EE 1982

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Ridiculous, atrocious, laughable, words just don't do it.
Absolutely, and Auburn could win at least half of games played against #5 thru #25.
I can't be the only having a problem with that picture. Never happier to be an Auburn Tiger.
Memphis, all was fine, all was cool, until political correctness persuaded you to announce that you were losers by issuing a public apology.
Lot of folks have trouble with to, too, two, 'till.
Auburn has a better chance to knock off the Tide than Florida. IMHO.
Exactly the dynamic in play there. No leadership to be found so far. What can the SEC do? I will pull for BYU.
At least we won't get Verne and Gary.
What will it take to defeat this PC intrusion on our football experience. Just think, Elle Gold, the Voice of the Crimson Tide. Think that would have worked?
Missouri "off weak". Ha Ha Ha, apt pun.