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This sucks. JJ is one of the last players on this team I would've expected this from.
In the case of Elijah at the time it wasn't a bad decision. Before his awful 40 time I had seen him projected as high as the late 2nd rd. It sucks for him, but I'm sure he will stick around the league for a few years.
Auburn has no room to talk about bag men. They forget about Cam Newton's recruitment?
Would've loved to have gotten Kaiir, but we've got a lot of young talent at DB. I think he was more a cherry on top rather than a necessity like Pickens and Brett Seither. He should be a good player for UF.
The no. 1 & 2 best recruits out of Alabama. This is awesome
Even before thinking about UNC I thought it was excessive, but throwing that in the mix I think the NCAA are really trying to screw you guys over
I thought Aaron Murray was playing on the Atlanta team. Is he not playing in the league anymore?
He could add depth at TE, which we could definitely use. Besides Woerner, there isn't anyone that's had real playing time at TE.
You can also throw Knowshon, Isiah Crowell (well kind of), and Keith Marshall to a lesser extent in that mix.
This past draft the Falcons had bigger issues than RB, so I can't blame them for that. Missing out on Gurly for Vic Beasley is pretty tough though
That's how I feel about too. Hate the Pats but I want to root for all the dawgs they have on their roster
I can promise the Falcons o-line was not good last year lol. I don't know if it was more a coaching issue or injuries but maybe he'll be better with Bama.
Chick-fil-a and taco bell I definetly agree with, but including Arby's in there is a wild move
You also have to consider that we saw him playing as an 18 year old true freshman. Those things will come with more experience and coaching
Good riddance to Tyson Summers. That guy tried to single-handily ruin Georgia Southern's football program before he ended up at UGA
Not too concerned about losing Chaney, but I'd agree losing Tucker hurts. However I have faith in the other position coaches on the defense and Kirby's defensive background not to worry too much about it.
I don't think Nauta was ever utilized properly during his career at UGA. He could have put up some huge numbers if they had included him in the game plan better
Initially I was a little confused about Ridley too. I think he could have benefited from another year, but then I looked at his draft grade. A lot of analysts have him in the 1st or 2nd round, so I don't blame him for leaving early.
9/1 odds for Jalen winning the Heisman? I expect him to do great for Lincon Riley and OU, but that seems like quite a stretch. If he couldn't beat Tua for a starting job, how do people expect him to beat him for the Heisman? Not to mention all of the other great players in the country.
I was thinking Penn St. They will lose McSorely and that's where he was committed originally.
I was thinking Penn St as well. I hate to see him leave but I understand it. Just hoping he leaves the SEC
I don't get this from Fields' perspective. Fromm should leave for the NFL after next year and then it would be his team. He's going to have to sit out a year anyways to transfer. He's going to be a great player and I wish him luck though. I just hope he leaves the SEC so we don't have to play him.
Everyone knows you're a Tennessee troll. The shtick got old a long time ago buddy
That would seem to be a solid fit for Jalen, but I would be surprised if Paul Johnson is still coaching GT next year. The fan base and administration are all pretty much done with him.
Definitely some stretches. I might give SCAR the advantage on WR just based off of previous production. Special teams is a push. QB is a push or UGA with Fromm and Fields. Even with Zamir out and James Cook missing the first half UGA still has RB depth. It should be a good game but this article is reaching
Without a doubt everyone knew Pruitt was and still is, one of the best defensive minds in college football, but I do remember a lot of stuff coming out about him not being the easiest guy to work with. I haven't heard players ever talk bad about him though. I just think that relationship with Fulmer could get dicey, especially if the team isn't playing well.
Those 2 SEC East titles definitely introduced me to Missouri. Those were years UGA was supposed to stroll into the SEC championship, but Missouri had some tough, well-coached teams. Odom should get them back on track.
It's still early, but we've been striking out on some big time recruits recently. We need a big recruiting win to get back on track. However I've learned not to count out Kirby until the end.
I'd agree with you he is underrated with the national media, but I think most SEC fans know how good he is. Some Alabama RBs and UGA RBs both can get undervalued nationally, because of how deep that position is for both teams.
I tend to agree. Obviously as a falcons fan, I'm happy they picked him, but I remember at the time I wasn't sold on him. He was a great college player, but I think he's been a better pro than college player.