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Well, what this means now for Tennessee is if Florida beats Arkansas, Tennessee's sec championship game hopes are through. Because let's be honest here, Alabama's not losing to Tennessee next week. Tennessee will finish with at least 2 conference losses. Which means if Florida (most likely) beats Mizzou, they would need to seal the deal with Arkansas (should be deciding game). But honestly, if Florida doesn't replay LSU at some point, the trip to Atlanta wouldn't be as nearly hard earned without a W against them. Hopefully, the game happens. For Texas A&M, their next game will be what will (most likely) be the west winner. So here are the SEC championship matchups: Florida vs. Alabama (most likely)(championship rematch) Florida vs. Texas A@M Alabama vs. Tennessee Tennessee vs. Texas A&M (least likely[although it would make for a very intriguing rematch])
sesau14 Thats a good point i never thought about that
Goodness this is annoying. I think what should happen is the SEC championship game should be pushed back a week like in 2001 when florida and tennessee cancelled their game due to the 9/11 attack. This game will actually be a lot better, too, if Tennessee loses to A&M and Bama, because in that case Florida would have to beat LSU (hypothetically assuming Florida beats Arkansas) to advance to the title game. It would make for a MUCH more interesting contest (as if it isn't already lol), and most likely a lot of the players who would've been out for this game due to injury (see: Lenard Fournette, Jordan Sherit, Joey Ivie, etc.) will most likely be back for this one. And no I doubt Florida is scared to play in Death Valley considering we nearly won with Treon Harris having his best game (although i cant trashtalk since Brandon Harris did the same [which honestly baffled me considering how bad the Harris's were and how good the secondaries were]) This could get really interesting. But this game better happen at some point.
No one on our squad had more than 6.5 sacks by the end of the season if I'm not mistaken. Bright future for the kid!
Is he supposed to be firing back or is he just saying that? Neither one really sounded like trash talk tbh. Wilson was stating fact, Etling was behind Appleby. It's a fact. Where's the trash talk? Jackson said they're alright, I'm not getting the tension between all this "trash talk".
I feel like Butch Jones went to Will Muschamp for coaching tips
From a Florida fan, I hope you 12th man Ags put the Vols in their place.... away from Atlanta XD
Where can I get the shirt for when Tennessee loses 2 straight to A&M and Bama?
Pretty cocky for the fan whose team is gonna butcher 2 straight games
Lol sounds like what people usually say about Butcher Jones. McElwain got florida 10 wins last year in his first year. Something Tennessee hasn't seen in forever. But go ahead with that. Atmost lol. Keep dreaming pal.
I wouldn't consider being a comeback team a good thing considering you play Texas A&M and Alabama 2 straight weeks. That kind of first half play isn't gonna fly with them. Tennessee's best chance of controlling the East is a florida loss to LSU. A last second win against a team that had a last second win against Missouri, and was crushed against Ole Miss, Tennessee will probably drop it's next 2 games, and hope florida gets one more sec loss. That's the only way realistically Tennessee gets to Atlanta to rematch Alabama. But until Tennessee can even glance at the thought of a playoff hope, better come to terms with the fact that in that stretch would have to play A&M and Bama. Twice. Good job Vols, but playoffs are VERY unlikely at this point (or really at any point tbh). But hey, It was a decent run.
Coming from a florida fan, Tennessee is VERY capable of winning the east. But the coaching just hasn't been working for them to this point.
I have 2 words for you my friend: Will Muschamp. Maybe next year.
Drake you are now hated by nearly every sports fan in the country outside of Tuscaloosa
That's honestly pitiful. They act like he murdered someone. He's a kid. He made a bad pass. Let it go because ITS JUST A GAME. There's no respect for low lifes like that. It's sickening.
Great respect for someone to own up and apologize for his mistake. Glad to see it worked out for the best.
I don't understand how you can pick Tennessee after their close games against 2 awful teams. They haven't played a good defense. They're about to play a defense that's statistically the best in the nation (granted it was against garbage teams). Let's understand that Tennessee was a Jalen Hurd back turn away from probably having a loss at home to a lowly App State. How's Tennessee's offensive line gonna fair against a defense that has 16 sacks in 3 games (good for 1st in the nation)? But hey. We'll see. But right now I'm going Florida 23-9 on an UGLY game.