Never met a Jort I wouldn't wear!

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Assuming we win against the feaux tigers, we will lose 4 of the next 5 most likely. Our coach is going to quit at the end of the season if we do. You see some teams quit on a coach. It's rare to see the coach quit on players. Normally there wouldn't be a probability, but the Curse. The Curse of Orgeron is long and strong and permeates all.
Our homer fans like Blackmon are an embarrassment to our program. Tennessee boat raced us and put it in neutral and cruised to the win. They played prevent offense and prevent defense until the last play. They won easily. We will lose again next year to them because their QB's are so much better than ours. There are 8 million reason why this trend is going to continue for years to come. Our coach is horrible. The flag he drew only served to help Tennessee. He is terrible at math. We need a new coach fast.
Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. We are about to walk out of Neyland toothless.
"Florida, which has 3 outstanding cover corners..." Like Jalen Tabor outstanding or...?
Fans like you are embarrassing us and are at a minimum a small part of why we are currently the laughing stock of the SEC East. Coincidentally, the loudest our stadium has ever been was when Callaway scored a 63 yd TD on 4th and 14 against Tennessee. Neyland stadium is that loud on every defensive 3rd down. We don't even have a solid build. The sound escapes between the bleacher sections. We don't even seat 90k. You are a fool. But worse, you are an embarrassment to our team . Please stop.
It's getting bad if they are trotting out Spurrier. This is damage control in high gear. Our program has been headed the wrong direction for a long while and it looks like it's going to get much worse before it gets any better.
It doesn't look like we are going to cover. We and Alabama are not as good as we thought.
Agreed. I don't know how you coach the opposing team's kicker to miss an extra point. Shows how much the Dodd Trophy and it's caretakers are worth.
I hate to admit it, but it's true that Heupel is a better coach than Mullen. Our stadium is small for SEC standards and it's not very loud due to 2 big gaps in the corners letting the noise escape. Traditionally, when it rains we do better against the Vols. Let's hope we can get some rain and I think we can pull a win out.
But Mullen looks horrible in a pair of jorts so....
Our coach is looking him in the eye and Saban is staring off into space like he's lost trying to think of the next word that fits the sentence. The mussed up hair is another manifestation of his lack of awareness. The cave in the top of his head is just the imprint of a headset on a head with not enough hair.
^^^^Spilled maple syrup on his button or is very very mad.
1980 called. They want their mullet back.
If we all pack Griffin in our fan official uniform jorts, we just might be the difference in winning and losing. Small or large, too big or busting the seems, all jorts matter. Let's do it guys.
I gotta say 'ole steve looks worse and worse in a pair of good jorts.
If Alabama beats us, I'll wear jorts all week! Who am I kidding? I wear jorts all the time anyway hee hee. So do all my friends!
Tie? Should have chose jorts. What was Tebow thinking? He gave up a chance to showcase our Official uniform across all sports.
Richardson doesn't speak english, but he looks good in a pair of jorts.
I feel we should utilize jorts in our uniform. Pantyhose could hold up the thigh pads. Mmmm thigh pads.
I don't know, steve looks old, done and tired and he looks terrible in a pair of jorts. Seems like he is desperate to stay relevant.
Sounds like karma is catching up to Urban Liar. They say he has 6 years before his lies catch up to him and he's forced to move on. Will he make it to 6 at Jacksonville? I'm doubting it and he looks terrible in a pair of jorts.
Rumor around Gainesville is he doesn't like the way he looks in jorts so...