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Everybody is assuming that Morris is just handing the position to Hicks. That isn't happening. Connor Noland has a much stronger arm than Hicks and based on what I've seen he has better wheels to boot. Experience is the only edge Hicks might have. Connor Noland is being erroneously judged on the small samples that were seen this year which were in less than ideal conditions.
This is just ridiculous. Why would he be selected as an NFL coach?? Mind boggling.
I thing we agree here, my point is that the rhetoric that Clemson is far and away the superior team is probably not accurate.
I think we agree here, in no way was I saying that the game didn't count, but that the rhetoric that Clemson is far and away the superior squad is not accurate.
Hmm. I read and reread what he said and he never inferred that Hurts would go to Arkansas. Why even mention Arkansas?? Oh and you're welcome for Arkansas sending you Don Hutson and Paul Bryant. Ha. An Arkansan goes to Alabama and they end up erecting statues of him. Wonder where Bama would be if they never had Bear?? No need to down the Razorbacks, most of the smart Hog fans like to see the good football Bama plays except when it happens to be against our Hogs.
It's just amazing in these days with all the one sided commentary that comes from fans as well as the sports journalists. Yes, Alabama and Georgia had really bad games. It's possible that they're really not that bad and that the other squad is not that good. In the last two seasons Ohio State was beaten badly by Iowa and Purdue. Did anybody think that either team would have beaten OSU in a rematch?? Clemson is very good, but I'd venture to say that Bama, with their secondary regrouped and some pressure defensively along with relying on their run and play action more, might take two out of three against the same team that routed them. I am a long time Razorback fan and recall a massive beatdown of an OU team in the Orange Bowl. The Hogs weren't really that much better, if at all, than OU.
Heh. That probably too much to hope for. He's definitely a champ and hard not to like him.