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Perhaps part of changing the Big-Game narrative would be not deluding your fanbase into thinking they out-talent a FAR superior team in FIVE areas. Moron.
Ledbetter will be coming home to UGA...just a matter of time before he makes the switch. That said, Bama won't flinch.
Meh. Auburn wins. Long way to go, though, so hopefully we can change his mind...assuming we want him that bad.
Drew has me worried. Maybe he is injured or maybe Rocker is just trying to motivate him, but I don't think he cracked the starting lineup on the DL all spring. Hell, there were times when he was 3rd string. He really looked to be flourishing last season, so I thought he would break out this season, too. Time will tell...
With as many players as they signed this past year, some will have to go. Wonder how strongly he was encouraged.
Word is that USC has somehow picked this kid up out of our backyard...smh
Collins shouldn't have opened his mouth in the first place. Now, he is looking foolish trying to stand his ground. JMO
Umm, yes, I am questioning your intelligence over the internet. It's one of the few things one can actually gauge via comments people make. You make stupid comments, then you are probably stupid. At any rate, Columbia is a tough place to play and, unlike you did with UGA, I won't act like SCar doesn't have the players to reload despite losing one of the best QBs to play at SCar since maybe Steve Taneyhill, a once in a decade talent in Clowney (although he certainly didn't put forth the effort at times his senior year) and other talented players, like Sutton and Quarles. We shall see. Hopefully, it'll be a good one.
Surprising to see UGA at 3 on this list. I guess our defense let opposing teams score so quickly that our offense had more time to run plays. The D sure as hell wasn't creating turnovers.
Well, there are these little things called "experience" and "rhythm" that can have a huge impact on how a football team does. With almost the entire cast of starters returning, including the injured players, we have a lot of experience coming back and, having mostly worked together for over an entire year, there's a good chance they've gelled and are in sync with each other. Then, there's this slightly more important thing called "coaching" which the defense sorely lacked last year, but which they should now have. Look, I am not claiming UGA will come out and dominate. They could go 7-6 for all I know. But, they also have a ton of potential, which is why I have seen them favored over your cocks in the SEC East in some predictions. Preseason rankings are meaningless in the end anyway, but to say UGA is the 11th best team in the country is plenty reasonable. If you think otherwise, you are not very intelligent.
I think they'll be suspended for at least one game. It's annoying, but Richt will rarely comment on how many games his players will be suspended. Most of the time, we only know the exact amount because the arrest involves drugs and UGA's policy dictates how many games a player should be suspended. So, all of that said, they'll be suspended for the opener and then, based on each player's situation, they might be suspended more than one game.
We might as well be in his "top 100." This'll likely come down to a battle between LSU and LSU.
Gary, you're right, last year we were not a top 25 team. But, that was last year. Our QB is not exactly "new" given that this will be his 5th year in the system and that he has started two games, leading a decent comeback in one of those games on the road. You also failed to do your homework on our defense, because we don't have "a lot of new people." We lost Garrison Smith to graduation and JHC to THC. Other than that, everybody else important is returning this year. All of that said, you're right in that we have to prove we belong in the top 10 or even 25, for that matter. Nevertheless, putting us at 11 is entirely reasonable despite our performance last year and a new QB.
Mason has been more than steady this spring. If he just maintains, the offense will experience very little drop off (I don't think it is realistic to expect no drop off at all). As it stands, the only question mark will be how much the defense improves. The only thing subduing my enthusiasm is being burned in the past. So, I continue to be cautiously optimistic about this upcoming season. No more suspensions. No more suspensions. No mo...
Love the optimism, but it sounds like you're trying to convince yourself as much as others.
Georgia is going for the very unorthodox two left tackle lineup, huh? I think it'll be the new HUNH.
I'd say we're seeing a classic case of someone who gets away with so much because of who he is and how talented he is, that he begins to feel invincible. It would probably be scary to find out the things he has done without having the police called. Pinkel needs to do the right thing and let this kid go so DGB can see that there are consequences to his actions, even if the police and prosecutors won't pursue charges.
The state of Georgia is loaded with talent this year. It'll be a very exciting year for recruiting, especially if the Dawgs can have some success this season.
Kind of like my split decision to post the above comment without proofreading the first several words...haha
I'm guess in the ever-growing minority of people who think proper decisions can still be made relatively quickly. Not saying they should be dishing out punishment within the hour, but a few days max is plenty to weigh all the options.
Gotta agree that these stats are misleading. The teams on the top end almost all are returning their QB (or a QB that started much of the year), while the teams at the bottom half have all lost their starter at QB (or the QB who started most of the season). Granted the QB accounts for most of the offensive production, but one man does not offensive firepower make. For instance, aside from Murray, Georgia has almost all of its weapons returning, with the only significant loss being Artie Lynch (who had a subpar year with very little production). If the point of the article was to show which offenses are more likely to be productive this season, I think it slightly misses the mark. Just my opinion, though.
What is up with suspending "indefinitely?" If he broke a rule and it merits suspension, pick a number of games and go with it. There is the argument that the number of games might indicate what the violation was, but people will realize that after the fact anyway. Anyway, DGB seems to be biding his time before he is eligible for the NFL Draft and doesn't seem to care or realize how much he is hurting his stock. He'll be a millionaire one day; it just may be a few years later than if he had flown straight from the beginning.
Haha, was thinking the same thing. Looks like a fat cat.
Sounds like College Station police are worse than Athens police. Definitely has been a rough go of it for A&M this offseason so far.
Very sad to hear, especially with the talent Bama has to step in. Hope he has a speedy and full recovery.
Bama adding this guy to help with recruiting is like throwing a twig on a bonfire. Hate to say it, but the Bama recruiting machine couldn't get hotter.
Wait...a Bammer jumping to conclusions and automatically going on the defensive? Say it ain't so! At least you owned up to it and admitted you are "sad" for taking "10-win express" as an insult.
Ain't holding my breath for this one. Who we pull from PA last? Musa Smith? Not saying it won't happen and would love to have the kid, but I don't see it.
Very creative approach. I think it could backfire a little, though. I mean, what are the recruits who didn't get a sketch to think? What if the ones who did get one didn't like it? Not trying to find the negative and, again, I like that the staff is taking a very original approach, but it'll be interesting to see if this works against us somehow.
Geez, DatBama, your idiotic statement might make sense if Bama didn't have multiple arrests over the past 5 years, too. Maybe not to the level of UGA, unfortunately, but that's not the point you were trying to make, now was it?