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Seeing all those guys returning to school (Etienne, Chuba) really put a damper on this year's class. As a Falcons fan, I was hoping for a RB in the late 2nd or 3rd rd but I'm not sure what kind of talent will be around there now.
I don't want to be the doom and gloom guy, but I think the current QBs are going to be a major hindrance to the offense, especially early in the season. I remember last year when all the receivers left, and everyone brushed it off saying we have plenty of talent. We saw how that played out. My biggest hope is for Mathis to be ready and come out playing well. That or one of the grad transfers mentioned. I hope I'm wrong though
I was thinking he was going to have to sit out a year but with this pinky thing with his dad he'll probably get a waiver to play next year
I get that he has family ties to Tennessee, but I still don't get the move. He would've started next year at UGA with a good chance of getting drafted after the season. Not to mention, he has talked more crap about UT than anyone on the team. Anyways, good luck to him with the Vols except against UGA.
I missed that one but it makes sense. He was buried on the depth chart with younger guys passing him
Also (hopefully) we'll have Ben Cleveland in there somewhere too if he gets this grades thing situated
With the level of talent Kirby is bringing in this is going to happen. Too much talent at certain positions and not enough playing time. Hope he does well somewhere else. I'm thinking Robert Beal might be another one that would look at the transfer portal as well.
Those are some heavy accusations to put on the back of an 18 year old kid without any proof. Bottomline is none of us know what's going on with this dude. No need to smear his name right now. We'll find out the real story soon enough.
Smart decision. Another strong season and he'll be a 1st or 2nd rd pick next year
It looks like a preventative measure. Self-imposing penalties at least gives you control over what happens. I'd rather that than trusting the NCAA to be fair with their penalties
Let's remember Roquan Smith was a dragged-out, weird recruitment too. (Not saying Roquan got in trouble like Zach) This is a huge decision for him and he's a stud. Hopefully this will all be forgotten next year when he's on the field for the Dawgs.
Can't believe there are people here who actually enjoy Gary Danielson. I'll take anyone over him
Crazy seeing Chaney as number 2 on this list. I guess it's more of a quantity over quality thing for him. He's been around the SEC as an OC more than anyone I can think of for the past 10 yrs
I say, no matter the lead, keep Fromm and the starters on offense out there throwing for at least 3 quarters. This is the last chance they'll have to get it figured out before LSU. If we're up big early, just turn it into an extra competitive scrimmage.
I think the new WR core is a huge factor but also the play calling and Fromm's play haven't helped either. Actually, it seems like as the play calling has been getting better recently (getting guys open, not so predictable with routes) Fromm has gotten worse for some reason. It's weird
Easy with the Joe Cox slander... (kidding) I think the only positive to come out of this is that Jake's draft stock is probably going to tank enough for him to come back next year. I think year 2 of the Fromm Pickens/Blaylock combo should come together much better.
That's a good point. That far out a lot of guys will start seeing their stars/rankings adjusted based on the offers they receive. It's not a bad idea for a lesser known recruit to keep their options open.
This sucks. JJ is one of the last players on this team I would've expected this from.
In the case of Elijah at the time it wasn't a bad decision. Before his awful 40 time I had seen him projected as high as the late 2nd rd. It sucks for him, but I'm sure he will stick around the league for a few years.
Auburn has no room to talk about bag men. They forget about Cam Newton's recruitment?
Would've loved to have gotten Kaiir, but we've got a lot of young talent at DB. I think he was more a cherry on top rather than a necessity like Pickens and Brett Seither. He should be a good player for UF.
The no. 1 & 2 best recruits out of Alabama. This is awesome
Even before thinking about UNC I thought it was excessive, but throwing that in the mix I think the NCAA are really trying to screw you guys over
I thought Aaron Murray was playing on the Atlanta team. Is he not playing in the league anymore?
He could add depth at TE, which we could definitely use. Besides Woerner, there isn't anyone that's had real playing time at TE.
You can also throw Knowshon, Isiah Crowell (well kind of), and Keith Marshall to a lesser extent in that mix.
This past draft the Falcons had bigger issues than RB, so I can't blame them for that. Missing out on Gurly for Vic Beasley is pretty tough though
That's how I feel about too. Hate the Pats but I want to root for all the dawgs they have on their roster
I can promise the Falcons o-line was not good last year lol. I don't know if it was more a coaching issue or injuries but maybe he'll be better with Bama.
Chick-fil-a and taco bell I definetly agree with, but including Arby's in there is a wild move