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He needs another year. He had ridiculous talent on the receiving end and that will make many potential scouts weary of being able to tell what he is truly about. Plus, the occasional lopping the ball in the air and hoping it gets caught won't set well with many. Not to mention, he only has one year of play that they can truly judge him on. True, the NFL is desperate for quarterbacks, but they are desperate for really talented quarterbacks that can be franchise. He needs another year to prove himself.
That would be all well and good, but play calling cost Ole Miss big against Florida, especially on defense. They continuously ran the same pass play and continuously got 8+ yards. Freeze never adapted the defense to stop it. If Ole Miss ever wants to have a championship caliber team, he has to get better at being a coach or get some better play callers in there. TCU was an embarrassment, Florida was an embarrassment, and Memphis was an embarrassment.
It wasn't the lack of potential players on either side of the ball that cost Ole Miss a shot at the SEC West and possibly reaching the playoffs. Yes, the offensive line could have been better from the very start but still they held up against Alabama even without Tunsil. The problem of Ole Miss is the coaching. Freeze is a great recruiter but not a great coach. He allows Ole Miss to get a lead (like last night in the Egg bowl) and then he starts playing conservative until the other team catches up but by that time, momentum may have completely shifted. Against MSU, Freeze literally played super conservative football for 3 quarters of the game. He tries to open up the pass by running. Problem is, Ole Miss doesn't have a super strong O-line nor a great running back (may vastly improve if the O-line improves). However, Ole Miss does have a great core of receivers and tight ends. Cut apart defenses with all the talented receivers and tight ends we have then run. Use the pass game to open up the run, not the other way around. Not Freeze though, 1st down and 10 to, 2nd down and 10 to, 3rd down and 9 to go....pass. That isn't predictable at all. Also, he has shown and inability to adjust his teams to how the play is on the field. Playing against Florida, we kept doing the same defensive plays over and over again and Florida kept running the same play over and and over again. Short screen pass to their receiver on the left side of the field, catch it for a 7 yard gain, if no one is there, they run it for 10 or 15 yards. Yet, Florida did the same play continuously, some times back to back, and Ole Miss defense never adjusted. So sorry Ole Miss, until we get better play calling and in-game adaptability, all the talent in the world won't take us to the big leagues. Beat Alabama, LSU, and Auburn all in the same season and still didn't win the SEC West....Only Ole Miss has that kind of talent.
You do have to admit that was an extremely lucky play by Arkansas. Still I can't blame Arkansas.
Beat a descent Texas A&M team and a horrible Auburn team. They still have to go through LSU and Mississippi State (Their two biggest rivals). Even if they do win out, they have to play Florida in the SEC championship game. They got shut out that game. Was it that nobody was playing with heart that game (as it looked) or does Florida completely have Ole Miss's number. I just don't see a two lost SEC team getting to the final four. They could have shook off the lost to Florida but they didn't and lost to Memphis. A near lost at home to Vandy while they were ranked number 3 and there was all of this talk of them being in the finals didn't wake them up. A shutout (except for garbage points at the end of the game) to Florida did not wake them up. I think they got the talent but not the mentality of champions so I just don't see Ole Miss getting there. Let us not forget the embarrassment to TCU last bowl game didn't make the coaches more motivated to do better themselves and fix many the holes in their playcalling abilities.
So none of this occurred to Freeze after the near lost to Vanderbilt where there was a lackluster offense, horrible third-down conversion rate, and many other red flags? These problems weren't evident after an embarrassing shut out to Florida? We needed another lost to Memphis to point out the obvious? Freeze is a good guy and a great recruiter, but how is he going to grow as a couch? He is easily predictable as a play caller. He is horribly slow reactive to switch game plans. In games, if what his team is doing isn't working, you may not see any adjustments until the next game if then.
Number 13? After last night, they shouldn't be ranked at all. It was pathetic and they do not deserve to be ranked at all. Embarrassing.
