing a single game isn't a big deal? This is the time when you better be following all the rules and trying to make a good impression. Losing a bit of trust within the organization is certainly a big deal.
Randy I’m talking about Zuniga and Greenard as a duo last season. I’m not taking anything away from what he did in 2018. It’s the main reason he was drafted.
I would like to agree with you there, but it’s hard to make that assessment with only 2 full games on the field together and Miami had a pretty horrible line that allowed 10 sacks. Zuniga and Greenard only combined for 3, so 7 sacks from that game are returning. The other game was UT Martin. Zuniga was injured against UK in game 3 and they never played a full game together again till the bowl game. Even then they were both still nursing injuries. Greenard was so disruptive that I think Zuniga gets a little more credit than he deserves. What can’t be forgotten though is they still return the most sacks in the SEC with 28.5 and that’s before throwing Cox into the mix. They should still be pretty good. I’m not expecting anyone to be better than Greenard, but just matching him would be great. If someone’s better that’s just gravy.
Did anyone actually believe Zuniga and Greenard would replace the production of Polite, Jefferson, and Joseph? I think most people, rival fans mainly, expected the Gators to take a step back after losing those guys, but they wound up being even better. That's kind've been the same story for the last 10+ years. Everyone expects the defense to take a step back and somehow they're always as good or better. Zuniga only played in 5 games with 3 sacks, so his production shouldn't be that hard to replace.
So only the Vols will be playing their best football at that point in the season?
Spencer Rattler, who has done nothing at the college level yet, is at 19 and is “an automatic Heisman candidate until further notice”?? I stopped reading this joke of a list after that.
I guess that depends on what kind’ve offer was made in the first place. Unfortunately anything goes until pen is put to paper.
I'm pretty sure 27 is the number. I'd imagine we're probably going to start seeing some of lower ranked players in the class get pushed out.
Hopefully it’s because everyone thinks he’s going to be a Gator.
Yeah I was referring to everyone, not just Dawg fans. Far too many Gator fans obsess over it too.
There isn’t a single 5 star safety in the country according to 247, so being #3 in the nation is good enough. Some people live and die by that 5th star, but in this case it doesn’t make much of a difference.
The fact that you think Steele wouldn't have transferred whether he was put in the same room with that kid or not is pretty funny. I think it's obvious to anyone with half a brain that he wanted to be closer to home. The only thing they need to be careful with is recruiting west coast kids and making sure they're truly comfortable moving that far away from home.
Some of these examples you guys are giving aren't really prime examples of wrongly classifying covid as the cause of death. The 7 year old wouldn't have had a fever induced seizure that led to drowning if covid didn't cause him to have a really high fever. The heart attack could've been a direct result of stress or some other breakdown of the body as a result of having covid. I mean if someone has covid and gets hit by a car and dies, then that would be strange to classify it as the cause of death, but it's not strange if covid started a chain of events that led to death.