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Don't worry about this guy. He's obviously an idiot. You can tell by his name and his way of implying that Ole Miss pays players. Which is very dumb to say considering his "favorite" team probably actually does lol
If Georgia wins there will be somewhat of a party, but Ole Miss wins the party just started lol. It'll be a fun game to watch.
They didn't really flinch. They just got out of the way because they landed on the sideline.
I think one of the main reasons Mississippi State has a lot more hatred for Ole Miss now is because of Dan Mullen. Ever since he got there, he made the team call Ole Miss "The School Up North", put a countdown clock in the locker room for the Egg Bowl and has expressed his hatred for the school publicly multiple times. All this rivalry stuff should be between the fans and maybe some of the players. The coaches as well as the university officials should not be involved nor care. I'm an Ole Miss fan and I want Dan Mullen gone, because I honestly feel that State could do much better without him. This season will show it.
I wonder who will be the Transfer Gems for next year?
I still think there's more to the story here. He took PEDs and gets suspended. Now he wants to transfer which will make him sit out a year and also finish his suspension. There's something going on with Grier and the head coach.
I hope you're not an Ole Miss fan, if so you're probably a bandwagoner.
I think there wouldn't be a point to vacate the wins now. Due how big of an impact those wins made on the conference. Tennessee would've have won the East bc they would owned the tiebreaker over Florida and Georgia, and they would face Ole Miss, who would have won the West bc their tiebreaker over Bama. It would have completely change the SEC title game, so vacating them now would nearly be pointless except "moral" reasons.
I am kind of surprised that Arkansas didn't break the Top 25.
Honestly I thought the Rebs would break into the Top 15. Not surprised with the rest.
Every team has a tradition or joke for the rival team. South Carolina burns a a giant tiger before their game against Clemson every year. A lot of schools "eat" the opposing teams mascot. (Ex. Cooking hog or gator, before playing Arkansas or Florida.) This is just one of those things. Not many LSU fans I know of find this offensive. In fact, most of them laugh at it. Please delete this article I don't try to make a big deal out of something that's not a big deal. That's what wrong with this country.
Efficiency and TD/INT Ratio doesnt really matter when your QB throws the ball 15-20 times. He hasn't been put in the situation yet where the running game isn't doing well and he has to throw more on 1st and 2nd down.
I think the Top 3 are solid, I would have Mauk at 5, And they really shouldnt put a ranking on Chad Kelly, there is still no solid starter for the rebs so putting their QB in rankings is kinda dumb especially since the race is so close.
I was told that it was only a big deal to Ole Miss, bc State made it a big deal. Dan Mullen even made it clearly that he only cares about beating Ole Miss. That's not the mentality a championship coach should have.
Wasn't Bo Wallace injured too? And besides its hard to do anything when you can't run the ball. Bo Wallace is still a good QB, He still threw 3 TDs against Bama. He just had a bad game, it happens to everyone.
Ole Miss has the best receiving core in the country. They'll do fine without Treadwell.
Treadwell is not only the best WR in the SEC but the best WR in the country. Praying for a speedy recovery for #1.
He was right though, Bo Wallace was not the same Bo Wallace from Alabama or A&M.
Let them complain. If they don't like it, build a better football team in the conference.
Why would LSU be #3, Yeah they beat Ole Miss, but the game was in Death Valley at night. It wasn't a blow out and they had 4 turnovers. A #3 team doesn't give up 4 turnovers. Alabama still deserves to be #3 bc they beat a Tennessee team thats on the rise. Ole Miss deserves to be higher than #16 bc they lost in Death Valley at night (which alot of good teams do) only by a field goal.