Things that lost Ole Miss this football game: 1) Horrible and boring play calling as freaking usual. That is on you Freeze. Hey guys, our main offensive weapon is that we are literally stacked in the receivers corps. Our receivers are fast, tall, and aggressive. So how should we call the games? Let's try running up the middle all the time when we have a weak O-line and apparently are mistaken that Leonard Fornette plays for the Rebels instead of LSU. 2) Okay, we are obviously down and falling behind. Oh lets burn out the clock instead of going to a hurry up - up-tempo offense. Again, great play calling Freeze glad we could use the third quarter up on getting a field goal when we are two yards from the touchdown. Speaking of, lets just keep trying to run it up the middle three times in a row and see where that gets us unh? Again, brilliant play calling. It isn't like Treadwell is a great receiver or anything who can get the balls. You have embarrassed the state of Mississippi yet again just like you did with TCU. You give us enough success that we actually think things will turn around for us and then you smash it to the ground. 3) Chad Kelly is starting to be very indecisive. Get him in gear or put the other quarterbacks in. Last two games, not impressive and really wasn't super impressive against Bama but he showed a winning spirit against Bama. 4) Get the O-line in gear. I know we have injuries but seriously, the O-line coach isn't that great. 5) Did they find a body in the Tunsil's car? Put him back in the game. I don't agree with playing kids who have legitimately broke violations. But when the "violations" investigation comes from an angry step-dad because Tunsil stepped in on his moms side during a domestic violence situation, maybe I am a bit more lenient until proven guilty. Show a little back-bone for your players unless you know more than we do about what is really happening. Still Manziel only got suspended four games, Tunsil has missed four. Maybe put a little freaking pressure on the NCAA to hurry it up. 6) I swear to god if you run the score up on New Mexico State and claim we are great afterwards, I will sucker punch you in your church before god and everyone but first I will got get my fist blessed by the freaking pope himself because god will want to knock some sense into you. You figure out a way to get us that National Championship this year or to hell with you and your gimicks.
Shut up about Alabama already. Ole Miss beat them. Those were forced turnovers. You lost, get over it.
The weather doesn't look good. It may very well limit the passing of the game.
Win or Lose, Georgia has themselves a classy and good-hearted coach. He wins more than most although he hasn't brought you guys home the big one (always on the verge of it), he is a keeper.
Regarding the Wide Receivers, I honestly believe that Ole Miss's "problem" is they have such a great selection of receivers that they are all equally a serious threat instead of a just one outstanding go-to-guy like Amari Cooper was. Treadwell is amazing but gets double coverage a lot so Ole Miss plays pitch and catch with the other receivers and tight ends equally. If only our run game was more daunting.
Those were dark days and sad times for the Rebels. Really hope Freeze isn't just a one big time recruiting show that got lucky and will keep Ole Miss legitimate for the foreseeable future.
All I have to say, if it comes down to a field goal win by Alabama, Georgia wins. Should be a great game.
You know, people love to claim how weak the SEC is and how great they are. Big 10 teams can't admit their schools aren't the greatest at football nor can ACC. Some of them actually believe their bottom-feeders could come in and dominate the SEC. Although I must admit, I was surprised at Missouri's success and very disappointed at them losing to freaking Indiana last year, pitiful. Also, disappointed at how the SEC did in their bowl games last year. We normally dominate but few of them really preformed as they should. Ole Miss and Mississippi State let me down although I do believe that TCU team was legitimate and should have been in the playoffs because they were very talented and stacked on offense and defense. This year, they returned about 95% of their offense which is still striving but their defense has really dropped due to injuries and thugs on the team.
That is a good point. To get copyrights from that movie will probably only run you a pack of cigarettes, a fifth of whiskey, and a large pizza.
I 100% back the Admiral Ackbar mascot. Ole Miss was foolish in not doing it the first time around, although George Lucas may would have charged an arm and a leg for the copyright of it.
More of a ploy to get a higher priced contract. Not saying Hugh Freeze doesn't deserve it with all of what he has done. I truly believe he loves Ole Miss and loves being there, but if he continues doing a good job, especially if he brings us a National Championship then he should be paid his worth.
I have to ask, do you think Georgia opens up the run by passing the ball? I think the first quarter that Georgia will try to run the ball a good bit and hit a brick wall (Chubb still gets some good yardage but nothing like he is use to). Georgia adjust by passing more and trying to take advantage of Bama's secondary. Do they have the personnel that can consistently go deep? If they can, I think they end up opening the run up for some explosive runs for Chubb.
I hope he makes a full recovery and gets his lower body back as well. Football is a wonderful game and fun, but certainly isn't worth the price of paralysis. Best wishes to his recovery and family.
It isn't always about how hard you hit but which way you hit. You may can beat on a door with a hammer in its center all day and not get through but take a crack at the hinges and it falls on over.
Yeah, it is a good match-up. I think a large amount of it may come down to turnovers and fourth quarter play. Hopefully Ole Miss is ready to put Gators on lock down during the fourth and not allow last minute heroics. Kelly just has to be smart with the passing but I think in most cases our receivers can go get the ball as long as it is a descent pass.
@Col Reb - Last year was last year and that is where it should be left. Teams need to be judged on what they have done this year. That is my big argument against Ohio State and part of the reason that I think Ohio State will not be in the Top 4 when ever the committee polls come out again this year. Not until they play Michigan and Michigan State.
@bmd581 - Ole Miss can't help that people keep talking about the Bama win. I don't really know any Ole Miss fans who are still talking it up. Yeah, we are all proud of getting the win but there is much more football to play. Since you brought it up, I do get tired of people saying that "Bama coughed up the ball" and "Ole Miss was given 5 turnovers." Ole Miss got the turnovers and they made use of them. Simple as that. Alabama never had the lead, not once in the game. Ole Miss would get two or three scores ahead and get to feeling proud of themselves and you just have to give Alabama credit, they don't lay down and die. Alabama game roaring back, then Ole Miss did what they had to do to and got the lead two or three touchdown lead on them. Probably thought that this time they had finally put the game away but Bama is not one to be deterred until the final clock runs out. Ole Miss could have went for a field goal to give them a 9 point lead there at the end and they didn't. They played extra conservative to try to run the clock out at the end. If the game may have been a bit tighter all the way through than Ole Miss may would have been more aggressive on the offense again and possibly driven the score up even higher. All of this should have, would have, could have isn't. Ole Miss got the hard fought win against a good Alabama squad. Also, Ole Miss had to interceptions that they dropped that certainly would have changed the outcome of the game because Bama ended up taking both of those drives afterwards and scoring a touchdown off of them. Plenty of could have, would have, should have to be on both sides of the ball during that game.
Miss St vs Texas A&M will be interesting. A team that is fighting every week to still be a contender since they have a close one loss to LSU vs a Texas A&M squad that desperately wants to show they are still in the SEC West contender spot and Arkansas game was simply due to them being rivals who always play each other hard.
Our ambition is to win a national championship. Have fun and enjoy the journey but do what you have to do get there, mentally and physically. Glad we got the Alabama win, it was awesome but there is more than one team to play and win against if you want the National Championship.
Remember this is his first real season in Power 5 play, especially the SEC. He has a lot of potential. The question is does he utilize it, study like he needs to, and do everything he can to get better or does he buy into his own hype and plateau? Hopefully, he will take the Peyton Manning route (not comparing him to Peyton in any way, just saying Peyton should be a good example for any quarterback to look to) where he doesn't buy into his own hype, and always demands better of himself and the ones around him while studying the game like he needs to.
One of those things, but I certainly am not counting MSU out of anything just yet. They did come very close to beating LSU which brings up the question of "was it that MSU is that good?" or "Is LSU not as good as we all seem to be thinking?" I think they are two excellent teams. LSU, Texas A&M, and MSU are the major teams I fear for Ole Miss going forward although Florida and Memphis (who always plays us hard) aren't to be overlooked either. By the time we play Auburn, they may have something going or just play dirty and try to hurt our guys again this year.
Agreed. All the SEC teams have a lot of work to do against very good teams. Yeah, the BIG 10 only has two teams although Michigan may be a contender again. Yeah, the ACC hasn't been horribly impressive yet. Yeah, Notre Dame has injuries. Yeah, Big 12 we can't be sure of yet. But some of the guys out west are playing hard and looking very good right. Not to mention, we did let the god-awful OSU win the National Championship last year. SEC just needs to dig deep and get down to business.
LSU is a very good team but let us not forget if it wasn't for a lackluster first quarter by MSU and a missed field goal, they would have been a one-loss team. LSU is a very good team and I don't doubt it for one second. They look scary, but they have things to work out as well. If we are going on performance, they have not come into every game they played and just completely overwhelmed and destroyed the teams they have played. Even the Syracuse win was not horribly impressive. They got the potential and they will be very scary when they utilize it to its full extent. Georgia is a very good team and I fear to play them too but they have only beat a bad South Carolina team (who was struggling to beat a horrible UCF team for the first half of the game) and a Vanderbilt team who held them to a 31-14 score. Ole Miss did beat Alabama, stayed in the lead the whole game, and beat Vanderbilt 27-16 (not a huge difference between the games points wise). Georgia beats Alabama and their stock will certainly rise very high after next weekend. Ole Miss is a very good team but has a lot of work to do themselves but as of this moment, it is difficult for any other team to claim a better win than Ole Miss because there hasn't been enough tough games played by everyone to give a measure of just how good anyone is.